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Another Former Russian Intelligence Officer Poisoned in the UK (6)

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No major developments overnight. Some very interesting editorials, commentaries and backfill reports.

Karpichkov report is most interesting, and not previously reported – one wonders how many other cases have not been reported.

Britain to raise Russian spy poisoning case with Nato | Business Standard News

Britain will raise the issue of suspected nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal with its Nato allies, a Defence Minister in the UK government has said.With military chemical weapons experts

Britain Studies Retaliation Against Russia If Link To Poisoning Found

British media are reporting that the United Kingdom could boycott this summer’s World Cup soccer championships in Russia if it is determined Moscow is behind the suspected nerve-gas attack on a f…

Russians in the dark over Salisbury poison incident as Putin’s state-controlled media blank it out – Daily Record

Leading Russian analyst Andrei Ostalski says the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter went largely unreported until details began to emerge on the internet.

Rogue state Russia must be punished | The Ukrainian Weekly

“Russia is a Rogue State. Time to Say So,” by John P. Carlin, Politico, February 27 ( …Vladimir Putin’s Russia is engaged in a low-intensity conflict not just against the United States, but against the civilized world, where commerce and prosperity are inextricably intertwined with digitally connected machines. …Putin’s Russia is increasingly responsible both for […]

If the case against Russia is proved, charge Putin with the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal| Simon Tisdall | UK news | The Guardian

The Salisbury poisoning is a brazen attack on a sovereign country and cannot go unpunished

BILL BROWDER: We HAVE to hit Putin where it hurts – in his wallet | Daily Mail Online

When I got the call about Sergei Skripal’s poisoning, it confirmed my worst fears: the Russian government now feels so comfortable that it can kill at will on British soil.

Tories break Theresa May’s vow to ban Russian donors | News | The Sunday Times

Russian oligarchs and their associates have registered donations of more than £820,000 to the Conservative Party since Theresa May became prime minister, The Sunday Times can reveal.May promised to distance her party from Russian donors when she took office, with allies briefing that she would “sup

Russian spy claims he is on hit-list of EIGHT targets he says Vladimir Putin wants dead – Mirror Online

Boris Karpichkov says he survived an assassination attempt – but lost nearly five stone and all of his body hair

Poisoned Russian double-agent often alone, playing old computer games

According to friends, Sergei Skripal, who’s still in hospital after what many believe was a Kremlin-backed attack, was ‘useless with technology’ but liked playing outdated games from Russia

Sergei Skripal: the spy who came into the cul‑de‑sac | News Review | The Sunday Times

Whenever he walked into town from his modest home in a quiet urban cul-de-sac, Sergei Skripal would have passed the Salisbury Model Centre, a shop for enthusiasts of plastic military model kits. Prominently displayed in the window last week were several models the 66-year-old Russian former spy may

“She’s a normal girl who wouldn’t hurt anyone’: Photos reveal ‘happy and carefree’ poisoned daughter of Russian spy on beach holiday – Mirror Online

The cheerful images, posted on Russian social media, are a world away from the hell Yulia Skripal and her dad are experiencing as they fight for life a week after a nerve agent attack

Nerve agent ‘found in Zizzi’ as claims emerge flowers spy took to wife’s grave were laced with poison

TRACES of the nerve agent thought to have posioned Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury last Sunday has been found in the Italian restaurant where thy ate that day, it has been reported.

Sergei Skripal poisoning: U.K. urges public to wash clothes after nerve agent attack on Russian ex-spy – CBS News

Traces were found at a restaurant where Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia reportedly ate before falling critically ill

Salisbury latest: Up to 500 people told to wash possessions after Sergei Skripal ‘poisoning’ | London Evening Standard

Up to 500 people have been told to wash their possessions as a precaution after the suspected poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal. Health bosses urged anyone who attended the same pub and restaurant to wash their belongings. Anyone who was in The Mill pub between 1.30pm last Sunday and 11.10pm on Monday, or the nearby Zizzi restaurant between 1.30pm on Sunday and 9pm on Monday, was urged to clean their clothes, bags, phones and glasses.

Hundreds urged to wash clothes after UK nerve agent attack

Hundreds of people who visited the Zizzi restaurant or the Mill pub in the English city of Salisbury were told on Sunday to wash their clothes after traces of nerve agent used to attack a former Russian spy last week were found at both sites.

Traces of Contamination Found After Russia Spy Attack | Time

The traces were found in a restaurant and a pub in Salisbury after a Russian ex-spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent.

After Spy Poisoning, Britain Tells the Public to Wash Clothes and Use ‘Baby Wipes’ – The New York Times

A week after a former Russian spy and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent, the authorities said the risk to the public remained “low.”

The tentacles of Putin | HeraldScotland

ACCORDING to the authors of a policy briefing document for the European Council on Foreign Relations published this month, half of Russian…

Russian State TV Host Warns ‘Traitors’ After Skripal Poisoning – To Inform is to Influence

Russia has changed its tactic from a denial of responsibility to using the Skripal poisonings as a warning to future traitors.  Russia has not accepted or claimed responsibility, but this is a de facto admission.  </end editorial> March 08, 2018 20:55 GMT Mike Eckel News of the poisoning of a former Russian military intelligence officer in Britain…

Marina Litvinenko: Lesson not learned after my husband’s death | Daily Echo

The widow was speaking on the BBC’s Marr programme.

The Widow Of A Murdered Former Russian Spy Says The UK Didn’t Learn The Lessons Of Her Husband’s Death

Marina Litvinenko, whose husband Alexander was probably killed on the orders of Vladimir Putin according to an inquiry, also says the Conservatives should return donations it has received from wealthy Russian donors since 2016.

Hold on, why is Litvinenko’s ‘killer’ urging me to eat the house special? | News | The Sunday Times

In front of me was a steaming plate of “Rostov-style” sausages and potatoes. On the other side of the table sat Andrei Lugovoi, accused by Scotland Yard of murdering a Russian defector with poison in London more than a decade ago.Lugovoi had invited me to the traditional restaurant he owns in cent

Spy poisoning is latest in string of suspicious cases in UK, US | The Times of Israel

Lawmakers and a former top law enforcement official say nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal fits a pattern, and are calling for a high-level investigation

Putin’s Russia: From basket case to resurgent superpower – San Francisco Chronicle


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