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FLASH: Putin Announces New Wunderwaffe – Sarmat ICBM, Avangard Hypersonic MaRV and Kinzhal Hypersonic ALCM

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The politics of this are decidedly modeled on the Fuhrer’s 1944 Wunderwaffe declarations, which says something about how the regime sees its situation.

  1. Sarmat ICBM – long-delayed liquid propellant replacement for obsolescent Ukrainian R-36M Voyevoda / SS-18 SATAN – supposedly brand new, but they may have expedited development by “borrowing” from the SS-18;
  2. Avangard hypersonic MaRV – long reported and speculated upon in media, including Russian media, no details disclosed;
  3. Kinzhal Hypersonic ALCM – carried by MiG-31BM FOXHOUND, the video footage of a test launch indicates this is almost certainly the long speculated upon air launch variant of the 3M22 Tsirkon / Zirkon (AKA Brahmos II) hypersonic SLCM reportedly deployed by the V-MF, as yet no Kh-XX series number disclosed.

Also claimed was a nuclear power plant for the Kh-101 CALCM-ski that multiplied its range several-fold.

So the main announcements that have mesmerised our not very bright mass media are three systems that have been the subject of long-running speculation in the Russian defence media, and the detail of the public disclosure does not indicate program status, although the claim of an operational Kinzhal is feasible given the claimed status of the naval variant.

Finally, Shoigu is claiming the Su-57s were flown to Syria, flown into the battlespace for testing, and flown back to Russia.

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The new systems, according to the head of state, have no analogues in the world Today at 15:10, views: 8527 Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly, spoke about the possibilities of the new Russian weapons and demonstrated videos about their trials. According to the head of state, Russia has developed systems that can overcome the US missile defense system, and one of the novelties is the Sarmat heavy ICBM. “The capabilities of the Sarmat missile are much higher,” Putin said, noting that the range of the heavy rocket and the number of combat blocs are significantly higher than those of the previous Voevoda. Putin noted that Sarmat will be equipped with various types of ammunition, including hypersonic ones. Then in the hall they demonstrated the launch of this rocket. The video was accompanied by a storm of applause. According to Putin, there are practically no limits on the range of Sarmat, and he is able to attack targets both through the North and the South Pole. “There is no obstacle to any missile defense system,” he said. Then Putin told about the development of new types of strategic weapons in Russia. One of them is a small-sized super-power nuclear power plant with unlimited range. It can be placed, for example, in the hull of the cruise missile type Kh-101 and increase the range of its flight dozens of times, the president noted. Putin said that the new development is invulnerable to all existing missile defense and air defense systems. “Nothing like this in the world yet, no,” he said, adding that someday probably will appear, but “our guys” will think of something else. In addition, he said, unmanned underwater vehicles capable of moving at a “very large” depth and at an “intercontinental range” at a multiple of the speed of submarines, the most advanced torpedoes and all modern types of high-speed surface ships have been developed in Russia. “It’s just fantastic,” Putin said, adding that “there simply does not exist the means to resist them in the world.” According to Putin, unmanned underwater vehicles can carry nuclear munitions on board, which will allow them to hit aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure. Putin said that this year completed a multi-year trial cycle of an innovative nuclear power plant to equip this “autonomous uninhabited vehicle.” “The nuclear installation has a unique small size and at the same time an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. With a volume hundreds of times less than that of modern nuclear submarines, it has a large capacity and two hundred times less time to enter combat mode, “the head of state explained. Putin also talked about the importance of hypersonic weapons, and what Russia possesses. The President recalled that all states with a high level of scientific potential are “actively developing hypersonic weapons.” “Russia has such weapons, it already exists,” he said. Putin also talked about the successful completion of the tests of the high-precision hypersonic airborne missile complex “Kihzhal [Dagger]”, which has no world analogues. “Since December 1 last year, the complex began to carry out pilot-combat duty at the airfields of the Southern Military District,” the president said. The unique characteristics of the high-speed air missile system “Dagger” allow delivering the missile to the point of discharge in a few minutes, while a missile flying at a hypersonic speed that exceeds the speed of sound by a factor of 10 also maneuvers on all sections of the flight path, which allows it to be guaranteed to overcome all existing and promising missile defense and air defense systems, Putin said. The President also talked about a strategic missile complex with a hypersonic planning wing unit called Avangard, which has no analogues in the world. “He goes to the goal as a meteorite, like a burning ball, like a fireball. The temperature on the surface of the product reaches 1600-2000 degrees Celsius. The winged unit at the same time is reliably controlled, “Putin explained. He also said that for obvious reasons, it is not possible to show the “true look” of this product, but he assured that “everything is available and working”. Putin also announced the development and implementation of Russian laser weapons. “Since last year, the military has already received combat laser systems. I do not want to go into details in this part, it’s just not the time, “he said. Putin emphasized that new types of strategic weapons created and being created are “not a reserve for the times of the Soviet Union”. “Everything I said today is the latest developments of recent years,” the president summed up. See the photo report on the topic: From “Sarmat” to “Dagger”: shots of weapons shown by Putin on the message

