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Czechia: A mutually beneficial symbiosis.’ Alternative media are still being subjected to extremists, writes the interior Zdroj

Adam B. Bartos at a demonstration in 2016. | photo by Michal Šula , MAFRA


PRAGUE In the last few months of last year, alternative media was subjected to right-wing and left-wing extremists. Intention? Raise their influence and weaken democracy. Such conclusions state in its quarterly report on extremism the Ministry of the Interior. While right-wing extremists failed to show up after parliamentary elections, the anarchists continued to radicalize.

“The so-called alternative media functioned in mutually beneficial symbiosis with extremist subjects. Either produced or further disseminated reports that could be expected to be taken by extremists or, in some cases, directly to extremists, “the ministry said in a report.

Alternate media are considered by the media, who often do not know who owns, who are their editors, and who or which resources are funded.

A detailed list of media of this type at the ministry does not exist officially. According to information from Aktuálně.cz, which has internal documents of the resort, it monitors about four dozen sites called “alternative”. These are sites that – whether regularly or occasionally – spread misinformation or misleading information.

“The most influential disinformation sites are AC24, The World around us, Lajkit, Knowledge and Parliament papers with their sub-portals. In addition, the New World Order Opposition, Free Newspaper, Patriotic News and Aeronet, “described a high-ranking source from the Interior Ministry last year.

As before, the main issue for the xenophobe-oriented audience was the threat of Muslims and migrants. This was accompanied by the statement that the European Union and the individual national governments are baffling or even concealing some information.

In alternative media, in the last quarter of last year, they also often found reports on the vote of Ortelin the Czech Nightingale poll, or the story of the first pupils from the Teplice primary school, which they presented as proof of “Islamization and Gypsy” of Czech education.

Right-wing scene: party failure in elections

The report also reflects the failure of most right-wing extremist parties in the October parliamentary elections, in particular the Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS) and National Democracy (ND).

“The electoral failure and the scant participation in public assemblies significantly aggravated the image of the DSSS in the eyes of foreign partners. Especially in light of the low electoral results, the party on a European scale has ceased to be an interesting subject, “analyzes the interior.


A moderate speech by the National Democracy attributed the institutions to several litigation concerning, for example, hate crimes or the questioning of the Holocaust, which is its main chairman, Adam B. Bartoš.

“The decline in the radicality of the ND’s expressions also coincided with the fact that” Reason ” (the coalition, which is a member of the ND, the Red. ),Has sent its candidate for election to the post of President of the Republic Petr Hannig.”

Attacked African and an anti-Semitic letter to the municipality

The ministry also mentions the Freedom and Direct Democracy movement Tomio Okamura. And that in connection with his election success. He notices that Okamura’s partition as the only anti-immigrant oriented was able to attract voters more significantly.

“The SPD movement uses better and more effective political marketing than extremist parties. In addition, its officials are not limited to the judgments of the courts or ongoing criminal proceedings against DSSS and ND, “the report said.

In addition to the November assault of the African in Prague by Olomouc football hooligansand an anonymous letter addressed to the Prague City Hall, containing threats to Jews living in the Czech Republic and questioning the Holocaust, there was nothing fundamental on the right-wing scene.

Left-wing scene: sabotage and dismissal of the president

The left-wing extremists were more active in the final three months of 2017. “Some anarchist groups have called on their supporters to engage in a campaign that was supposed to consist, among other things, in defeating and altering electoral propaganda.” President Anarchists want to abolish the function of the president, “the ministry informs.

Anarchists have continued to try to disrupt the encounter of the nationalist and anti-immigration faction of Europe of Nations and Freedom, which was hosted by the SPD in Prague. They were blocking the arrival of two major politicians, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders.

The anarchist scene even during that period expressed its support to the Autonomous Social Center of the Clinic. On the Internet, there were calls for sabotage along with instructions or advice on how to defend police methods and resources.

“Solidarity with arrested or imprisoned anarchist colleagues in the Czech Republic and abroad was emphasized. There have been new texts celebrating mass riots that call for theft (in the anarchist sense, expropriation – the expropriation of capitalist resources) or destruction, means of mass control “of state and capital (cameras, ATMs, vending machines) . ”

The fourth quarter also culminated in disputes in the National Militia, which led to a dampening of the initiative’s activity and the activist group’s separation. They have established their own country militia.

For the last year, 153 records of the criminality with an extremist subtext are recorded. Most often, in 70 cases, it was about promoting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms, or approving and denying genocide. Most crimes related to extremism were committed last year in Prague (34) and in the Moravian-Silesian Region (27), while at least in Pardubice (2).