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InfowarCon 2018: CALL FOR PAPERS

Guys and Gals of the information warfare community, information operations world, strategic communications, public diplomacy, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, electronic warfare, etc – InfowarCon is THE event that you should attend.  

I’ve been to quite a few of these through the years. Founded by Winn Schwartau back when the concept of information warfare was just gaining traction in the US, he holds InfowarCon to demonstrate, to show, to have prototypes and working copies of things that will affect our world into the relatively distant future. 

I’m going to go old school and submit a paper on how the US should counter foreign disinformation, propaganda, etc, derived from a paper, concept, and strategy I am submitting to the government. Winn has such a rich and unique network of folks he calls in, past InfowarCons have always kept me riveted. 

25 years.  Winn has been doing this for 25 years. Longer than many of you folks have been alive. He introduced the term information warfare to Congress way back when.  So come one, come all. Rub elbows with the leaders, the operators, the academicians, the govvies, the corporate nugs and their bosses.  If you have only one event on your budget schedule, this should be it. 

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The purpose of InfoWarCon is to provide an immersive experience that follows three tenets:

  1. Show us something, don’t tell something.
  2. Please share unpopular opinions.
  3. Expect to debate and present your thoughts.

If everyone agrees with your ideas, you are not leading.

The amount of global instability has only increased in 2017, between North Korea, Nation States interfering in others elections, governing by Tweet, terrorism, cryptocurrencies, and continues breaches of critical infrastructure.

With sources of information becoming suspect, and with the Internet providing endless opportunities to manipulate and promote, what can we do about the pressing concerns of living in and protecting a connected, globalized world?

We are looking for novel ideas, expositions of risk and mitigation, and strategies and suggestions that may shape the years ahead.

We will have three focus areas on this conference, but all topics are welcomed to submit.

  • Bots and Propaganda
  • Cryptocurrency and its implications
  • Undeclared Cyberwar

We encourage government, law enforcement, academia, corporations, product vendors and individuals from all nations to submit papers, presentations, demonstrations and concepts for presentations to be given at InfowarCon 2018 and subsequently published.

Our Review Board will be looking for originality, creativity, demonstrability, controversy and communications skills as guidelines to provide InfowarCon with the finest content available anywhere.

General Submission Notes
Real demonstrations and hands-on experiences are strongly preferred.

Theoretical technologies and experimentation is welcomed. However, the presentations must be compelling and on topic. The use of visuals, videos and multimedia will be critical to engaging the audience. Your submissions should reflect that.

Entertainment and education go hand in hand. InfowarCon speakers have always been among the best in the world, and we want all attendees to get the most value for their time. Please keep the following in mind for your CFP.

  1. Papers: Max: 2,000 words.
  2. Presentations: Max 20 slides
  3. Video: Max 3 mins

Please submit your briefing with as many pictures, diagrams and descriptions of the proposed session as possible.

Submission URL:

Session Types

  1. Keynote Sessions (25 minutes with interactive Q&A)
    • Must be of compelling interest to entire audience.
    • Death by PowerPoint will not be tolerated. 🙂
    • Remote video conference presentations are welcomed.
  2. Main Sessions (50 minutes with interactive Q&A)
    • In depth discussion, with active audience participation.
    • Technology or other demonstrations welcomed.
    • Panels welcomed. (Maximum 3 presenters)
    • Remote video conference presentations are welcomed.
  3. Lightning Talk (10 mins + 5 mins Q&A)
    • Show us quickly what you are into and why it is important.
    • Students are encouraged to submit.

Your Audience:
Industry, International Military, Government, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. They all want to come away with something tangible to do, enact, change, design, buy or enforce.

English is the official conference language and all sessions will be unclassified. Your audience is military, intelligence, academia, commercial and international. Some are very technical and others are very senior, non-technical.

If you want to be anonymous (e.g., John Smith), contact Betty@InfowarCon.Com and we will do our best to help.

Early Acceptance Deadline: March 9, 2018
Final Deadline: March 23, 2018
Acceptance Announced: April 6, 2018
Final Presentations Due: April 27, 2018

Preferential choice will be given to early submissions, allowing time for refinement and demonstrations enhancement. You will be notified by email. If your paper is chosen, you will be asked to commit to provide your finished presentation by the date specified above.
We do not provide travel for accepted presentations. We will provide lodging.

For inquiry or discussion on submissions, please contact:

Betty O’Hearn

Aaron Lint