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Another Former Russian Intelligence Officer Poisoned in the UK (2)

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Everybody knows Russia attempted to assassinate Skripals and his daughter. 

Russia is doing their usual: deny, deny, deny, point the finger at someone else. 

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UK media reporting the Skripals were believed to have been attacked with a nerve agent such as VX or sarin, which is consistent with victim symptoms reported to media by eyewitnesses yesterday. If the Skripals survive, they may suffer permanent neurological and organ damage, as experienced by other survivors of nerve agent attacks.

The attack is being investigated by the police counter-terrorism unit. A cabinet meeting was held over the attack.

Russian reactions are denials and blaming it on a Western plot to disrupt the Russian election.

Much speculation on possible Russian motives, including payback, speculation that the victims provoked the regime, but as yet no speculation that SecState Johnson’s comments on Syria last week produced this attack.

A lot of angry commentary by expert observers in the UK – conducting a hit on a retired and inactive swapped “off the board” former agent is a breach of past practice in the intelligence game, and using a WMD that caused illness in first responders and put the general public at risk makes this an even more brazen attack. One UK observer described this as an “act of war” –  that is hard to dispute. Deploying a WMD on foreign territory would be considered by most nations to be an act of war.

Whether the UK police can conclusively prove who conducted the attack remains to be seen. Given recent Russian practice, if the Russians did it, a false flag play with bogus evidence implicating others is to be expected.

If the Russians are indeed the perpetrators, and nobody else with a CW capability has any motive (unless subcontracted by a Russian entity), then this represents a remarkable escalation – effectively terrorism on UK soil using a WMD.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and repeat incidents of urban terrorism traced to Russian operatives, the Ukrainians tried very hard to convince the West to list Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, but ran into resistance. It will be interesting to see whether this resistance persists.

‘Poisoning’ of Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury was a plot by Western secret services to humiliate Vladimir Putin, Russia claims

THE poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal was an operation by Western secret services to harm Putin’s election campaign, claims a former KGB agent.

Britain using spy illness to demonise Moscow, says Litvinenko murder suspect | World news | The Guardian

Andrei Lugovei, Russian MP, attacks intelligence agencies over Sergei Skripal’s suspected poisoning

Litvinenko suspect: ‘Not a Russian revenge attack’ – BBC News

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal is one of a number of high profile Russians to have been targeted on foreign soil.

‘Traitors will kick the bucket’ — watch Vladimir Putin’s chilling warning to spies who betray Russia | Business Insider

Sergei Skripal believed to have been poisoned with nerve agent

Amber Rudd chairs emergency committee to coordinate response to suspected poisoning

UK officials reveal substance used on ex-spy, daughter | New York Post

Officials believe a nerve agent was used to poison an ex-Russian spy and his daughter in the UK over the weekend, according to a new report. Sergei and Yulia…

Russia Is a ‘Malign and Disruptive Force in the World,’ British Official Declares After Another Russian Spy Falls Ill in the U.K.

Moscow has been accused of poisoning and assassinating numerous former spies, oligarchs and members of the political opposition who have resettled in the U.K. Russia is a “malign and disruptive” force in the world ,and the United Kingdom is going to take the lead in countering its activities, U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday in response to the case of a former Russian spy who fell mysteriously ill in southern England.

Russia is dangerously close to becoming Britain’s outright enemy after the collapse of an ex-Kremlin spy | Business Insider

Relations between the UK and Russia are at a serious low, and the collapse of a former Russian spy in south England has only made things worse. Three experts told Business Insider that Russia is dangerously close to becoming Britain’s outright enemy. Just like during the Cold War, confrontation is becoming the normal state of affairs between the UK and Russia.

Russian spy poisoning is Putin’s ‘declaration of WAR’: Sergei Skripal death now ‘new game’ | UK | News |

RUSSIA has “broken all the rules” and taken assassinations to “a whole new level” following the apparent hit on Sergei Skripal, an expert claimed on BBC Newsnight yesterday as he called the attack on the spy “an act of war”.

Britain must blame itself for Putin’s gangsters roaming our streets  | Daily Mail Online

Crisis Research Institute Director Mark Almond says that Britain has only got itself to blame for President Vladimir Putin’s gangsters roaming its streets – and can no longer afford to cast a blind eye.

MI5 believes Russians tried to kill former spy Sergei Skripal | The Times

The suspected poisoning of a former Kremlin double agent and his daughter is being treated as an assassination attempt linked to Russia, Whitehall sources said last night.Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, remained critically ill in hospital yesterday after being exposed to an unknown s

Counter-terrorism police take over Sergei Skripal ‘poison’ case | UK news | The Guardian

Inquiry stepped up as Boris Johnson warns Russia of ‘robust’ response in spy mystery

Russian spy mystery: counter-terror police take charge of investigation – live updates | UK news | The Guardian

Follow the latest on the possible poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury

Britain’s top ministers meet on mysterious illness of Russian double agent

British investigators will update an emergency response committee of senior ministers on Wednesday about a mystery substance that struck down a former Russian double agent and his daughter.

