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Russians Increase Undersea Cable Activities, Potential Damage Is Extreme

According to the Washington Post, Russia is showing more interest in the undersea cables that carry the majority of data for telecommunications, including the internet.

This represents a clear threat to the West.  If these cables were to be cut, the impact would be severe. Russia plans to create an ‘independent internet’ by 2018 to protect it from ‘global internet malfunctions’ – but critics say the plan could make it easier to launch its own attacks.  Russia has also stated it will build its own internet directory.  Russia Will Build Its Own Internet Directory, Citing US Information Warfare.

Not only is Russia posing a direct threat to the global internet, it is making moves to create its own independent system.  The potential is unbelievably damaging for the world’s economy, but could severely hamper most of the rest of the world’s functionality upon which we have grown dependent.