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I need your help to watch the preparation for the 2018 Russian presidential election

Friends, the 2018 Russian presidential election dates are from Mar 18, 2018 – Apr 8, 2018.  They start one week from today.

I’m seeing preparations to silence any and all criticisms of Vladimir Putin, especially on Facebook.  Facebook has been notified through back channels.

I need your help, however, to feed me information if you see ANY other signs of Russian trolls, hackers, new propaganda articles, videos, etc, which unduly build up Putin.

I’ve just been fed information for at least two different blogs but I have a strong feeling it is much larger than I’m seeing and hearing.

We know the Russian Troll Farm in St. Petersburg dedicated 80 people to the US 2016 election. We also know that more, but I don’t have specifics, are dedicated to domestic, meaning inside Russia, issues and elections. This means we should be seeing a lot of activity.

I know Russian trolls love to write on LiveJournal, VKontakte, and and then post those links everywhere.

I know they are attacking truthtellers who expose Russian propaganda, but I haven’t heard from them all…

I need your input. I need your help.


2 thoughts on “I need your help to watch the preparation for the 2018 Russian presidential election

  1. An example of troll work on Google+
    These two have been working in tandem since 2014
    Wayne is supposedly American
    The other from Belgium who worked in USSR till the break up , for 10 years
    Totally repeat the Societ/Russian line including her story
    Anti Ukraine, USA, West in that order
    Both use Vkontakte

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