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Salisbury CW Attack / Syrian CW Attack (50) – Addendum

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There was a product on the market a few years ago in the US called Sham-Wow.  Adapting and bastardizing the name, what the Russians are doing (and getting caught doing it) is actually “Damn-Wow” stupid. 

Choke On Coffee Warning (COCW) applies, it’s that bad sometimes. 

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Russians resorting to the same propaganda stunts against UK and OPCW as they did in 2014. The S-300PMU2 debate is going also viral in the media. Media reporting intent to bypass the UNSC using the UNGA.

‘Cheap’ And ‘Tacky’: Russian TV Uses 2016 Film Set Images In Report On ‘Staged’ Syria Gas Attack

Russian state-run television used 18-month-old images from a film set in Syria to illustrate reports alleging that suspected chemical attacks are being staged in the war-torn country.

Russia used images from old film to claim Douma gas attack was hoax | World | The Times

A Syrian-born director has denounced Russian state media for attempting to pass off images from his film set as “evidence” that video footage of victims suffering from a gas attack in Syria was faked. Humam Husari called the Russian television broadcasts a “cheap and desperate attempt to deny the obvious chemical weapons attack” in Douma that triggered western airstrikes against the Assad regime. The media had presented photographs from Mr Husari’s 2016 film Chemical as “obvious evidence” that the footage of victims was faked by the White Helmets volunteer rescue force. The drama tells the true story of a 2013 sarin gas attack on a rebel-held suburb near Damascus. Mr Husari says the film is an attempt to explain why many Syrians took up arms…

Russian TV Interview With Syrian Boy Was Secretly Conducted at Army Facility

A Russian war correspondent appears to have lied to conceal that he interviewed a Syrian boy at an army facility frequented by Russian military advisers.

‘Citizens With Strong Position’: Prankster Calls OPCW Head Amid Skripal Case – Sputnik International

In a telephone exchange with a pair of Russian pranksters, OPCW head Ahmet Uzumcu admitted that the chemical, used to poison Russian Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, could have been produced by any state, including the US. Radio Sputnik discussed the latest prank with prankster Alexei ‘Lexus’ Stolyarov.

OPCW Confirms Russian Pranksters Tricked Director-General During Recent Call – Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed to Sputnik on Tuesday that the organization’s director-general, Ahmet Uzumcu, was tricked by Russian pranksters into discussing global chemical weapons incidents over the phone.

Russia Warns Israel Against Hitting Its S-300s Missile In Syria | Independent Newspapers Nigeria

Russia may hand over its powerful S-300 missile defense system to Syria in the near future, despite opposition from Israel and other Western powers, the Russian daily Kommersant reported Monday, citing anonymous military sources.

Russia capable of providing S-300 to Syria within one month — source

Russia is technically capable of providing its air defense systems S-300 to Syria within one month, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS, adding that for this the launchers already at the Defense Ministry’s disposal might be used after the required reconfiguration, a military-diplomatic source has told TASS.

Putin’s retaliation to US strikes on Syria will be cold and calculated

Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive tone toward the West, the Russian response to the U.S. missile strikes in Syria will continue to be calm, composed, and calculated.

Iran spreads lies claiming America supports terrorists after US-led attack on Syria | Fox News

Iran has been filling the airwaves and the Internet with anti-American lies, slander and ridiculous conspiracy theories since the U.S., Britain and France launched missile strikes on Syria April 14.

Trump Wants ‘Detente’ With Russia, U.S. Envoy to Moscow Says – Bloomberg

President Donald Trump is seeking a “detente” with Russia and wants to work with his counterpart Vladimir Putin to achieve this, according to the U.S. ambassador in Moscow.

The week in Russian media: threats of annihilation – To Inform is to Influence

By EU vs Disinfo An odd but not surprising theme appeared in Russian media during this week. Whereas threatening with the possible use of nuclear arms is a recurring theme in Russian state media, and from representatives of the Kremlin, talk about total annihilation is maybe more rare. On April 16 in one of the main programs on Russian state…

Kremlin Watch Briefing: British Parliament moves toward a more coordinated investigation – To Inform is to Influence

Topics of the Week British Parliament moves toward an effective and comprehensive investigation of Russian influence, setting an example for other national parliaments to expose and counter disinformation and influence operations. The Democratic Party has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Russia, Trump, and Wikileaks for carrying out an illegal conspiracy to influence the outcome…

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN | World news | The Guardian

Idea is to refer chemical weapons issue to UN general assembly, where Russia’s security council veto would not apply

Syria crisis: Western countries plan to bypass Russia’s UN veto over Douma chemical attack | The Independent

Western countries are reportedly planning to bypass Russia’s veto at the UN security council over Syria by referring concerns about the suspected use of chemical weapons to the UN general assembly. Russia has used its veto 12 times to block UN action targeting the regime of its ally, Bashar al-Assad. In November, it used its veto to block the extension of a UN mechanism to attribute responsibility for chemical weapons attacks.

