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Friendship, It’s A Good Thing

An old friend of 20+ years just wrote to me and put three buzz words into his email.  IO, IW, and Cyber.

I went off.  This morning I reviewed doctrine, policy, and practices from 1996, 2003, and commercial/academic papers from 2013.  Later this morning, and it’s not even 0730, I reviewed a paper examining historical events with a lens using very modern entertainment/martial arts context. My mind was officially blown at that point and I want to just go to bed…  I have a major paper to rewrite, a major paper to write for a senior friend, and I still have to somehow read 21,655 unread emails (probably only about 200 and delete 1,000, with close to zero spam) and cruise the news in English and Russian, using at least four different search engines.

I wrote about 500 words to my friend, venting.

Then I closed, saying, “just venting. I’m fine, how are you?”

Friendship. It keeps things real.