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How To Identify A Russian Troll On Facebook

Sasha Shenderey

If someone’s picture is too good to be true, it probably is, and, if that person is sending you a friend request, they definitely are.

The fastest and easiest way to identify a Russian troll on Facebook is by a combination of a picture and behavior.

Take the case of Jamie Watson Chambers.

A friend complained that she sent him a friend request.  Yes, he’s insane. If a babe like Jamie Watson Chambers would send me a friend request…  wait a second. She’s too good to be true, so she probably is fake.

A quick “send Google Image Search” later and I find out that she is Ukrainian model Sasha Shenderey,  Yes, she’s Ukrainian, she’s a babe and she’s real.

But, let’s reexamine the profile of Jamie Watson Chambers.  That is her cover photo on the top right but you only see her face. Her profile picture is to the left. 

Gorgeous, yes?

No.  Okay, all you guys, stop salivating. Okay, take a moment, take a deep breath and let’s get back to business here. Remember, she’s too good to be true, especially for you. Have you looked in a mirror lately?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

From her Intro:

I grew up in Reading, PA and I know every little tiny town in Pennsylvania but I never heard of “New Lancaster, PA”.  I even had to look it up and it doesn’t appear on Google maps.  But let’s say you don’t know that.  If someone is Self-Employed, they’re going to find a way to use their Facebook page to sell themselves, don’t you think? As for “It’s complicated”, this is a nice way to say “I’m married (or in a serious relationship) and I fool around”…  yeah, right. She’s sending you a friend request because she can’t snag an NFL player like Rob Gronkowski?   Not likely…

Okay, moving on. Look at the picture to the right. Once you stop staring at her devastating cleavage look at the sweater she’s holding. It’s written in a foreign language. …and what’s that symbol?  It’s the Tryzub (Ukrainian Trident). What sticks out, however, are the Yellow and Blue colors, the national colors of Ukraine.

Let’s say you don’t know those symbols, let’s move on to another indicator.

She has seven photos posted and NOT. One. Posting. Not one.

This is one freaking lazy Russian troll.  It’s more unusual than most so it’s a good teaching point.

Snatch seven pictures from an absolutely beautiful Ukrainian model and post them as yours and then post no details. That is a sure sign you’re not dealing with a rocket scientist, probably a freaking lazy troll from St. Petersburg.

Most trolls post at least a bunch of posts, trying to make themselves look legitimate.

Not Jamie Watson Chambers, no.

Last, and most obvious and it’s generally not true.

Most women do not have that much cleavage, and if they do, they don’t show it off.  This Jamie Watson Chambers does, and that is highly unusual.

So, the coincidence of her showing this much cleavage and sending you a friend request are…  minimal to nil. Almost the same as her swiping right on you on Tinder. 

So consider this a high impact warning that Russian trolls are out there, they’re on the prowl, and the US midterm elections are coming.

They’re coming for you.  …and sometimes they’re just too good to be true.

ps. a little postscript.  I’m not going to report this profile as fake, but I’m certain somebody will and quite soon.  So don’t expect her profile to be there in a few hours, but I copied and pasted her photos into this blog They’ll be around forever…

Oh yeah. This account is also associated with bots, so be careful if you click on the profile. Don’t send her a friend request, in other words…


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