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Ukraine Ad Hoc Media Update (16)

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  1. Russians conduct major offensive air exercise near Ukrainian borders forcing PSU into full alert status;
  2. NATO’s Gen Pavel comments on how close Ukraine is to NATO compliance;
  3. Pres Poroshenko comments on EU and NATO accession, Rasmussen comments on aid for Ukraine;
  4. Donbass fires continued during the week although today’s report suggests no vioations for a day;
  5. Proposals for upgrade and replacement of the Shturm S tank destroyer;
  6. Hungary escalates dispute with Ukraine – Russia must be offering bigger subsidies;
  7. Gazprom assets in Ukraine confiscated, Ukraine negotiating with Qatar for supply of LNG;
  8. Maj  Vladyslav Voloshyn, PSU (Res) buried, this appears to be another PTSD case;
  9. Main media focus this week – Savchenko stripped of immunity and arrested for plotting a terrorist attack, the evidence via hidden video cameras is damning, PM Groisman is convinced it is a mental health problem, and he may be right, likely yet another PTSD case (after 2 years in a Russian jail cell and in and out of Russian psychiatric wards, who knows what damage was done);


Ukraine’s Air Force Command cancels alert caused by Russian aircraft provocations | UNIAN

The Ukrainian Air Force was ready to repel air attacks and hit air targets. “The degree of military alert earlier announced has already been cancelled,” speaker for Ukraine’s Air Force Command Dmytro Strutynsky said, Hromadske Radio reported. “The Air Force was put on alert and ready to repel [attacks by Russian aircraft] and hit air targets. But only in the event if they had crossed our country’s state airspace border or there had been a direct threat to the integrity and inviolability of the state,” he explained. As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine’s air defense forces were put on alert after the Air Force of Ukraine on March 22 detected provocative actions by the air unit of the Russian Aerospace Forces along the eastern and southern airspace borders of Ukraine for the second time within a month. Russian fighter and bomber aircraft carried out flights from the airfields of Shaykovka, Krymsk and Belbek and closely approached the state border of Ukraine, the administrative border between the mainland of Ukraine and Russian-occupied Crimea, Ukraine’s Air Force Command reported on Facebook on March 22.

Ukraine’s air defense forces on alert because of Russian provocations at Crimea border | UNIAN

The Russian aircraft also flew along the coastline of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Russian combat aviation approaches Ukraine’s borders –

The HQ of Ukraine’s Air Force reported another provocative act by the Russian combat aviation – the second time this month. Fighters and bombers were spotted to the east and south of Ukraine’s state border, namely near the occupied Crimea. Ukraine’s Air Force is now on high alert. ‘Fighters and bombers of the aggressor country took off from Shaikivka, Krymsk and Belbek airfields, approaching the state border of Ukraine and the division line between the mainland Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The aircraft approached the coastline of the Black Sea, 40 kilometers away from the coast and headed to the coast sides of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey’, says the message. Tupolev Tu-22 bombers, loaded with missiles and escorted by Sukhoi Su-30 fighters performed flights over Crimea, Azov Sea, and the Black Sea, practicing in attacking ground targets. According to the Ukrainian side, such actions may be seen as a response to the recent drills of Ukraine’s Air Force, as Ukrainian combat aviation held a training session, imitating the blockade of Bosporus.

UAWire – General Pavel: over the last 4 years Ukraine has come close to being part of NATO

Ukraine has managed to significantly approach NATO member status over the last four years, as stated by Chairman of the NATO Military Committee …

Ukraine significantly approached accession to NATO, – Alliance General –

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel in an interview with DW said that over the past four years, Ukraine was able to significantly approach NATO and called the country a key to Euro-Atlantic security. “Ukraine has already conducted impressive defense reforms and is much closer to NATO, but there is still work to be done,” Pavel said. Pavel noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces increase Ukraine’s ability to join NATO until 2020 by taking part in NATO exercises and missions, for example in Afghanistan. “NATO and individual NATO member states will continue to support Ukraine – because we firmly believe that an independent and stable Ukraine is the key to Euro-Atlantic security,” he said.

Poroshenko: Ukraine seeks to join NATO in the next decade | UNIAN

Nowadays, some 59% of Ukrainians support the idea of NATO membership.

