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Peculiar Russian Behavior

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This is very curious. Ukrainians conducting an IADS exercise a few hours ago, so the Russians declare an Air Force alert and launch as many jets as they can from Kursk AB (90 km North of Ukraine), Millerovo (20 km East of Luhansk border), and Saki and Gvardeyskoye in Crimea, flying all the way up to the Ukrainian border. The BEAR H practiced a cruise missile launch during the alert, escorted by shiny new Su-30SM FLANKER Hs.

The Russians, of course, gave the Ukrainians a good opportunity to track and record all of their activities, electronic and kinetic.

Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces


Today, February 15, during the exercises on air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the forces, and means of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine established the activation of the air component of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation, along the eastern air border of Ukraine.
The fighter and bomber aircraft of the aggressor’s country carried out departures from Kursk, Millerovo, Gvardiyskoye and Saki airfields with the maximum approach to the state border of Ukraine and the line of demarcation.

In addition, a group of strategic Tu-95 missile bombers accompanied by a pair of Russian Su-30 fighter jets flew in the airspace of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and worked out conditional launches of cruise missiles in the direction of the mainland of Ukraine.