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN –

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN

Steve Herman on Twitter: “Israeli public broadcaster reports @CENTCOM commander General Votel making a secret and unprecedented visit to #Israel.…”

As Russia Considers Air Defense Upgrade for Syria, US Makes Secret Visit to Israel

Rumors that Russia may be moving advanced air defense upgrades into Syria have triggered bellicose rhetoric and threats between Israel, Russia and their respective allies.

Israel warns of attack if Russia air defences used in Syria

Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defence systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets. “What’s important to us is that the defensive weapons the Russians are giving Syria won’t be used against us,&

Israel to destroy Russian S-300 air defense system in Syria if attacked | Arab News

LONDON: Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Tuesday that if Syria uses Russian-made air defense system against Israeli warplanes, then Tel Aviv will destroy them. In an interview with Israel’s Ynet, Lieberman commented on the Russian plans to supply Damascus regime with improved air defense system.

Israel may hit Russian S-300 in Syria, Lieberman says after threats of ‘catastrophic consequences’ –

Russia to send advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Assad, officials said Monday, warning Israel not to attack the new air defense systems

i24NEWS – Liberman warns of retaliation if Russian-backed S-300 in Syria fire at Israel

‘Russian systems are in Syria, they are not acting against us, we have an open line & dialogue’ Liberman said

Lieberman promises Israel will destroy Russian-made S-300 system in Syria | JerusalemOnline

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman promised to attack Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft defense systems in Syria if they are used against Israel. “If someone targets our planes, we will destroy them,” Lieberman told Ynet.

Liberman: Israel would destroy Syrian S-300 if it attacked our jets | The Times of Israel

As Russia threatens to sell powerful air defense system to Assad, defense minister downplays reports, stresses ties with Russia remain solid

Israel threatens Syrian regime over Russia’s delivery of S-300 – Daily Sabah

Israel’s defense minister warned yesterday his country would destroy any advanced Russian air defense system deployed in Syria that are used against…

Israel warns of attacks on Russian air defence systems in Syria if used against its warplanes, Middle East News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday (April 24) that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defence systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets.. Read more at

Israel demanded from the Russians not to supply C-300 to Syria | The Sivertelegram

Israel has urged the Kremlin to refrain from the supply of Russian s-300 to Syria. It is reported by Ynet, citing a Russian diplomat, who made the statement on condition of anonymity. At the same time, the Israeli government refused to comment on this information. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow has not yet made a final decision to supply anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrians. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry said that Russia will not keep the decision secret from the public. Lavrov added that it is unknown what specific decisions will be taken by the Russian leadership, together with representatives of Syria on this issue. Previously, “Kommersant” with reference to informed sources reported that Moscow is ready to soon deliver s-300 to Assad’s army on a Pro Bono basis. In turn, the Russian authorities refused to comment on this information.

Israel warns of attack if Russia air defenses used in Syria | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that his country would attack Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria if they were used against Israeli targets.

Liberman Says S-300s in Syria Not Such a Threat | Jewish News | Israel News | Israel Politics

Media reports of a possible sale of Russia’s S-300 air defense system to Syria have caused undue alarm, according to Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. The

Report: Israel asked Moscow not to give Syria advanced missiles

Speaking on condition of anonymity, Russian diplomat says Jerusalem asked the Kremlin to refrain from supplying President Bashar al-Assads army with S-300 missile systems; report comes as Foreign Minister Lavrov says Russia has still not decided on the matter, but would make no secret of it once it had.

Gallup: Americans split on U.S. striking Syria –

A new survey Tuesday said 50 percent of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s airstrikes against Syria this month, and slightly fewer are opposed.

An illusory victory: Was “mission accomplished” in Syria?

Was the strike in Syria really a “mission accomplished”? The attack itself was quite limited, and an analysis of other paths not taken indicates that better options could have been available.

Trump: Iran will pay if it restarts nuclear program

French President Macron arrives at White House to persuade President Trump to stay in Iran nuclear deal as US president seriously mulls withdrawal, says nuclear agreement is a terrible deal as well as insane and ridiculous; Russia, China aspire to preserve agreement, hoping to secure international communitys cooperation in applying pressure on Trump.

Trump blasts Iran deal as ‘insane’ and ‘ridiculous’ as Macron looks on – CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump railed against the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday, calling the Obama administration-negotiated agreement “insane” and “ridiculous” for failing to contain Tehran. Still, he maintained he could soon strike an agreement with his visitor, French President Emmanuel Macron, who is hoping to salvage the international accord.