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MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. The Kinzhal hypersonic complex capable of delivering missiles to a discharge point within just several minutes assumed combat duty in south Russia from December 1, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday. “As an important stage of armament development, a precision hypersonic aviation and missile complex has been created,” Putin said. From December 1, 2017, the new missile complex called Kinzhal “started carrying out its experimental and combat duty missions at aerodromes of the Southern Military District,” the Russian president said. According to Putin, “the unique flight and technical characteristics of the high-speed aircraft-type carrier make it possible to deliver missiles to a discharge point within just minutes while the missile flying at a hypersonic speed exceeding the speed of sound by 10 times maneuvers at all the flight trajectory’s sections, which enables it to reliably overcome all existing and, I believe, future air defense and anti-ballistic missile defense systems, delivering nuclear and conventional warheads to the target to the distance of over 2,000 kilometers,” Putin said, adding that the system was called Kinzhal. The Kinzhal’s capabilities were demonstrated in a video, which drew the audience’s applause. The possession of hypersonic weapons “gives serious advantages in the sphere of the armed struggle,” Putin said. “Their power and might, as military experts say, can be huge while their velocity makes them invulnerable to today’s ABM and air defense systems because interceptors simply fail to catch them up,” the Russian leader said. “Dear friends, Russia does possess such weapons. It already possesses them,” Putin said to the audience’s applause.

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual State of the Nation Address demonstrated a video showing main characteristics of the new Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. The new missile complex is a liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped, super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile and called the RS-28 Sarmat. “We have launched the development of the new generation of missiles, and, in particular, the Defense Ministry jointly with the missile and space industry launched the active phase of tests of a new missile complex equipped with a heavy intercontinental missile. We called it Sarmat,” Putin said. According to the TASS, the Russian president demonstrated the lawmakers and the senators from both houses of the Russian parliament a video showing the main characteristics of the Sarmat missile complex, which in particular has an unlimited flight distance. More: North Korea unveils new mobile short-range ballistic missile system The missile has a range of 6,000 miles and was fired on Thursday night from Plestek Cosmodrome in Oblast, 880km north of Moscow. More: Russian missile division received new Yars intercontinental ballistic missile The new missile will when deployed replace today’s R-36M (by NATO named SS-18 or Satan) silo-based ballistic missiles. Sarmat has maximum range of 16,000 kilometers.

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Today at 17:03, Views: 1092 Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu confirmed that two Su-57 fighters were indeed in Syria, according to a press release from the Russian Defense Ministry. He also said that he was surprised that it was noticed, as the fighters were in this country only two days. “During this time, we carried out a test program, including combat,” the minister said, adding that the fighters accompanied the laboratory aircraft that tracked all the parameters of the weapons. “I can say that the tests were successful, the planes returned home a week ago,” Shoigu also said, expressing hope that this year the full test cycle will be completed, which will be “another surprise for our colleagues.” At the same time, he denied that the photographs that appeared in foreign media actually captured Russian Su-57s in Syria. “All the planes were in shelters all this time,” Shoigu explained, adding that these planes never stood together.