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What to do…

I woke up writing a new ‘strategy’ in my head.  I’ve titled it “Suggestions For Department Of State GEC” in response to State-Defense Cooperation on Global Engagement Center Programs and Creation of the Information Access Fund to Counter State-Sponsored Disinformation.

It’s done. It only took three hours to finish.

I’ve ‘staffed’ it to a few close friends who I trust will not share it.  Initial feedback, “GREAT concept, let’s make it happen!!!!”  That from a coworker who worked in a senior leadership position. Another senior just wrote and really liked it and asked ‘what next’.

I dare not pass it to anyone at State or the GEC as things tend to get sucked into a black hole and I never get acknowledged, credit, or, the worst, paid. Not even a thank you.

Now I don’t trust anyone as I’ve been burned too often.

But it’s good.  Damn good. Very simple, too.

How do I share it with the folks downtown and not get burned?