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Beware The Two-Faced Russian Press

Russia loves Yulia Skripal. The UK poisoned her, don’t you know? She is such a victim!’

Colonel Skripal is a traitor to Russia. He must be singing like a violin!’

The Russian press is full of the Skripal poisoning story. It is front and center on almost every news source in Russia. It is scandalous. It is horrible what the UK did to the Skripals. It is worthy of a tabloid headline, conspiracy theories, and everything Russia loves in their news!

Seriously, it’s all a lie.

The word violin or fiddle is used interchangeably with Skripal in most of these stories. Here is where the story becomes interesting. I can understand the Russian press referring to the Colonel as a violin or a traitor, but not Yulia. But there, front and center (see screenshot), when the Russian press refers to the “Skripals”, as in plural or as a father-daughter couple, they are referred to as “fiddles”.  To me, this means the Russian press is also referring to the Yulia as a traitor.

But…  the Russian Embassy in the UK is demanding access to Yulia.  They are so concerned about her safety and well being.  Everybody in Russia is so concerned about her.

So… why do they refer to her, also, as a fiddle?

In London, it is claimed that Moscow has been implicated in the A234 nerve agent to poison the Fiddles. Russia categorically denies this, recalling the proximity to the Salisbury chemical laboratory of the British Ministry of Defense.

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