Poroshenko could be the president to take Ukraine into NATO, – Taras Kuzio –

NATO’s granting of Ukraine with the status of ‘aspirant country’ is a significant step on its path to membership and Ukraine’s fifth president, Petro Poroshenko, could be the one to take the country into NATO membership, having written a letter expressing Ukraine’s interest in being invited to enter a membership action plan (MAP) as Taras Kuzio reported on The Hill. Aspirant countries that have expressed interest in joining NATO are invited to engage in intensified dialogue about their membership aspirations and related reforms. As the NATO website explains, ‘Aspirant countries may then be invited to participate in the MAP to prepare for potential membership and demonstrate their ability to meet the obligations and commitments of possible future membership. Participation in the MAP does not guarantee membership, but it constitutes a key preparation mechanism’.

Ukrainian President will not cancel trip to NATO summit despite threats from Hungary

Ukraine’s ambassador to NATO, Vadym Prystaiko, confirmed that the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission is in jeopardy because of Hungary’s actions. However, according to the diplomat, President Petro Poroshenko will still take part in the July NATO summit, where he has been invited. Prystaiko broke the news to Ukrainski Novyny, commenting on the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó’s statement on Hungary’s continued efforts to block Ukraine’s European integration aspirations. Recently, Hungary announced its intention to block Ukraine’s participation in the meeting of the defense ministers of the European Union scheduled for April and the NATO-Ukraine Commission with Poroshenko’s participation at the summit of the alliance in July. “I think that now, before the elections, they are demonstrating that they are ‘going all the way.’ I believe that the NATO-Ukraine commission, which is to be held at the level of foreign ministers, is really threatened. Regarding the summit, the President will still visit Brussels since he has been invited to other meetings there besides the NATO-Ukraine meeting,” Prystaiko said. “We were invited to the summit but we have not formally received an invitation yet,” he added. Prystaiko stated emphatically that Szijjártó threatened to block their efforts even though the official decision would have to be made no sooner than April or even later thence. The ambassador believes that the Hungarian leadership’s latest statements are related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections. “The statement that the summit will be blocked is already really that red line that Minister Klimkin recently spoke of when he inferred that Hungary is coming close to the red line in its threats and its reactions… I have a feeling that a particular politician, Minister Szijjártó, is now less worried about his nation and more worried about his career, given the upcoming elections,” he said. Parliamentary elections in Hungary will be held on April 8. Hungary holds steady to their claim that the only reason for the deterioration of bilateral relations with Ukraine is the conflict over the language norms of Ukraine’s law “On Education.”

Poroshenko: Ukraine’s accession to EU is matter of years, not decades –

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that Ukraine’s accession to the European Union is a matter of years, not decades. He stated this in an interview with German media group Funke, published today by WestdeutscheZeitung. “In Germany, this may be unpopular, but I am absolutely sure that Ukraine will be admitted to the European Union, and this will be a matter of years, not decades. It’s unlikely that any other country will show more enthusiasm for Europe than Ukraine,” stressed the president. Poroshenko is determined to continue the reforms in the country, noting that before joining the EU Ukraine must join NATO. “I will set the course for Ukraine’s accession to NATO and then to the EU. We will resolutely continue the path of reform. All experts confirm that over the past three years, Ukraine has made more progress than in the previous 25 years,” the president said. He also noted that “he himself created a special anti-corruption tribunal”, and ministers can be also arrested for participation in corruption cases in the country. In his opinion, the basis for bribery and corruption in the state has been eliminated, the anti-corruption bodies have the support and confidence of international business partners, and expressed confidence that, together with European partners, Ukraine will be able to further reduce corruption in the country. We recall, according to the poll, Ukrainians trust the European Union more than the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). On September 1, the Agreement on the Ukraine-EU Association came into force. It should be noted that the work on the Agreement on the Association of Ukraine and the EU took 10 years.

EU, NATO should provide Ukraine with defensive weapons – Rasmussen – 19.03.2018 15:00 — Ukrinform News

The European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance should provide Ukraine with defensive weapons, promote investments in the Ukrainian economy and toughen sanctions against Russia.

U.S. Congress offers to provide over $620 mln aid to Ukraine | UNIAN

Funding is also increased aimed at strengthening the Ukraine support policy under the “Foreign Military Financing” program.

