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Email Lies. Pre-election misinformation was written and disseminated by a doctor, lawyer, pensioner or farmer

Prague Ondřej Golis 

  • During the presidential election, the Czech Republic has experienced the most massive increase in disinformation
  • They mainly concerned presidential candidate Jiří Drahoš, winner of the election Miloš Zeman faced mainly offensive collages distributed on social networks
  • Especially elderly people have sent out false emails among themselves, the intervention of some counts up to tens of thousands
  • searched for authors and distributors of some misinformation emails, among them a doctor, a lawyer, a retired or a farmer

“I just put it there, it came a couple of times, I chose something and gave it something,” says Svitavy practitioner Vitezslav Podivinsky in the door of his surgery.

He talks about 21-page material distributed through e-mails during the presidential election. Podivínsky placed him on his website for patients as well. The document also focuses on Islam, refugees and the European Union. “Islam is the most insidious way of thinking today’s world. Every Muslim is the bearer of death, “he reads.

I will take care of my family and homeland

Miloš Zeman depicts himself as a pro-refugee candidate, Michal Horáček and Jiří Drahoš, as a pro-refugee candidate. In Drahosh, he recalls the call of scientists who refuse to spread the fear of immigrants. Drahos signed it, for which his opponents attacked him as “refugee fighters”, which the candidate repeatedly denied. The stranger did not believe it. “He just signed it, so he agrees,” he told without the slightest doubt.

The argument that the call is not an invitation to refugees in the Czech Republic is not accepted. But he does not say why. “I simply disagree with saying things that bother me. I have long resisted the temptation to write something like this, but some time ago I decided to be an egoist and take care of my family and my country. I say that hard. The dehonesting campaign against Zeman has been very tough, so I said I can help in this way, “explains the doctor.

Distributed document with misinformation

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