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Is “Medium” A Pro-Russian Proxy Site Or Is It Fair And Balanced?

Today I read an article by Caitlin Johnstone, who is a non-apologetic pro-Russian journalist.

She published a story, More Evidence That The UK’s Russia Narrative Is A Verdict In Search Of A Crime. Caitlin has a long history of writing and publishing pro-Russian stories.

If you don’t believe my assessment of Caitlin Johnston, I urge you to peruse her history of publications at Medium, Caitlin Johnstone.  I do not do this to denigrate Ms. Johnston, only to categorize her.

A quick search through the articles published by Medium in the past year reveals these authors wrote about Russia.  Yonatan ZungerCaitlin JohnstoneCaroline O.Michael Tracey,Nafeez Ahmed, and Ahmed Baba.  Also writing but in separate areas were Bloomberg View,

Bloomberg View is a newsblurb recirculated for greater coverage by a mainstream media source, so I can’t include it in my personification of Medium.

A simple search of “Russia” across Medium reveals that every single article was written to 1) support Russia, 2) undermine or denigrate the Skripal investigation, or 3) attack any credibility of any investigation into Russian involvement in the Skripal assassination or the Mueller investigation of President Trump.

Now…  let me throw in the truth.

Ofcom And RT: The Background#BalticBrief: Disinformation Through Mistranslation#ElectionWatch: Voter Fraud In Russia, and #ElectionWatch: Turnout by Stick and Carrot in Russia  are all articles attacking Russia. They expose Russian disinformation efforts and expose Russian voter fraud.

Bottom line, the news stories are expert stories written by professional journalists or professional researchers, and published in a fair and objective, meaning balanced, format.  There is not the usual screen to support a pro or anti-Russian perspective. A quick analysis shows most of the articles in English are anti-Russian.  If there is a corresponding site in the Russian it would probably be mostly pro-Russian.

Bottom line at the bottom. Caitlin Johnstone is absolutely a pro-Russian journalist and the most prolific pro-Russian journalist on, however, overall is fair and balanced, without discrimination.  Individual authors and articles widely vary, both in political inclination or expertise.

If I had a rating system on a scale of 1 to 10, this site is a 9 on a “fair and objective” scale and an 8 on professionalism.

Good job, Medium. Good job!



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