UK Deepens Investigation Into Possible Poisoning Of Former Russian Spy In England

A counterterrorism unit has taken over the case. Sergei Skripal remains in critical condition.

Early deaths of Russian spy’s wife and son to be investigated | News | The Times

The deaths of Sergei Skripal’s wife and son will be considered as part of Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism investigation, The Times understands. Mr Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, had suffered a series of bereavements before the incident on Sunday in which they were left critically ill

Poison Probe | Comment | The Times

It took three weeks for Alexander Litvinenko to die after his tea was poisoned with polonium by Russian agents in a London hotel in 2006. If Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, have been targeted by the Kremlin in the same way they may face a long and painful ordeal before it is known if they wi

Spectre of Russian interference in UK returns with Skripal spy case

It will be hard for Britain to brush the ex-agent’s possible poisoning under the carpet

Russian spy: ‘More known’ about substance involved – BBC News

Police appeal for help from the public, as Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain critically ill.

Investigators suspect Sergei Skripal was poisoned with thallium – Business Insider

Thallium is a colourless, odourless, hard-to-trace heavy metal poison.

Russian FSB earlier used substance that poisoned ex-Russian spy Skripal | UNIAN

A related synthetic opioid, carfentanyl, is 100 times as potent as fentanyl and as much as 10,000 times as potent as morphine.

Name Your Poison — Exotic Toxins Fell Kremlin Foes

The apparent poisoning in Britain of a Russian man who spied for the United Kingdom has refocused attention on toxic attacks carried out against Kremlin foes.

Poisoned ex-spy likely latest victim in long line of Kremlin-ordered hits | Fox News

A Russian colonel turned MI6 double agent found dying on a park bench Sunday is likely the latest in a long line of Kremlin-ordered hits – including assassinations of spies and dissidents carried out with poison-tipped umbrellas, isotope-laced tea and bullets to the back of the head.

The long, terrifying history of Russian dissidents being poisoned abroad – Chicago Tribune

If Sergei Skripal, who collapsed in the British city of Salisbury, was poisoned by Russians, it wouldn’t be the first time such an incident has occurred.

Suspected Skripal poisoning: who might have ordered it and why? | World news | The Guardian

Theory explored that the Russian state targeted ‘traitorous’ spy to demonstrate risks of links with foreign intelligence agencies

Sergei Skripal: does revenge for treason lie behind harm to ex-spy? | World news | The Guardian

Observers note ominous pattern of ‘bad luck’ befalling family of pardoned Russian colonel

Russian spy poisoning – cops rush women to hospital from office next door to Zizzi where ‘Sergei Skripa was poisoned’

Footage shows the pair being taken away by emergency services in Salisbury, Wilts, this afternoon. It comes as Sergei Skripal, 66, and daughter Yulia, 33, are fighting for life following a suspected poisoning plot.

Salisbury witness: ‘They looked so out of it’ – BBC News

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal is one of a number of high profile Russians to have been targeted on foreign soil.

Russian spy incident: What we know – BBC News

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal is one of a number of high profile Russians to have been targeted on foreign soil.

Russian spy Sergei Skripal’s visit to Zizzi in Salisbury could be where Cold War-style poison trail began

Former double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia Skripal, 33, are both critically ill after the incident. Investigators are scrambling to identify the chemical used in the attack which has echoes of the 2006 killing of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned with radioactive polonium in London.

Detectives fear Russian spy was sprayed with poison in street | Daily Mail Online

Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yilia were taken critically ill on a bench in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on Sunday. Police last night widened their cordon with forensic teams examining a restaurant.

Russian spy’s daughter ‘may have been poisoned over ONE WORD Vladimir Putin insult on Facebook’ – Mirror Online

Yulia Skripal, 33, is fighting for life after she was discovered slumped on a bench near a shopping centre alongside her father Sergei on Sunday

Russian spy mystery deepens as daughter confirmed as second victim – To Inform is to Influence

In case you haven’t been following the news, this has been all over the news in both the UK and the US.  Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were supposedly attacked by Russian agents, in the genre of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. Skripal was famously released in a spy exchange between the US…

Britain warns Russia over double agent’s mysterious illness

Britain warned Russia on Tuesday of a robust response if the Kremlin was behind a mysterious illness that has struck down a former double agent convicted of betraying dozens of spies to British intelligence.

Son of Russian defector who died in UK from stroke ‘like doctors had never seen’ believes dad was poisoned – Mirror Online

Nikita Pasechnik has urged investigators to take another look at his father Vladimir’s death following the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Sergei Skripal and the 14 deaths under scrutiny – BBC News

A suspected poisoning in Salisbury led to renewed attention on a string of deaths in the UK.

Newspaper headlines: ‘Red spy in UK poison terror’ – BBC News

The apparent poisoning in Salisbury of a former Russian double agent features on every front page.