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Another Former Russian Intelligence Officer Poisoned in the UK (21) – Addendum

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In contemporary parlance, the Russians are butthurt. There is no way to blame others where Russia does not look like they are unfairly blaming others. There is no way to deflect the blame without looking guilty. There is no way to claim innocence when Russia looks guilty as sin. 

So Russia is going to take the offensive and expel a boatload of diplomats, claiming to be a victim, their fallback position. With 60 Russia diplomats/spies expelled, the US stands to lose the most. In the end, the loser is still Russia. 

Plain and simple, Russia is going to howl up a hurricane, but the rest of the world is going to keep its message simple. Russia assassinated people outside Russian territory. For that Russia has to pay for its arrogance, for its history of provocations, and for its inability to tread lightly. 

Russia lacks maturity, control, and…   aw, hell, Russia is acting like a petulant child. Grow up, Russia. Just grow the F up. 

</end editorial>

Additional reports. No substantial reactions as yet from the Russian propaganda machine.

Russian stereotypes hurt ordinary people – and play into Putin’s hands | Viv Groskop | Opinion | The Guardian

The kind of nuance-free Russophobia represented by the response to the Skripal case bolsters the president, says writer, broadcaster and stand-up comedian Viv Groskop. Those of us outside Russia have to be careful we don’t collude with this thinking. Over the past weeks I’ve been reading a flood of social media posts by Russians deeply upset at being portrayed as robotic ultranationalists hell-bent on polonium-poisoning the world into submission. They find this laughable and ridiculous but also insulting. A friend was asked, in all seriousness, “Is this what Russians do when they argue? Poison each other?” Russians at home and abroad resent the fact that people can’t seem to distinguish between “Russia” and “the security services”.

Twitter spat erupts between Russia and Britain’s allies | Daily Mail Online

Within minutes of the announcement that over 100 Russian diplomats would be expelled around the world a war of words had been sparked online.

Heather Nauert on Twitter: “On March 4, #Russia attempted to murder a British citizen & his daughter w/ military-grade nerve agent on British soil. We stand in unbreakable solidarity w/ #UK. Today, we will expel 60 Russians from its bilat mission & mission to UN, & require Russia to close Seattle consulate.…”


The Latest: UK: 18 nations expel more than 100 Russians –


Spy poisoning: What the diplomat expulsions mean for Russia – BBC News

The joint expulsion of Russian diplomats by Britain’s allies is a remarkable show of solidarity.

Expulsion of Russia Spies ‘Not Enough’ to Punish Putin, Says Ambassador Vershbow

“If you’re really going to hit Putin’s power base, you have to go beyond the expulsion of some diplomats and spies, who can be replaced.”

European Spooks Say Expelling Russian Diplomats Is All Well And Good, But It’s Not How You Really Hurt Putin

“Putin and his guys aren’t going to care unless you fuck with their money in London,” an EU police official told BuzzFeed News.

U.S. House Speaker Says White House Made ‘Right Call’ To Expel Russian Diplomats

The speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives said President Donald Trump made the “right call” in deciding to expel dozens of Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy on British soil.

Interview: Ryan On Russia Sanctions, Election ‘Meddling,’ And Mueller

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, spoke on a wide range of Russia-related topics in an interview with RFE/RL senior correspondent Carl Schreck in Prague on March 26. Ryan discussed the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats by the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the impact of sanctions on Russia, and the investigation run by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

U.S. Speaker Paul Ryan: Russian Expulsions Show ‘Solidarity With Allies’

U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, told RFE/RL that the White House’s decision to expel dozens of Russian diplomats was “the right call” and a gesture of solidarity with Britain, Canada, and other European allies. Ryan spoke in an interview with RFE/RL Senior Correspondent Carl Schreck on March 26.

Top Dem: Russian diplomats’ expulsion makes Trump’s response to attack in the US ‘more bizarre’ | TheHill

The top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday said the Trump administration’s response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy makes the president’s reaction to Russia’s election inference “even more bizarre.”

Opinion: Against his own instincts, Trump does the right thing on Russia | Opinion | DW | 26.03.2018

By expelling Russian diplomats and making the Kremlin close its Seattle consulate, Donald Trump made the right choice and acted in line with Washington’s European allies. But this was a forced outlier, not the norm.

Trump’s Russia Policy Is Better than It Sounds – WSJ

The U.S. stands with the U.K. after a vicious attack.

Trump expels Russian agents as gap between words and actions widens – POLITICO

The U.S. will also close the Russian consulate in Seattle in response to the nerve agent attack on a former spy.

EU states expel 30 Russian diplomats – 26 March 2018 – To Inform is to Influence

By ANDREW RETTMAN BRUSSELS, TODAY, 17:58 EU and Nato allies on Monday (26 March) expelled dozens of Russian diplomats in reaction to the chemical weapon attack in the UK. Fourteen EU countries, including France and Germany, as well as Nato members Canada and the US, took the coordinated step. The Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,…

Expulsions of Russians are pushback against Putin’s hybrid warfare | Patrick Wintour | World news | The Guardian

Moscow saw the UK as isolated but response shows other governments have lost patience

U.S.-Russia Relations: How Latest Blowup Compares to Earlier Ones – The New York Times

The expulsion of Russian officials in response to the alleged poisoning of a former spy resembles the tactics of the Cold War.

Israel says ‘no comment’ on expulsions of Russian diplomats across the globe over poisoning of spy – U.S. News –

Russian consulate in Seattle will be closed and 60 diplomats will be deported to ‘make U.S. safer’ ■ 14 EU nations join in, from France and Italy to Poland and Lithuania ■ Russia vows symmetrical response

All the countries that are expelling Russian diplomats – CNN

The US, Canada, Ukraine and 14 European Union nations are backing the UK by expelling Russian diplomats over the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter.

Norway expels one Russian diplomat – The Nordic Page


These are all the countries that are expelling Russian diplomats – To Inform is to Influence

By Angela Dewan, Milena Veselinovic and Carol Jordan, CNNUpdated 1724 GMT (0124 HKT) March 26, 2018London (CNN)It’s the biggest collective expulsion of alleged Russian intelligence officers in history, according to British Prime Minister Theresa May. Diplomats are being kicked out of at least 18 countries — 15 European Union states, the United States, Canada and Ukraine –…

Judith Gough on Twitter: “Thank you @PavloKlimkin and @poroshenko for standing with the UK in the face of Russia’s unacceptable behaviour.… “


Britain thanks Ukraine for Russian diplomats expulsion –

Britain thanks Ukraine for Russian diplomats expulsion. Judith Gough, British Ambassador in Ukraine, thanked Ukraine “for standing with the UK in the face of Russia’s unacceptable behavior”

May Puts Oligarchs on Alert With Visa Warning: Russia Update – Bloomberg

From the U.S. and across the European Union, more than 100 Russian diplomats are being expelled in a coordinated response to the nerve-agent poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K.

The Latest: Seattle: Russian consulate closed to applicants – To Inform is to Influence

The total is now over 100 Russians are persona non grata from 18 different nations.  This is Russia’s most serious diplomatic problem since the end of the Cold War. </end editorial> Monday, March 26, 2018 WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Latest on the diplomatic fallout over the nerve agent attack on an ex-Russian spy in Britain…

Britain’s ability to respond to Salisbury nerve agent attack was underestimated – now it is Putin’s move

The cull of diplomats will leave Russia’s ability to spy and wage diplomacy weakened, while some will question Putin’s judgement.

UK’s May: Poisoned spy Skripal, daughter may never recove

British prime minister Theresa May says former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter may never recover