UAWire – US Congress approves $620.7 million for Ukraine

The House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress approved the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2018, which provides for $620.7 million in …

In Kharkiv three people arrested for cooperation with Russian special services –

In Kharkiv region, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) stopped activity of the agent-informing network of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation. This was stated by the head of the press center in Kharkiv region department of SBU Vladyslav Abdula on Facebook. Three local residents were involved in the criminal network, one of whom was the acting officer of the National Police in Kharkiv region. “During the investigation, security officers of Ukraine documented the connection between members of the intelligence network and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, as well as the facts of passing over by the police captain of the official information of Ukraine’s Internal Ministry, including that with limited access. The offenders also handed over to the Russian curators personal data of the participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation,” the message says.


Poroshenko enacts checks of grounds for entry of Russians to Ukraine –

Citizens of Russian Federation will be obliged to inform in advance about the trip to Ukraine

Ukrainian military spot electronic warfare system used by Russians in Donbas (Video) | UNIAN

Ukrainian air reconnaissance officers claim such cases have been registered in the past.

Ukraine’s Special Ops to be compatible with those of NATO –

Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko and NATO Special Operations Commander Colin J. Kilrain agreed to deepen cooperation in this area. Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces are to become compatible with these of the NATO. Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces posted that on Facebook. According to him, the respective agreement was made during his negotiations with NATO Special Operations Commander, Vice Admiral of the U.S. Navy Colin J. Kilrain. ‘The Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Army will be compatible with the SOF of the NATO. Me and Colin Kilrain, the Commander of the Special Operations Forces of the NATO, agreed to boost the cooperation so as to develop our Special Ops’, he wrote. The special operations forces are a detached branch of the Armed Forces, which comprises of well-equipped and motivated troops; they are effective in sabotage and reconnaissance behind the enemy lines, fit for the partisan warfare in the enemy-held territories and capable of releasing or capturing VIPs.

New Multi-Caliber Weapon System called KONEV Modular Rifle

Konev’s rifle is designed to be a modular platform

stailker | Self-propelled anti-tank missile system “Sturm-SM-2”




stailker | ГП «Укроборонсервис» в 2016-2017 гг. отремонтировал 5 комплексов C-300ПС(ПТ) ВС ВСУ [SA-10A/B overhauls]


Repair of Defence Missile Systems 5Zh15S, 5Zh15-1 from ADMS S-300P (C,T)


Photos: AN-225 Mriya makes first flight after maintenance and modernisation – Defence Blog

Antonov AN-225 Mriya ( NATO codename “Cossack”) the World’s largest aircraft made first fly and operational testing after maintenance and downtime at Gostomel airport in Ukraine on 19 March. The plane was at the airfield for about a year and passed the stage of repair and partial modernisation. Mikhail Kharchenko, director of Antonov Airlines, said that aircraft received an updated avionics and some new equipment. After extended downtime, the operational status of aircraft systems, the aircraft configuration, and the airworthiness of the aircraft was verified by qualified ground personnel and the flight crew.

Canada to assign USD 4.6 million for drills and equipment for Ukrainian Army –

The Canadian government is going to allocate 4.6 million U.S. dollars for holding drills and purchasing equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Poroshenko discusses with Kuwait’s defense minister prospects for military and technical cooperation – 19.03.2018 11:12 — Ukrinform News

President Petro Poroshenko held talks with First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Nasser&nbsp;Bin&nbsp;Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

Hungary guided by imperial mindset of divided Austria-Hungary toward Ukraine – MFA | UNIAN

The diplomat says that as long as the Fidesz party leader Victor Orban’s government is in power in Budapest, Kyiv will still have to work with them.Deputy Foreign Minister for European Integration Olena Zerkal believes Hungary is guided by the imperial mindset of the divided Austro-Hungarian Empire in its policy toward Ukraine. Speaking on Pryamiy TV Channel, the diplomat said that Budapest’s position on Ukraine depends not only on the internal parliamentary elections set to be held in April but also on their relations with Brussels. “This is not just about elections, not just Ukraine, it’s their relations with the European Union. It is also about migration policy issues. Even in the United Nations, they have now taken a position that is quite different from that of the EU on the development of a framework document on migration. Ukraine had nothing to do with it in this case. This is just the way they are now positioning themselves, and you can’t do anything about it. As long as Orban’s government is in power, we must work with what we have,” Zerkal said.

UAWire – Hungary concerned about Ukraine’s intentions to restore the military unit in Berehove

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó expressed dissatisfaction with the plans of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to restore the military unit based in Berehove, reports Yevropeyska Pravda, citing Hungarian publication “According to Szijjártó, he is worried that the Ukrainian army intends to deploy a battalion of about 800 people in the city with the highest proportion of Hungarians among the population,” the report said. According to the Foreign Minister of Hungary, the explanation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that this step is necessary because of the threat to the territorial integrity of the country causes even greater concern. “This means that they consider the Hungarian national community a threat to Kyiv, which is outrageous, and that’s why Hungary is categorically against this,” Szijjártó said. On March 16th, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, stated that Hungary had come close to the “red line” with the latest statements, in particular about the OSCE mission in Transcarpathia.

