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Another Former Russian Intelligence Officer Poisoned in the UK (18)

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Russia propaganda barrage appears to have lost some momentum following the EU announcements, likely as they need to retool and refocus their arguments for different audiences.

PM May’s brief to the EU was successful, and she was able to gather some good support, possibly as much as can be gathered at this time in an internally fragmented EU.

DS Bailey released from hospital, while one of his colleagues is admitted for suspected exposure. Concerns that Col Skripal and Yulia may have suffered brain damage, both remain in a coma. Other related reports.

Russia ‘Regrets’ EU Move To Recall Envoy In Spy Row

A convoy of vehicles has left the British Embassy in Moscow ahead of a Russian deadline for 23 British diplomats to leave the country, Reuters television footage showed.

Russian Diplomat Slams Britain For ‘Russophobia,’ ‘Island Mentality’

Russian Foreign Ministry official Vladimir Yermakov mocked Britain’s response to the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, at a meeting with foreign diplomats in Moscow on March 21. (Reuters)

UAWire – Russia says UK authorities ‘staged’ poisoning of Skripal

The Russian Ministry of the Interior said that UK authorities themselves may have “staged” the attack on former intelligence agent Sergei …

Russia Demands Access To Sergei Skripal, The Man They’re Accused Of Trying To Kill

Judge allows blood samples to be taken for weapons watchdog.

Sergei Skripal attack: Russian Embassy is fuelling tensions with some very undiplomatic tweets

The row over suspected Russian involvement in the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal has sparked some very confrontational social media activity.

Fact Check: Is There ‘Literally No Evidence’ Russia Was Behind the Skripal Poisoning? | The Weekly Standard

On his website, John Laurits (a self-identified communist based in Oregon) claimed that there is “no evidence” that Russia was involved in the poisoning of former Russian spy and double agent, Sergei Skripal. The blog post was shared on Facebook pages including “Thinking Progressives” and “Real Progressives” before users flagged it as potentially containing inaccurate information. On March 4, Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter, Yulia, were found slumped over on a park bench in Salisbury after being poisoned by a nerve agent. At least 21 people have received medical treatment due to the attack.

Theresa May could be the Churchill of our time – POLITICO

Britain needs the prime minister to step up and lead it through these perilous times.

Theresa May welcomes EU support over Russia’s nerve-agent attack on former spy

Theresa May welcomes EU support over Russia’s nerve-agent attack on former spy – British Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the support offered by other European Union leaders on Friday when they agreed with London’s assessment that it was highly likely that Moscow was behind nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy.

EU leaders agree: ‘Highly likely’ Russia to blame for spy attack | TheHill

Leaders of the European Union (EU) on Thursday sided with the British government in saying that Russia was likely behind the nerve attack that left a former Russian spy and his daughter hospitalized.

The Latest: EU recalls envoy for consultations on spy attack

MOSCOW (AP) — The latest on the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in Britain (all times local):

EU recalls Russian ambassador over spy row | News | The Times

Russia’s spy networks across Europe were under threat last night as at least five EU countries prepared to follow Britain and expel diplomats in response to the Salisbury poisoning.The move came as Theresa May attempted to unify all 28 countries behind a statement blaming Moscow for the attempted mu

E.U. Joins U.K. in Denouncing Russia Over Poisoning of Spy – The New York Times

Prime Minister Theresa May won “unqualified solidarity” from Brussels, which said Moscow was the only plausible culprit for a nerve agent attack.

EU Backs May and Points Finger at Russia for Chemical Attack – Bloomberg

European Union leaders sided with the U.K. and said it’s “highly likely” that Russia was behind the nerve agent poisoning in Britain of a former double agent.

EU leaders point finger at Russia in nerve agent attack – POLITICO

In addition to formal statement, leaders agree to recall EU ambassador from Moscow for consultations.

EU Joins U.K. In Saying Russia ‘Very Likely’ Responsible For Nerve Agent Attack : The Two-Way : NPR

At a summit in Brussels, EU leaders said “there is no plausible alternative explanation” for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter earlier this month in southern England.

