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Facebook Admins and Moderators – Russia Is Preparing for 2020

My wife and I were talking about a very large Facebook Group in which she is honored to be a moderator.

I’m an admin and moderator in quite a few other Facebook groups, for a few years now, so we’ve had a lot to discuss.

As a Facebook moderator, she reviews requests to join this very large group (I’m talking over 250,000 members).  Tonight she was talking about someone would join the group and then, a while later, would rejoin the group with a slightly different profile. Perhaps the same first name but with a different last name. Sometimes with the same picture, sometimes different, but there were usually some similarities between accounts.

I immediately remembered similar things happening in 2014 though 2016, many of which turned out to be purloined accounts controlled by the Internet Research Agency. I noticed similar things on LinkedIn as well.

Then she said that sometimes members would invite 20 accounts to join in the space of 15 minutes. Again, I noticed the same thing from accounts which may have been run by workers from the Internet Research Agency. Yes, sometimes they are just downright lazy.

Facebook is doubling their security staff to 20,000 people.  They are taking this seriously.

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen, it is 2018. The 2020 election is only a wee bit more than two years from now.  Now is the time they begin preparing.  Facebook Admins and Moderators, the time to get ready is now.