Russia and Ukraine: From Brothers to Neighbors – Carnegie Moscow Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Russia is parting ways with both Ukraine and Belarus. This did not have to be a tragedy with Ukraine, and can still be handled amicably with Belarus. Moreover, an independent Ukrainian state and a Ukrainian political nation ease Russia’s transition from its post-imperial condition and facilitate the formation of a Russian political nation.

To Reunite Ukraine, Kyiv Must Overcome Its Own Prejudices | Crisis Group

Four years after Russia’s invasion, psychological barriers are compounding the physical divisions of Ukraine. While many Ukrainians have turned to the West, millions of conflict-affected citizens are being excluded, creating new obstacles to any eventual reintegration of the country.

Ukraine petitions USA to remove Ukrainian metallurgical goods from the application of US tariffs –

Ukrainian exports of black metals in 2017 rose by 20% against 2016 – to reach $8.66 billion.

Gas news Ukraine – Qatar might supply liquefied natural gas to Ukraine: How real does it seem? –

Could Qatar offer Ukraine a preferential price for natural gas purchase?

Energy diversification: Poroshenko says Qatar ready to supply LNG to Ukraine | UNIAN

Qatari supplies will create unique opportunities for improving Ukraine’s energy security, the president noted. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday spoke of “extremely important talks on the diversification of gas supply sources” that had taken place earlier today, during his official visit to the State of Qatar. “We agreed that Qatar is ready to provide liquefied gas to us,” Poroshenko said, according to the president’s press service.

UAWire – Kyiv: Russia will have to sign a new contract with Ukraine if Nord Stream-2 fails

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is convinced that if the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is not laid at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, …

Ukraine confiscates all Gazprom’s assets, – Justice Minister –

All assets of Russia’s energy monopolist Gazprom, located in Ukraine, were moved to this country’s state budget, – Ukraine’s Justice Ministry

New airport may be built in Dnipro – news about economy

The construction could take up to 18 months.

Ukraine Rejects Tatar Businessman’s Asylum Request

A businessman from Russia’s Tatarstan region says Ukraine has rejected his petition for political asylum.

Mykolaiv pays last tribute to Donbas Conflict hero pilot –

Mykolaiv pays last tribute to Donbas Conflict hero pilot

Farewell ceremony for Ukraine’s deceased air force pilot –


Ukrainian Pilot, Blamed by Russia for MH17 Crash, ‘Kills Himself’ – The Daily Beast.webloc


Pilot Blamed by Putin for Deadly MH17 Flight Crash Commits Suicide

Vladyslav Voloshyn, 29, committed suicide at his home on Sunday.

Ukrainian pilot who fought in Donbas war reportedly shoots himself dead | UNIAN

Police are investigating the case as homicide.

“I’m not afraid of him”: excerpts from airport CEO’s private chat shed light on suicidal motives | UNIAN

The former war pilot sought to resign from a top post at Mykolayiv airport but said the Governor would not let him. Acting CEO of the Mykolayiv airport who shot himself on Sunday, Vladyslav Voloshyn, had apparently brooded suicidal thoughts weeks before the act. “I’m not afraid of him. It’s just that I don’t want to leave my kids without a father… Suicidal inclinations and thoughts have not left my mind throughout this week,” Voloshyn wrote in a private chat on February 21, the NikVesti local media outlet reports. In the same chat, he shares with his interlocutor copies of the instructions he received from the regional governor, Oleksiy Savchenko, as well as a copy of the report by the state auditors following their inspection of scandalous repair works earlier conducted at the airport. Voloshyn also reveals in the chat that he intended to resign while the governor prolonged his contract. “I’d already quit but there are 100 people behind me who will be left without work,” he wrote. As reported by local media, on March 18, acting CEO of the Mykolayiv Airport, former war pilot Vladyslav Voloshyn shot himself in the chest in his home. The shot did not immediately kill him, and the ambulance called in by Voloshyn’s wife rushed him to the hospital where the doctors failed to save the man’s life. It was also reported that the cause of Voloshyn’s suicide may lie in problems that arose amid the repairs at the airport.

