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Russia accuses Western world of interfering in presidential election

Russia has said this before, now Lavrov is pushing it out and ‘Alternative’ news sources are picking it up.

I am waiting for this “tangible evidence” to which Lavrov is referring.  

This is a common tactic used by Russia. Whenever Russia is guilty of a misdeed, accuse someone else of that same misdeed.

gall: bold, impudent behavior

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Author: Mike Paterson | Category:  News

Russian foreign minister out on the wires 15 Feb

  • we have tangible evidence that Western countries have tried to interfere in Russian presidential election
  • Russia will take tough measures if efforts to interfere in its domestic affairs do not stop
Tit for tat ?  Yesterday US officials were accusing Moscow of meddling in US mid-term 2018 elections.

The first round of the Russian presidential election will be held on Sunday 18 March. If in the first round no candidate attains an absolute majority of the votes (more than 50%), then  a second round will take place three weeks later on 8 April 2018.