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Want to clear snow quickly in Moscow? Just use Navalny’s name

Moscow residents painted Alexei Navalny’s name in the snow, which they say provoked a rapid response from the city’s snow removal service (Photo @supervarka)

I see the beginning of a very successful campaign for Navalny.  Next up, potholes?  

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Moscow has gotten more snow this year than it has in decades. City workers are tasked with the huge job of clearing all that snow, which takes a considerable amount of time. But certain Muscovites have figured out a way to get the snow in their neighbourhood cleared more quickly – by writing in it the name of Alexei Navalny, the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The idea was first suggested by journalist Mikhail Kozyev in a Facebook post published on February 8, reported the BBC. Tatyana Grigoryeva, who is part of a neighbourhood association in Moscow’s Nagorny neighbourhood, decided to give his suggestion a try. She penned Navalny’s name in green paint in the snow.

A few hours later, she posted a video on the Facebook group of her neighbourhood association. It showed two municipal workers using a shovel to clear the snow where Navalny’s name had been written. Another resident reported that it took the city workers just four hours to intervene, which locals said was a remarkably short time for this kind of operation.