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Graham lauds Trump on North Korea, but says Russia ‘running wild’

Senator Lindsey Graham

More than most Senators, Lindsey Graham knows what the United States, in conjunction with much of the rest of the world, is capable of doing against Russia. He is a former USAF attorney and is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a very powerful position. He is also painfully aware of what the US government is capable of doing, what is legal, what is ethical and moral, and what is illegal. He should also understand propaganda, should being the operative word. 

When a man this powerful, this knowledgeable, and this experienced says these words, he is pushing for something. He is surely accompanying his words against Russia and Putin with behind the scenes talks and negotiations with other members of Congress, with the White House, and with well-placed leaders in the corporate world and in other countries. 

If I were a betting man, I would say Senator Graham would like to capitalize on the success of the current alliance standing against Russia.  It is larger than NATO and the EU and embraces the Commonwealth. It is a force to be recognized, standing against Russia. Right now the ‘alliance’ has the momentum of success.  The alliance can also expand to include a few more key countries. 

Let’s say that the diplomat expulsions were only an initial shot across the bow. 

Simultaneously, most of the G-20 is a part of this alliance.  Economically, this group could cripple Russia and if enough power is employed collectively, could crush her. 

Information-wise, Russia can be isolated. The information Russia is fed can be controlled, and messages, themes, and memes carefully crafted before release. This ensures Russia is purposefully not fed the big picture. This has never been attempted on a grand scale, but Russia does not seem to understand ‘playing nice with others’. 

Simultaneously, fair, objective and truthful information must be supplied to the Russian people while simultaneously denying many Russian government efforts. 

Great efforts should be made to move into the extra-judicial realm, taking away Russia’s initiative. Thresholds should be established but not shared publicly, controlling this as critical information. 

All efforts must be made to avoid war – period. Everything else should and must be controlled. 

Just a few thoughts some of you might like.

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By Joseph Weber | Fox News

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, a military hawk and solid President Trump supporter, on Sunday gave the president a mixed review on recent foreign policy decisions — suggesting the president indeed brought North Korea to the negotiating table, while disapproving of his plan to remove troops from Syria and allowing Russia to run “wild.”

“I think the problem that Russia is running wild. Whatever we’re doing, isn’t working. The president for some reason has a hard time pushing back against Putin directly,” Graham told “Fox News Sunday,” in the aftermath of Russia apparently poisoning an ex-spy and his daughter in the United Kingdom and the release Friday of a video from the Russian government apparently showing the successful launch of an inter-continental ballistic missile.

The apparent assassination attempt has resulted in Russian diplomats being expelled in the United States and other countries, while Russia has countered by expelling foreign diplomats.

Graham, a former Air Force attorney and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on Sunday praised Trump for imposing austere economic sanctions on North Korea for leader Kim Jung Un’s pursuit of a nuclear warhead and inter-continental missile on which to launch it.

Graham said the president’s “maximum pressure” campaign has paid off.

“The reason that North Korea is at the table is that this maximum pressure campaign against North Korea launched by the Trump administration where the world is beginning to follow has paid off,” he said. “They’re coming to the table because this hurts so much. Trump has called out Kim Jong-Un by name for being the tyrant he is.”

President Trump is to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un for a summit sometime next month. (Reuters)

However, he cautioned about the outcomes or promises in the emerging North Korea-South Korea talks and suggested the meetings and a pending one between Trump and Kim is merely North Korea “buying time” to complete its nuclear arsenal.

In response to Trump saying on Friday that he’ll get U.S. troops out of war-torn Syria “very soon,” Graham said such a move would be “the single worst decision the president could make.”

The once-power militant terror group the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has now been largely defeated and driven out of Iraq and Afghanistan. In Syria, ISIS has been greatly reduced in territory, now mostly only occupying some space in the western part of the country, according to the BBC.

“We’ve got ISIS on the run,” Graham said Sunday.



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