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The FrontLine Interviews: The Putin Files

Our Sources. On the Record. At Your Fingertips.

There are a series of interviews with relevant former officials and experts in this playlist.

Across these interviews, you get the history of Putin’s rise to power and the details of the unfolding east-west conflict.

The perceptions of both sides are fairly well articulated by the totality.

Clips from these interviews were spliced into the 2-part frontline shows on Putin.

FRONTLINE spent months reporting for the documentary Putin’s Revenge, speaking with the heads of U.S. intelligence agencies, diplomats, journalists, scholars and political insiders from Russia and the United States. In all, 56 sources spoke to us on camera. Now, in an effort to make our journalism more transparent, we’re publishing the complete collection of these extended conversations. In “The Putin Files,” explore the interviews using interactive features that enable you to navigate by theme or person, select and share any excerpt on social media, and dig deeper into annotated content about this still unfolding history.

The interviews are indexed by this web page here.


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