EU recalls its ambassador to Russia over nerve agent attack – CNN

The European Union’s ambassador to Moscow will be recalled for consultations over the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in Britain, Ireland’s leader said.

Blaming Russia for nerve agent attack, EU to recall ambassador to Moscow | News | DW | 23.03.2018

The EU will recall its ambassador to Russia for consultations in response to a nerve agent attack on an ex-double agent in England. Several EU member states are also considering expelling Russian diplomats.

EU nations mull expelling Russian diplomats after spy attack

The leaders of several EU countries said Friday they are mulling whether to expel Russian diplomats or take other steps to support Britain following a nerve agent attack on a former spy.

EU backs Britain in blaming Russia for spy attack, recalls envoy

European Union leaders backed Britain on Thursday in blaming Moscow over a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in England and recalled their envoy to Moscow in a symbolic protest.

EU withdraws it ambassador from Russia in solidarity with Britain | Daily Mail Online

After Theresa May addressed EU leaders on the growing threat from Russia, they issued a joint statement of solidarity and Brussels recalled its ambassador for consultations.

EU countries prepare to follow May and expel Russian diplomats | World news | The Guardian

Five member states plan move as bloc’s leaders agree that Moscow likely source of Salisbury attack

EU leaders back Theresa May, blame Russia for Sergei Skripal poisoning – Business Insider

The declaration opens the door for further retaliation against Russia over the chemical weapons attack on British soil.

EU blames Moscow for UK spy attack, recalls envoy | The Times of Israel

Most of 28 European leaders stand with Theresa May over Skripal poisoning but Greece and Italy say they’re still keen to preserve Kremlin ties

May appeals for EU to get behind Britain over nerve agent outrage | Daily Mail Online

The Prime Minister said Vladimir Putin ‘s ‘brazen and reckless’ flouting of international law represents a threat democracies across the continent.

EU Summit: Theresa May, Macron and Merkel to hold three-way crisis meeting on Salisbury attack | The Independent

Theresa May is to hold a three-way crisis meeting on the Salisbury nerve agent attack with the French and German premiers in the margins of a European summit on Thursday. The Prime Minister is attending the European Council meeting in Brussels where she will brief the other 27 EU leaders on Brexit and the Salisbury nerve agent incident, as well as consider a response to rising US trade protectionism.

Theresa May Prods EU for Tough Russia Response – WSJ

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is pushing European Union leaders to sharpen their response to the poisoning of a Russian former double agent, in a test of how much influence London will have over the EU’s foreign policy once it leaves the bloc.

Theresa May appeals for support against Russia at EU summit | The Times

Theresa May will today appeal to European leaders to back Britain by signing up to an unequivocal statement accepting that Russia was to blame for the Salisbury attack on the spy Sergei Skripal.A draft text prepared for today’s European Council meeting states that European leaders took evidence of R

Theresa May: Russia poses a threat to all of Europe –

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would tell other European Union leaders on Thursday that Russia posed a threat to the whole bloc, not only to Britain, following an attack using a military-grade nerve agent in England. “Russia staged a brazen and reckless attack against the United Kingdom,” May told reporters on arriving at an EU summit. “It’s clear that the Russian threat does not respect borders and indeed the incident in (the town of) Salisbury was a pattern of Russian aggression against Europe and its near neighbours.”

Theresa May tells the EU to stand up with Britain against the Russian ‘enemy’ – SFGate

Theresa May will today urge EU countries to do more to stand up to Russia. She will address the EU Council in Brussels as she seeks multilateral retaliation for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. A senior UK government source says the EU must now see Russia as a “strategic enemy.” The UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson compares Putin to Hitler.

May to Ask Leaders for Tough Action on Russia: EU Summit Update – Bloomberg

It’s a big day in Brussels with lots on the table for European Union leaders gathered for a two-day summit. Has the 28-nation bloc succeeded in getting exemptions from the U.S. on planned tariffs? Looks like it.

Britain seeks European help against Russian spy networks

Britain is asking other European states to crack down together on Russian spy networks that could be preparing similar attacks to the nerve agent assault on a former Russian spy in England, diplomats said.

