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Obama, Russia, and Rice

I do not want this blog to get political.


  • Why did Rice tell US intel to stand down when the Russians began interfering with the US election?
  • Why did Obama do nothing about Russian interference?
  • Why did Obama do nothing about Russia invading Ukraine?
  • Why did Obama not equip Ukraine with weapons?

NPR tried to answer this question: FACT CHECK: Why Didn’t Obama Stop Russia’s Election Interference In 2016?  NPR, however, has a leftist bias.  The answers are very plain vanilla and do not really answer the questions.

The US’ foreign policy during the Obama administration appeared to be

  • Do nothing
  • Confront nobody
  • Do nothing


Now we are seeing,

These reports are compatible with the US response to Russia invading Crimea and Donbas in 2014. We did and said nothing.

A quote from an anonymous source:

Some people are saying because she is a leftie and quasi-communist. It may be simpler than that – she was politically beholden to Russia for helping her with the Iran deal which was never really help, and (she) believed their claptrap, since she regurgitated their propaganda as fact more than once. Ergo since she is clueless the Russians got inside her head and played her like the proverbial violin. It would be interesting to read the Russian internal reports on dealing with her

I have to wonder, why is the media asking these questions now?