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#PutinAtWar: Trolls on Twitter

An outstanding article which shows how Russian trolls continue to amplify and promote issues favorable to Russia or detrimental to the US, the West, or Democracy.  

I can’t count how often during just the past week alone I have pointed this out to experts, reporters, and friends.  Russian information warfare is not just active prior to a US election, however.  They are carrying on nonstop, around the clock, 24 x 7 x 365.  The problem of Russian information warfare cannot be encapsulated into one simple issue, however. Russian information warfare includes a gigantic propaganda machine which is a sleek attempt to look like legitimate news but is not. This includes RT and Sputnik, for instance. There is a central planning cell, which orchestrates and issues guidance to the media, to the heads of the government, to the rest of the government, to NGOs, and yes, to the trolls.  Simultaneously, there are active attempts to stifle legitimate news which undermines the memes and themes pushed by the Russian government. Stifling, denying, and obfuscating the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal his daughter, for instance, is just one example. In the case of Crimea we saw a case of Information Commandoes, or Spetsnaz, being used to control access to the area and keep out Western reporters to the greatest extent possible. All this is being overseen at the highest level of the Russian government but the effects permeate throughout the world. 

The Russian Information Warfare machine is fluid and shifts, according to world events. It shifted from the US after the US election, then eventually moved onto the French election, then the German election, now we are seeing Russian trolls and botnets both supporting and opposing gun control after the Florida shooting, now the Russian poisoning, even the US budget just passed this week. 

Read the article, link below. It is too complex for me to copy and paste into a blog, but it is well worth you reading it.  It is sobering, almost downright scary. 

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#PutinAtWar: Trolls on Twitter

DFRL: Battles on Twitter over the Skripal poisoning case

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6 thoughts on “#PutinAtWar: Trolls on Twitter

  1. Ziggy played guitar!
    Do keep zapping away at the Russian Trolls, General Harding. Meanwhile, the Chinese organize in your streets, launch unprovoked protests, and back U.S. politicians .

    Why deal with real threats when you can zap fake accounts from the comfort of your easy chair?

      1. General Harding,
        Do tell us why Colonel Skripal’s daughter was dating the son of a Russian general, but he wouldn’t be allowed to marry the daughter of a traitor? Why did Skripal’s daughter have a toxic agent that required precise two part mixture to be effective stashed in her makeup kit?
        What ever happened to that missing Atlanta CDC commander that walked out of his entire world with no notice?
        Keep pushing that party line, Harding! Honestly, can you not afford a translator to scour true Russian, Georgian, Moldovian, Bulgarian, Polish, or even pissant Ukrainian language source materials? Are you and your crew of Friday night boys limited to bite size English language based sources? ;-))))

      2. Why would I possibly want to read more Russian junk?

        Georgian, Moldovian, Bulgarian, Polish, and Ukrainian news is actually good, compared with Russian.

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