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Russia Insider Anti-Semitism Is On The Radar

Russia Insider published a hateful anti-Semitic mess which may cause them legal problems. I am amazed at the stuff that Russia and Russia Insider believe they can get away with. It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo – Russia Insider is a virulent mess that is being widely excoriated. As seems to be the norm, Russia and their propaganda publication, Russia Insider, believe all will be soon forgiven and forgotten. I believe it is time to change that expectation.

Responses to date

I responded with this piece:

Blatant Anti-Semitism In 2018 In Russia Insider

The EU’s East StratCom Task Force made a strong statement about the article, which was picked up by the Euromaidanpress:

Antisemitism and pro-Kremlin propaganda

TabletMag published this:

Prominent Russian Website Publishes Virulent Anti-Semitic Screed

Russia Insider has not backed off, someone at RI is still pushing the article, most likely Charles Bausman put this on Twitter today.

From my friends at ProporNot:

Hey, it’s been a busy weekend over here, but you’re absolutely right. It’s our understanding that Russia Insider is covertly funded by Malofeev, acting as a Russian presidential administration cutout, as per their standard procedure: Him and a few other key oligarchs give the Kremlin a layer of plausible deniability by using state-patronage money to fund and manage certain delicate projects. Happily some other folks have picked up on this particular and effectively highlighted its nonsense.

NoBSRussia picked it up first and countered it hard, both with this piece and on Twitter:

Then the real pushback started with Tablet, a magazine for Jewish folks in the US:

The good folks at EUvsDisinfo weighed in:
This Russiafeed piece didn’t get much amplification but it helped:

Then the Daily Beast got involved, and this one got even more traction on social media – and better yet, they got Russia Today to disavow Charles Baumann:

Today our Ukrainian buddies jumped in:

Of course weighed in in favor of Russia Insider and in favor of anti-Semitic douchebaggery generally – along with The Russophile, Occidental Dissent, Unz, the “Manosphere”, the Daily Stormer, and the rest of the usual suspects:

It honestly looks like this one is shaping up to be a tactical defeat for the Russians. The Daily Beast picking it up really helped, and a quick comparison of audiences suggests that this episode is increasing public awareness of Kremlin propaganda’s use of anti-Semitism, and associating the two increasingly directly. Now it’s on the ADL’s radar, and those folks are serious and competent as hell. Ideally, they’d issue a press release and make it a thing – associating Putin’s regime with anti-Semitism is both accurate and a win-win.

Surprisingly, there is no Facebook entry on Russia Insider’s page nor on Russia Insider’s YouTube channel. There is also no mention of the controversy surrounding the article.

There is also no mention of the article in the mainstream media.

I propose a simple plan to take down the domain name.

  • Work with the SPLC to establish as a hate site.
  • Work with the Anti-Defamation League to shut down as a hate site and remove it from the DNS.

The procedure is not complex, it is outlined here, published by the iCann, the folks responsible for the DNS: Guidance for Preparing Domain Name Orders, Seizures & Takedowns

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