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Novichok Sold To Organized Crime By Russian Scientists

Ivan Kivelidi in 1995 apparently killed using the same poison as used on Sergey Skripal. | photo: Lidové noviny

From a distinguished expert friend:

Novichok was sold to organized crime in the 1990s by Russian scientists, according to Novaya Gazeta. Novichok was allegedly used to murder Ivan Kivelidi in 1995. Criminal file No. 238709.

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Eat in the telephone handset in Moscow. The novelist sold the gang to a Russian scientist in the 1990s

MOSCOW / PRAGUE She wrote 1995. Moscow has shaken one of many murders on order. Ivan Kivelidi was an exceptional victim. And he left this world in an extraordinary way. Together with him, Zara Ismailova’s secretary was also killed in the gang war. Other people were also affected by the unknown substance – the cleaner, the policemen, and the visits that Kivelidi received that day.

The bank magnate Kivelidi became the victim of a telephone headset. Just a rubber pad of five millimeters of one of the screws on the device was poisoned. The symptoms were identical to those of the attack on the double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter in the UK. And it seems that the composition of the substance also corresponds.

The search for Kivelidi’s perpetrators lasted for many years. And it brought one shocking finding. Novikok, originally developed by Soviet scientists as a chemical weapon of mass destruction, was captured by the underworld.

Criminal file number 238709 was now obtained by journalists from the Russian opposition New Gazette. Talking about the murder of Chief Rosbyznysbanka Kivelidi and the confession of a man who allegedly traded with poison reminds the detective whose author had a fantastic fantasy.

Chaos of the 90s dominated the laboratories

The 1990s of the last century have been in Russia years of chaos and organized crime. The discipline also fell into facilities such as secret laboratories, military bases, and forbidden cities with death factories.

The main character of the story is Professor Leonid Rink, former head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology in the closed city of Šichany in the Saratov region. There is also his name in the file. The report from his testimony, available to Russian journalists, is valuable proof that the chemical weapons do not control Moscow.

Rink has been interrogated many times between 1999 and 2006. He finally admitted that nine ampoules of the novice had been taken from the Institute in the propellers. “We used only one gram of cloth. We split it for a quarter gram into an ampoule, which I took to my houseand hid in the garage, “she says. Then he sold it to several people linked to criminal structures and Chechen guerrilla.