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Blatant Anti-Semitism In 2018 In Russia Insider

A Jewish bolshevik shutting down an Easter midnight service. Detail from a larger monumental painting from 1999 by Ilya Glazunov

I was mortified to read the following headline of an article on Russia Insider.

The article is simply anti-semitism, from beginning to end.  First, the author rambles through a litany of reasons why readers should resist Jewish influence and domination.  Most of these belong in a KKK or skinhead brochure (and probably where they came from). He concludes with a call to action, to write more articles, but never states why or for what end.

The author is the editor of Russia Insider, Charles Bausman and he knows damn well that he is shoving a log into a giant bees nest. He’s hoping to get a reaction from the Western press.

In the best Russian style of provocation, the issue is presented as a gentle academic discussion, because Bausman would never want to foment anger, violence, rioting, and other chaos in the West.  But of course, he is.

Russia Insider is a ‘publication’ of questionable motives with two physical addresses.  One is in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the second is in Moscow, Russia.

Their description, in their own words:

It was started in September 2014 by a group of expats living in Russia who felt that coverage of Russia is biased and inaccurate.

Interestingly, as that page continues, the author, Charles Bausman, rails against the media in the West but never states what he is for. The closest he comes is “Instead of challenging, questioning, and fostering open discussion, they tend to promote those interests.”

In reality, Russia Insider is merely Russian propaganda, written by Western ex-pats, hoping to push the Russian agenda against the truth and reality of the West.

As I just expressed in an email to a very senior member of our community,

I almost hesitate to rip into RI in a blog.  Charles Bausman has been the subject of many articles, I fully believe he thrives on the attention. Perhaps it means more money from subscriptions, or perhaps he receives more kudos, perks, and money from his Russian benefactors?

I received a very interesting response from a senior in the Russian Information Warfare community, about Russia Insider.

RI won’t provide details on where it gets its money, but numerous independent analysts have shown that Moscow is funding it. The question to pose is “if not the Kremlin, who?”

I’ve already contacted the Southern Poverty Law Center about this article, and there is a trove of other racist, hateful articles coming from Russia Insider.  My hope is that SPLC will declare a hate site.  That would better enable a legal action to take down that domain, remove it from the DNS.

6 thoughts on “Blatant Anti-Semitism In 2018 In Russia Insider

  1. Joel: It’s even worse: RT interviewed Bausman who repeated his antisemitic rants. Since RT is Russian-government controlled, this sounded like an endorsement. However it will backfire mostly in Europe where the European Parliament last year passed a motion asking the EU Council to ban RT and Sputnik as disinformation organs of the Russian government. I have made sure the EU External Action Service circulates the article to the European Parliament and COREPER (the permanent representatives of member states in Brussels). In the ECHR area (wider than the EU) hate speech is not protected speech (Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala v France).

  2. The biggest travesty in this whole thing is the lack of acknowledgement from a site which represents itself as some kind of insightful view of Russia in its branding and emphasizes history in its rebuttal — negates to mention that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were a Tsarist forgery serving a specifically Tsarist agenda ( ), and that this kind of anti-Semitism has been ‘reincarnated’ in the form of Russian Orthodox nationalism and anti-Globalist propaganda under figures like Alexander Dugin / Metropolitan Ioann of St. Petersburg. Classifying the observance of anti-Semitism as a form of racism is a long-term Kremlin tactic. See on my blog where I highlight how Russian satellite nations like Syria have perpetuated anti-Semitism in the post-9/11 age.

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