New Cold War continues: U.K. seeks EU unity against Russia, Moscow fires back – Europe –

Speaking to EU leaders, Theresa May calls to condemn the Kremlin’s ‘pattern of aggression against Europe and its near neighbors’ ■ Russian ambassador in Britain criticizes London’s ‘bad record of violating international law’

Jean-Claude Juncker interrupts Theresa May during TV interview as she arrives in Brussels to rally EU leaders over Russia and Brexit

The EU boss couldn’t resist stopping to say hello, even though the Prime Minister was obviously busy

Lithuania considering expulsion of Russian diplomats as EU leaders rally behind Theresa May

Theresa May&rsquo;s call for Europe-wide expulsions of Russian diplomats was gaining traction today as one of her fellow EU leaders said she was also considering expulsions.

Why hasn’t Britain been able to stop Russia |

There is a reason Putin thinks that he can get away with spreading deadly nerve agent in a peaceful British city

Germany’s mixed messages over Russia following spy attack

Germany has sent out mixed messages over its relationship with Russia in recent weeks, showing how carefully the country feels it needs to tread so it doesn’t alienate a neighbor and key trading partner.

Theresa May Should Go After Putin’s Debt – Foreign Policy

The Russian government’s greatest weakness is its dependence on Western investors.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal could have suffered brain damage after nerve agent exposure, says judge | The Independent

Sergei and Yulia Skripal may have suffered life-long brain damage as a result of the nerve agent attack in Salisbury, a court has heard. Mr Justice Williams told the Court of Protection that the father and daughter remain in intensive care under heavy sedation.  “The precise effect of their exposure on their long-term health remains unclear but medical tests indicate that their mental capacity might be compromised to an unknown and so far unascertained degree,” the judge said.

Russian nerve agent attack may leave Skripals with ‘limited mental capacity’ / Boing Boing

The military-grade nerve toxin attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia may have left the victims with ‘compromised mental capacity,’ a British judge said on Thursday. It is unclear whether the former Russian double agent and his adult child will recover from being poisoned with what the UK says was a Russian chemical weapon…

Judge gives permission for blood samples to be taken from the Skripals | UK news | The Guardian

Chemical weapons expert can carry out tests on blood from pair who both remain in a coma

U.K. Officer Hospitalized In Russian Poisoning Case Released As A Second Is Admitted : The Two-Way : NPR

The policeman who responded to the scene of the nerve agent attack on a former spy was released Thursday, as another officer exposed to the deadly chemical was being treated for minor symptoms.

Poisoned policeman Nick Bailey leaves hospital | News | The Times

The policeman exposed to the deadly novichok nerve agent after the Salisbury attack said “normal life for me will probably never be the same” as he was released from hospital yesterday. Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, 38, was among the first to the scene when Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found coll

Police swab items at Skripal home for clues to nerve agent attack | UK news | The Guardian

Officers continue to examine Salisbury property almost three weeks after poisoning

Second Salisbury police officer ‘treated for suspected poisoning’ as force admits decontamination yet to begin

A second police officer investigating the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter is receiving treatment for suspected poisoning, it has been reported.

Sergei Skripal poisoning: Bill Browder is one of Putin’s top enemies

American-born businessman Bill Browder is a major thorn in the side of Russia’s leader.

Britons undeterred from travelling to Russia in spite of nerve agent attack row | The Independent

Despite increasing tension between the UK and Russia, travel patterns to Moscow and St Petersburg have barely been affected, The Independent can reveal.

Novichok: the deadly story behind the nerve agent in Sergei Skripal spy attack

A long read on how nerve agents were developed – and used in an attack on a former Russian spy on the streets of Salisbury.

Jeremy Corbyn refuses AGAIN to condemn Russia over Sergei Skripal poisoning instead calling for ‘dialogue’ with Vladimir Putin

And the Labour leader attacked the views expressed by ministers about the Kremlin – saying they were not ‘particularly helpful or sensible’

Britain Opens Inquest Into Russian Businessman’s ‘Murder’

A British court has opened an inquest to establish the cause of death of Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, who was found at his home in London earlier this month.