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The importance of Measures of Effectiveness in disinformation campaigns

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The importance of measures of effectiveness in disinformation campaigns.

Czech police concluded that rumors invented and spread by Oldřich Lukáš via email and on his blog do not fulfill the criteria for defamation/libel and/or startling news.

The claims against presidential candidate Jiri Drahos included the following: 

  • Jiri Drahos is a fierce supporter of Islamization of the Czech Republic 
  • Jiri Drahos intends to start a nuclear war with Russia
  • Jiri Drahos’s sexual interests include little boys and the country would make “homo-pedophilia” legal under his rule
  • Jiri Drahos serves the Illuminati that intends to destroy the white race, and especially the Slavs 
  • Ukrainian activist who exposed her breasts in front of ailing Zeman was presented as a “satanist” who “assaulted” Zeman
    and many other wild theories and claims.

The police rejected the complaint against the originator of these theories as unjustified, citing that Czech citizens verify information and make responsible decisions based on facts (I personally find this statement unreasonably optimistic).

It is impossible to find out how many people were exposed to these hoaxes, and how many were influenced by them one way or the other (That is, sadly, true).

This takes us back to the discussions on MoE, in quantifying the impact of disinformation campaigns as well as any countermeasures.

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(Translated from Czech by my Chrome browser)

People choose according to verified information, the police refused a criminal complaint to an email disinformer

The police postponed the complaint to a man who, before the presidential election, circulated emails claiming that Drahos would bring the Czech Republic to Islamization and the nuclear war with Russia.

Pilsen – Distribution of lying unsubstantiated pre-election emails can not be taken as defamation or spreading of the alarm message. At least the Pilsen Regional Police is convinced.

She postponed the complaint of Vít Luštinec to Oldřich Lukáš. A man who had sent emails very critical to finalist  Jiří Drahoš just before the presidential election .

In his text, Luke claimed that Drahosh supports the massive Islamization of the country, the introduction of hard censorship, and the punishment of people for the spread of truth. None of this was supported by evidence. In the interview for CT, he referred to “some video” he saw, and replied to the question about the sources : “I had a boredom before, I suspected, yesterday broke into the computer and disappeared a large part of me.”

Aktuálně.cz has received Lukáš’s email before the presidential election. The activist argues that “the supernatural powers of the darkness have already been shrouded in the struggle for the destruction of the white race and the Czech lands”, he repeats the claims of the Aeronet site, that Drahoš has homopedophilic inclinations and serves the Illuminati families, seeking “exterminating a large part of the world population with the Slavs in the leading position”.

About Milos Zeman , who showed a naked Ukrainian activist’s chest, again wrote that he was physically attacked by a Satanist. The defending president, according to Luke, “is the only meaningful alternative” to prevent the Czech Republic from becoming a “caliphate full of pedophile misconceptions and malicious murderers.”

Zeman, claiming himself as a federalist and a supporter of a single European army, is, according to Luke, also the only hope of not becoming “another country of the German Makrelian” and not ending a nuclear war with Russia.

There was a warning about “parasitic nonprofits, Islamic brains of nursery children”, homosexuals, landsmanship, enslavement of the world, Armageddon, and “dark sun worshipers – sunscreens.”

The police of the forty-year-old Lukas listened. Emails are distributed only to their friends, with whom they share the same views. “He did not want to harm anyone, just exchange their information with their friends on the Internet,” the Pilsen police said in a statement to Lucian.

According to the police, Drahos did not damage enough emails

As a possible defamation, Lukáš’s e-mails could be considered if the communication of untrue data could damage Jiří Drahoch “to a large extent”. According to the police, it is a question of how many people have read and emailed many of them.

Jiří Drahoš lost the presidential election closely, holding 49 to 51 percent. However, the reach of emails is hard to measure, unlike social networks. However, the Pilsen police do not expect anyone to believe – despite the fact that police officers in the past have refuted their own inventions about dangerous refugees in the Czech Republic.

“It must be stressed that every voter is based on verified information and the authenticity of the unauthorized information is confirmed by his findings, especially when it is such an important choice as the election of the President of the Czech Republic,” says the police. The suspicion of the possible spread of the alarm message is not expressed in Luštín’s statement at all.

The policeman does not agree with police justification. The fact of the crime of defamation, according to him, at least formally was filled with the statement that Drahoš was an agent of the StB. Paradoxically, a number of people in the Czech Republic have been successful in the past because of recording in StB’s archives. Drahoš additionally has a lustration certificate that StB as a co-worker or agent did not register.

“The police also argue that the information was sent only to their friends and did not want to harm anyone, which is very unconvincing because it was also published in an  article  on the BOS website, not just private correspondence,” he said. Aktuálně.cz Luštěnce.

Western civilizations, including the Czech Republic, have been addressing for several years the phenomenon of spreading false information, sometimes referred to as fake news and often sent intentionally to undermine confidence in state institutions or the media. The influence of untruthfulness and the speed of their dissemination is addressed by a number of researches.

Chain emails have become one of the phenomena of the presidential election. A simple key is enough to spread the message: while the sender merely transmits the recipient list and does not feel as responsible for the content as the author, the recipient tends to trust her because the sender is usually one of his acquaintances. And maybe he’ll send her away.


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