Ukrainian hero pilot kills himself in Mykolaiv | KyivPost

Renowned Ukrainian pilot Vladyslav Voloshyn died after shooting himself in his apartment in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv on March 18. His family was at home at the time of the incident. Voloshyn’s wife who heard the shot called the ambulance. Voloshyn, 29, was still alive when the medics arrived, but died later in hospital. According to the police, Voloshyn shot himself with a Makarov semi-automatic pistol with no license number. The pistol was seized and sent for examination. He leaves a wife and two children. Voloshyn, a native of Luhansk Oblast, graduated from Kharkiv Aviation Institute and had been serving in the 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade, a formation of the Ukrainian Air Force based at Kulbakino, Mykolaiv Oblast. In summer 2014, Voloshyn took part in Ilovaisk battle when his low-flying Su-25 ground attack jet was hit near the village of Starobesheve on August 29, 2014. In late 2014, Voloshyn was the victim of false accusations spread by Kremlin propaganda media that he had shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17, 2014. Dutch investigators have found that the airliner, which had 298 people on board, all of whom were killed, was in fact shot down by a BUK anti-aircraft missile. Voloshyn flew more than 30 combat sorties until he resigned from the armed forces in 2017. In December, he was appointed the acting director of Mykolaiv airport. The investigation by a local journalist Andriy Lokhmatov published in late January shows that Voloshyn was pressured by the local administration into unlawfully signing documentation regarding procurement tenders at Mykolaiv Airport. Initially, he refused to agree but ended up signing the documents after being appointed an acting head of the airport. Lokhmatov also published the screenshots of Voloshyn’s correspondence with a friend, in which the former pilot said he wanted to resign because he understood he had broken the law and felt “suicidal.” Relatives claimed he had looked depressed prior to the incident.

Mental health issue”: PM Groysman on Savchenko’s alleged terrorist plot in parliament | UNIAN

“I believe in what I’ve heard about it,” the prime minister said. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman believes that plotting a terrorist attack in the Verkhovna Rada, of which the Prosecutor General’s Office suspects MP and former Kremlin prisoner Nadiia Savchenko, has to do with the latter’s mental health. Speaking on Radio NV, Groysman said, “I didn’t see the case file. I believe in what I’ve heard. I believe in it and I think that this is a mental health issue.” As UNIAN reported earlier, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the investigation had collected irrefutable evidence that Nadiia Savchenko personally gave instructions on carrying out a terrorist attack in Parliament. “The investigation has irrefutable evidence that Ukrainian MP Nadiia Savchenko personally planned, personally gave instructions on how to commit a terrorist act here, in this hall, to destroy the government and official sectors with grenades, and cause the Verkhovna Rada’s dome to fall by firing mortars and kill survivors with machine guns,” Lutsenko said at a parliament session meeting on March 15. As early as next week, the parliament is to consider a motion to be submitted by the prosecutor general the on depriving Savchenko of parliamentary immunity, greenlighting further procedural action within the probe.

It is issue of mental health, – Ukraine’s Prime Minister about Savchenko –

Volodymyr Groysman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine approved the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to provide the agreement for the bearing to responsibility, detention and arrest of MP Nadia Savchenko as he reported on Twitter. ‘The prosecution will provide the final conclusion in the issue of Nadia Savchenko. But I think that it is the issue of the mental health. I thank the SBU, Armed Forces of Ukraine that held the operation on the exposure of the intentions of the horrific terrorist attack’, Groysman claimed. The prime minister thinks that the parliament made an adequate decision.

Savchenko may face life imprisonment – news about politics

The suspect has already announced hunger strike. Ukrainian MP Nadiia Savchenko may face up to 15 years in jail or even life imprisonment if she is found guilty on a number of grave charges, including a terror plot and preparing a coup. Speaking at Kyiv’s Shevchenkivsky district court on Friday, the prosecutor of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, Oleksandr Bannyk, listed the charges pressed against Savchenko, adding that she may face life imprisonment if she is found guilty, Ukrayinska Pravda reports. At the same hearing, the suspect announced hunger strike, defying all charges, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

News on Ukraine – Savchenko planned assassination attempt on Interior Minister, National Security Council Secretary –

Savchenko planned assassination attempt on Interior Minister, National Security Council Secretary

news about Savchenko case in Ukraine – I just planned political provocation, – Savchenko –

Detained Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko refutes any charges against her, calling the whole case ‘politically motivated’. The detained Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko refutes any charges against her, calling the whole case ‘politically motivated’. She said this at the court session in Kyiv on Friday. ‘I did not want to freak out the Ukrainian society. I merely planned a political provocation,’ she said, commenting the prosecution’s charges with preparing terrorist acts and other crimes. Savchenko added that the only truth among all these charges is her deep disregard for the Ukrainian president and the government, as well as the extreme disappointment over the current social situation.

