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Russia Pumps Up The Propaganda

The Russian Foreign Ministry pushed out a link to a Cont.ws article today.

Cont.ws is a reliable free for all blog that will publish anything without regard for truthfulness, accuracy, fairness, objectiveness, fairness, or facts.  The Russian Foreign Ministry can these to publish a link of pure propaganda, pure fiction, and then claim plausible deniability.  “It wasn’t official”.

In light of the currently pending and expected US missile launch at Syria, Russia is pumping out the propaganda.

This little turdball of an article popped out today. Somebody took all of five minutes to write it and pasted in an old Russian propaganda video now on YouTube.

Let’s start with the title: Military Update, USA. Unpleasant surprise for the US military from Russia

The title ignores reality. “Unpleasant surprise”?  Let’s deal strictly with the military aspect of this. We’ve been flying in and around Syria for some time now. We know the specifications, locations, the signatures, the capabilities and limitations for every single air defense system in Syria. We know individual operator signatures, habits, and shift schedules. We know what the systems can and cannot do. We know the realities of politics. We also know the harsh realities of war. “Unpleasant surprise?”  I don’t think so.

“These troops do not need ammunition for victory. The Russian forces of the electronic warfare (EDB) can detect and neutralize any target, from a ship and a locator to a satellite. “The military conflicts of recent decades in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria have very clearly shown what happens to countries that do not have an effective electronic warfare system. Russia has such a system.”

Let’s start off with “detect”.  Can you detect an airborne platform with the signature size of a tiny bird? Doubtful. Can you detect a system which is portraying a false signature? How about tailored jamming from another platform?  How about if it is accompanied by cyber attacks using the EW signals as a carrier?  How about deception operations?  Feints? How about if your superiors receive orders to stand down?  To shift your field of view 90 degrees away? If you can’t see it, you can’t jam it.

The article ends with an old video made by Rossiya 1.  It shows the air defense and EW systems moving around whereas the systems in Syria are relatively fixed.

That’s it. That’s the whole article.  Feel free to go to https://cont.ws/@contemplator/912565 for the original Russian.


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