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Dissection of One Russian Disinformation Example

In their never-ending quest to misinform as many people as possible, to obfuscate the real story, to muddy the waters, to avoid any semblance of accepting any blame, Russian propagandists have put together another doozy.

Col Skripal and his daughter had an assassination attempt made against them by Russian agents using a nerve gas invented in and only produced in Russia.

Now Russian propaganda is claiming the head of the OPCW, the UN Chemical Warfare office, was tricked into admitting any nation can make A234 aka Novichok.

This is easily discovered by checking out who is publishing this story.  Merely putting OPCW and prank into Google uncovers only Russian state-sponsored and Russian state-controlled outlets publishing this story.

Plus, don’t forget, this Russian proxy site, Free West Media.

Here is Rossiya 24 carrying the story on YouTube.

  • Salisbury Breakthrough: OPCW’s Director ADMITS to Russian Pranksters That He Has No Proof

The story is getting so much traction from ONLY Russian media sites (and one proxy), that it actually popped up on Trendolizer.

Funny thing, not ONE Western site and no other Russian sites have republished this story. That’s because it is obviously yet another fake, false, and contrived Russian alternative-reality theory.

Not one. The story is one day old, according to Trendolizer

Now…  why in the world would something published on only four sites in the world be trending?  Russian trolls/bots.  Searching for OPCW and prank on Twitter produces hundreds, perhaps thousands of hits…

If I was Twitter I’d start flushing these accounts down the drain, they’re Russian bots.

…and at the same time Russia is still claiming the Syrian CW attack there was perpetrated by the Brits, yada, yada, yada.

Russia has clearly lost the information war. Their propaganda, their invented “facts” and “proof” is no longer rebroadcast, and just, quite plainly, nobody believes anything coming out of Russia.


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