Savchenko: the text of the prosecutor’s plea – What Savchenko is accused of: the text of the prosecutor’s plea –

If what is written is true, Savchenko planned to kill the President and top country’s leaders twice

Ukraine arrests pilot hero Savchenko over ‘coup plot’ – BBC News

Ex-helicopter pilot Nadiya Savchenko does not deny conspiring against Ukraine’s government. One of Ukraine’s most famous MPs, Nadiya Savchenko, has been arrested on suspicion of planning an assault on parliament and supporting a coup. The ex-military helicopter pilot was detained in parliament after MPs viewed evidence against her and voted to remove her immunity from prosecution. She has not denied the charges. She had been feted as a national hero after spending nearly two years in a Russian jail. She was captured fighting rebels in eastern Ukraine. On Thursday MPs watched a video of her talking to two officers about plans to attack parliament.

Poroshenko commented lifting of immunity, detention of Savchenko –

Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine commented today’s decision of the lifting of the immunity and detention of MP Nadia Savchenko. He thanked the Security Service of Ukraine and Prosecutor General’s Office for the prevention of mass terrorist attacks. He reported this on Facebook. ‘I am thankful to the workers of the Security Service and Prosecutor General’s Office for the saved lives of people due to the prevention of the mass terrorist attacks and exposure of Russian special operation against Ukraine. Also, thanks to the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who did not fall for the provocation and informed the law enforcement bodies about the criminal intents of the aggressor and fifth columnists in time’, Poroshenko claimed. He also claimed that the aim of Russia’s special operation is to spread chaos and destroy Ukraine. ‘The aim of the Russian special operation is to spread chaos and destroy Ukrainian State. All this is another reminder that the large-scale hybrid war is held against Ukraine and we should resist it only by coming together’, Poroshenko noted.

Ukrainian investigators to probe all possible theories behind former pilot Voloshyn’s death

The case over the suspected suicide of Vladyslav Voloshyn, acting director of Mykolaiv International Airport and a former military pilot and veteran of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in Donbas, has been sent for full investigation to the National Police branch in Mykolaiv region. A criminal inquiry has been launched on the charge of “premeditated murder,” the inquiries will focus on all possible theories and causes which may have led to the tragedy, a spokesperson for the branch wrote on Facebook on Monday. To ensure a full and unbiased investigation, the case has been entrusted to police investigators in the Mykolaiv region, inquiries are under way, the post said. “The National Police’s main directorate in the Mykolaiv region expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Vladyslav Voloshyn, acting general director of Mykolaiv International Airport, and notes that the branch’s chief, third-rank Police General Yuriy Moroz has taken charge of the investigation,” the police said. Meanwhile, Oleksiy Savchenko, head of Mykolaiv Regional Administration, has expressed his indignation at the rumors sparked by Voloshyn’s death, and said he was waiting to hear an official position from the relevant authorities. “Many of those who did not even know Vlad and his work at the enterprise [Mykolaiv airport] have begun spreading all kinds of nonsense about some millions worth of tenders and so on. Some started circulating Vlad’s correspondence with, as far as I understand, former managers of Mykolaiv International Airport, who were the ones who messed up,” Savchenko wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. He warned everyone against getting involved in something they did not understand. “There are law enforcement authorities who will investigate what happened objectively and fairly. I am awaiting the official position of the competent authorities and for everyone involved in the incident, all nuances notwithstanding, to be held to account,” Savchenko said. It was reported that Voloshyn died on March 18. He was rushed to a hospital where he died from sustained injuries. “According to his relatives, the man had recently felt depressed and expressed alarming intentions,” the police said.

