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Russian Extreme Disinformation

I follow Russian propagandist Alexandr Dugin on Facebook.

Today he made a posting. Three hours later it’s still up.

What the heck?  So, of course, I went “in search of”.

I can conclude there was a missile attack against Syria and the majority of reports say it was Israel doing the strike and pro-Assad fighters were the target. Whether they were Iranians or not is yet to be confirmed.  There was no nuke.

Doing a wee bit of analysis, let’s examine the obvious disinformation:

It appears to be single source reporting, it’s not even the lead story on YourNewsWire main page. In other words, it probably has been harshly attacked as fabricated, or fake news.

Update: I received a call from a close and trusted friend, who wanted to share his informed opinions. So far there are no reports that missiles were detected prior to the strike, despite almost all reports stating that “missiles” were used. The assumption is that Syria was transporting something “explosive” from Point A to Point B and it blew up (this despite one of the sites ‘attacked’ was a storage facility forsurface-to-surface missiles). This means one of two things. A supposedly defeated militia succeeded in interdicting a ground convoy and blew up whatever was being transported.  Or, a mistake was made and the Syrians and/or the Iranians blew themselves up. 

Back to YourNewWife. As you may recall, I exposed YourNewsWire back in 2015. Russian Proxy “News” Site Exposed: YourNewsWire.

Something new, however.  The main author is Sean Adl-Tabatabai, but the author of this story is Baxter Dmitry.  In the past, Sean Adl-Tabatabai and his mother cranked out many, many fake news stories which were picked up by pro-Russians, extremists, and just plain whackos. Mother churns out stories for master of fake news.

137 N. Larchmont Blvd
Suite 118
Los Angeles
CA 90004
Phone: (424) 666-1274

This is not the case, however, since he is British. Man behind one of the biggest sites accused of ‘fake news’ is former BBC worker.

This would be a perfect case for UK and US law enforcement organizations to work together and shut this operation down. If one or both would declare YourNewsWire to be an Agent of Foreign Influence as well as an identified source for fake, fabricated, and false news, the domain of could be seized. There is legal precedent in law enforcement for drugs, why not disinformation? Federal Court Orders Seizure of 67 Website Domains Involved in Smuggling and Selling Misbranded and Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

Another precedent may be that UK’s Ofcom is considering revoking RT’s license to broadcast, citing constant and consistent breaching of impartiality rules.  Ofcom opens new investigations into Kremlin-funded RT channel.

According to YourNewsWire – Rational Wiki,

YourNewsWire (styled as[1]) is a Los Angeles-based clickbait fake news website known for disseminating conspiracy theories and misleading information, contrary to its claimed motto (“News. Truth. Unfiltered”)

Bottom line, YourNewsWire fits into the category of a website which broadcasts disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, or fake news and should be shut down, legally.



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