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Massive Vladimir Putin hologram appears in Russia

If someone in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, or Europe doesn’t turn this against Russia and Putin…  it’s almost too easy. 

A small man who is overcompensating?  Has he done Judo in the past five years?  Who is he fooling? Does he need a hologram to intimidate? Big man, bigger ego? Me Vlad, you slave. Just a few…

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Kate Buck Friday 2 Mar 2018 8:12 pm


People were taking selfies with the massive Putin (Picture: east2west news) Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:

A massive 40ft hologram of Vladimir Putin has appeared in Russia as the president gets re-election campaign underway in Siberia. The spooky 3D image of the judo-fanatic strongman is visible outside an Olympic training ground in Tyumen.

To view it, people must first download an app called ‘Photos with Putin’ and bring along their smartphone to the large marker on the ground. It comes amid a spate of gimmicks promoting all-powerful Putin ahead of Russia’s presidential election in March, which he is expected to win by a landslide. But the hologram, brainchild of a local businessman and an app designer, has brought a flood of sarcastic comments from Russians.


‘He’s a monstrous ghost haunting us,’ said one. Another likened the hologram to an ice-cold Game of Thrones character. ‘The peasants are so bored they’re making a golden statue of Tywin Lannister.’ Other comments feared Putin – who stands 5ft 6 ½ – would be angry that his hologram was ‘so small’. A further comment joked about the creators Alexander Androsov and Yaroslav Popov: ‘Your loyalty has been noticed.’


Many have compared the bizarre hologram to Game of Thrones character Tywin Lannister, played by Charles Dance (Picture: HBO)


People have to download an app to see the hologram (Picture: east2west news) Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:
The large marker on the ground indicates where the hologram will appear (Picture: east2west news) Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:

But a critic warned the pair: ‘You are creating a personality cult with your own hands – so don’t complain later.’


Polls show 70% of Russians aim to vote for Putin in next month’s election. If he wins, it will be his fourth and final term in the Kremlin – unless the constitution is changed – allowing him to serve until 2024. In one stunt, models in lingerie posing by polling booths in an online campaign have been used to encourage young males to vote amid fears of apathy. One district is offering free cancer scans for Russians in medical rooms at schools used for polling stations.




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