Savchenko case: Prosecutor General signs notice of suspicion –

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko signed the notice of suspicion of Nadiya Savchenko, the MP who was detained in the session hall of the Ukrainian Parliament

Savchenko was stripped of immunity and detained: Details –

Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko presented evidence in the Verkhovna Rada on March 22

Prosecutor General’s Office intends to arrest Savchenko without alternative of bail –

Prosecutor General’s Office intends to arrest Savchenko without alternative of bail

Savchenko detained – Savchenko detained right after lifting immunity –

Savchenko is now heading to the prosecutor’s office together with investigators and law enforcers

Savchenko Stripped Of Immunity In Ukraine, Detained Over ‘Terror Plot’

The Ukrainian parliament’s rules committee has unanimously approved the cancellation of immunity, detainment, and arrest of lawmaker and former Russian captive Nadia Savchenko, who is accused of pl…

From Hero To Terrorist? Ukraine’s Savchenko Refutes Terror Charges, But Admits To ‘Absurd Plans’

Ukrainian lawmaker Nadia Savchenko, a national heroine as a prisoner of war in Russia, told RFE/RL in an interview that charges of organizing an armed attack on parliament are “absurd.”

Who stands behind Savchenko: Journalists poll politicians on MP’s mysterious patrons | UNIAN

People’s deputies and political observers call the former war pilot a Russian FSB agent and protege of Vladimir Putin’s political operative in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk.

Rada strips MP Savchenko of parliamentary immunity, allows arrest | UNIAN

Investigators say they have “irrefutable evidence” confirming that the people’s deputy personally planned and gave instructions for committing a terrorist attack in the Rada session hall.

Ukraine: Savchenko about her plans to explode parliament – Savchenko about her plans to explode parliament: grenade can’t damage the building, it’s absurd –

“These were jokes,” – she said

Savchenko to Ruban discussing terror plot: “I propose a coup. They need to be removed physically – all at once” | UNIAN

“We need chaos. Chaos must be controlled,” Ruban told Savchenko.

Russia provided weapons for terrorist attacks against Ukraine’s top leadership – Prosecutor General | UNIAN

The statement came during a Thursday meeting of the Parliamentary Regulations Committee where the deputies consider the issue of allowing prosecutors to bring MP Nadiia Savchenko to criminal responsibility.

PGO: Savchenko appealed to Ukrainian military to “prepare terrorist acts” | UNIAN

Savchenko personally addressed such an offer to a number of officers from different units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

News on Ukraine – Savchenko, Ruban intended to shell Poroshenko’s cortege with rifle made in occupied Donbas –

Savchenko, Ruban intended to shell Poroshenko’s cortege with rifle made in occupied Donbas

News on Ukraine – Savchenko confirms trip to occupied Donbas in November 2017 –

Savchenko confirms trip to occupied Donbas in November 2017

“DPR” leader Zakharchenko reportedly asked Savchenko to “give him” NSDC Secretary Turchynov | UNIAN

Turchynov served as acting president of Ukraine from February 23 to June 7, 2014.

Leader of Batkivshchyna Party negotiated with Head of Donetsk militants, – Savchenko –

MP Nadia Savchenko claimed that Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of Batkivshchyna Party negotiated with Oleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the militants of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) as UNIAN reported. ‘For the second time, when I came to Zakharchenko and Plotnytsky to hold the negotiations with them to directly discuss the release of people I learned that Yulia Tymoshenko also negotiated with Zakharchenko once. It was on the verge of Maidan and the war. But she tried to avoid this and condemned me that I negotiated with him’, Savchenko claimed. ‘What were the issues? Of course, Ukraine. Tymoshenko wanted Donbas to support her. Accordingly, the hypocrisy of Batkivshchyna that it uses to hide behind amazed me to the core’, the MP said.

MP Savchenko says Presidential Administration ordered her ‘liquidation’ three times

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy Nadiia Savchenko has said she received information about an order from Ukraine’s Presidential Administration to liquidate her. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy Nadiia Savchenko has said she received information about an order from Ukraine’s Presidential Administration to liquidate her. “The first time I received the warning, that is, the order of the Presidential Administration, about my physical liquidation, it came from ex-deputy head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Taranov, who later died. The second time I received a warning it came from foreign intelligence. It was about an order from the Presidential Administration to liquidate me,” Savchenko said during a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday. Savchenko said her sister personally visited the Presidential Administration in order to block the order. Savchenko said she knows about three orders about her possible liquidation. “I came to understand they wouldn’t warn me the fourth time. I thought my best chance would be to get close to the persons tasked with killing me,” Savchenko said. As earlier reported, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko on March 15 submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a motion on granting the consent to bring to criminal responsibility, the detention and arrest of Ukraine’s MP (non-factional) Nadiia Savchenko. “Documents on Savchenko have been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada,” spokeswoman of Prosecutor General, Yuriy Lutsenko, Larysa Sarhan wrote on Twitter and posted a photocopy of Lutsenko’s motion to Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy. “I hereby, in accordance with legislation, send for approval recommendations for the authorization of the prosecution, detention, and arrest of Ukrainian parliamentarian Nadiia Viktorivna Savchenko,” Lutsenko wrote in his letter.

