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Macron: Russia Complicit In Syrian CW Attack

News from French TV from a trusted source,

Macron is being interviewed right now on French TV.

He just accused Moscow of being “complicit” (quote) with Assad’s chemical attack because Russia blocked the implementation of resolution 2118.

A major world leader accusing Russia of being complicit is a major step in denouncing Russia on the world’s stage.

This puts Russia in an untenable position. If Russia continues to support Assad and not take them to task for the CW attack, their guilt continues to grow.  If Russia apologizes and somehow holds Assad responsible, this might deteriorate their special relationship.

Russia knows only straight ahead, they will not back down.

If more world leaders rally with France in their accusation against Russia, especially in light of this new show of unity between nations, it may well be effective.

It also highlights a weakness of the UN in its current configuration. Russia’s veto authority allows it to act as a rogue state without accountability. We may be seeing something new creeping into the UN, for the first time since its inception.


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