Former hostage negotiator charged with coup conspiracy in Ukraine | UNIAN

Ruban is suspected of having conspired to commit a “violent overthrow of constitutional order”. On March 15, Head of the Ukrainian “Officer Corps” prisoner exchange center Volodymyr Ruban, who had been detained in Donbas on March 8 on charges of plotting a terrorist act against the country’s top officials in Kyiv, was charged with a conspiracy to seize state power. That’s according to prosecutors who spoke as Ruban’s defense appealed in the Court of Appeal of Kyiv against the first instance court’s ruling to put their client into custody, an UNIAN correspondent reports. “Ruban has been served with additional charges. He is suspected of conspiracy to commit a violent overthrow of constitutional order and seize state power, and plotting acts aimed at the violent overthrow of constitutional order,” the prosecutors said.

Pandora’s Savchenko – news about politics | UNIAN

Ukraine’s authorities are making a huge mistake by making public the investigation data on Nadiia Savchenko’s alleged plot to set up a bloody carnage under the parliament dome (which, the law enforcers say Nadiia planned to blast to see it crush her colleagues). And it doesn’t really matter whether Yuriy Lutsenko’s prosecutors manage to justify his more than serious claims in court. The fact is that, while some driblets of investigation reports were leaking into the media along the line of terrorist attacks plotted in the heart of Kyiv against civilians, readers sided with law enforcers, admitting the veracity of claims. Will people side with them now? That’s a big question. I should recall that plenty of comfy seats in the Rada session hall are occupied by a number of untouchable allies of fugitive ex-president Yanukovych. These are the people whose political CVs includes voting for draconian “laws of January 16” [significantly oppressing rights of peaceful protesters], people put by Ukraine’s foreign partners on an international wanted list, people constantly resurfacing in corruption-related investigations released not only by Ukrainian, but also acclaimed American, British, and German media. Of course, there are plenty of worthy, generally good people in the current convocation of the Verkhovna Rada – perhaps there’s more of them than in any composition of the Ukrainian parliament over the last 10 years… However, their voices are getting dissolved in the cacophony produced by post-Soviet “career” MPs who have sprouted roots deep into the core of the government quarter and national politics, due to a number of primitive technologies like buying votes for food baskets or investing the money stolen from Ukrainians during their previous terms in office in buying up top spots on party lists. Several times a day, I see in my Facebook feed posts and comments by Ukrainians wishing our deputies all kinds of troubles and most painful kinds of death, reposts of jokes that the entire deputy corps (and three subsequent Rada convocations) should be shot to renew the parliament, appeals to “throw everyone out” and “wipe them off with a broom, rag, or else”. Unfortunately – but frankly, this is our MPs’ own fault – the idea of resorting to violence against people’s deputies is quite acceptable for a wide circle of ordinary people. Before voicing in Parliament the version of insidious plans of Nadiia Mowgli (Savchenko’s nickname in the Rada), Lutsenko could have actually personally witnessed how close the people are to the idea of “blowing them all up and finishing them off with automatic rifles” by simply riding a stop or two in a crowded rush hour city bus. However, this is still evident as I’m not seeing an avalanche of resentful posts against Savchenko from thousands of my Facebook friends in the context of accusations of a failed terrorist act in Parliament. It would be a disaster if widely covered live public hearings in the Savchenko case with a detailed analysis of her alleged plans to annihilate her colleagues in the session hall opened a Pandora’s box, inspiring to fulfill this horrendous scenario a bunch of most desperate radicals who have over the past four years grown weary of nepotism and embezzlement, of waiting for decisive reforms and state institutions being cleansed of outright criminals… These are the angry people, some of them having gone through the war zone. All of us living in Ukraine (or Ukrainian nationals living beyond their country’s borders) will fall victim of such developments. And, unfortunately, such a tragic scenario or an attempt to realize it seems to be very likely in the near future. Both the regular people and our prosecutor general realize what’s happening, while our people’s deputies seem to fail to do so, perhaps considering themselves not only untouchable, but also immortal, judging by their actions. Mykhailo Gannytskyi is an editor-in-chief at UNIAN