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For Putin in Russian social networks agitate from the pages of long-dead people

One of the typical posters with an appeal to watch the press conference of Vladimir Putin.

This article points out a mostly Russian phenomenon, deceased people and abandoned pages on VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, are suddenly revived, supporting Putin, as soon as he announced he was running for re-election.  

Coincidence?  I think not. But, as seems typical for the less thoughtful newer generation, the idea was not thought through. “Damn the consequences, they’ll never notice!” *cough*

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In the Russian social network “VKontakte” agitate for going to the presidency of Vladimir Putin from the pages of long-dead people.

As the Tsenzor.NET , he writes about this site ZNAK .

As noted, immediately after the press conference of Russian President Putin on December 14 many proposals of the  social network VKontakte began to receive proposals on the publication of posts with an appeal not to miss the Russian president’s communication with journalists. All these publications were combined, in particular, the hashtag # PutinKrut.

“There is nothing unusual in this: among the users of” VKontakte “the national leader is really full of supporters.It is quite normal that the posts were placed” under a carbon paper “: the entries were illustrated with posters depicting Vladimir Putin and vivid quotes from his speech. Icon in the lower right corner, then the “Young Guard of United Russia” was responsible for their production, that is, one of those political organizations that Putin himself counts on to support the intention to go for the presidential election self-nominated, “- the article says.

One of the typical posters with an appeal to watch the press conference of Vladimir Putin.But, as the newspaper notes, the presidential campaign in Russia seems to start with an unprecedented scandal. The fact that Russian users of the social network “VKontakte” began to report a sudden “revival” of pages that have not shown their activity for a long time.

“The word” revival “here is perfect: the pages in question belong to … already dead people and after their death for several years remained without any updates. However, the other day they were the only people who tried to attract attention of other users to the main event of the outgoing week – a large annual press conference by Vladimir Putin, “the publication said.

As noted, discontent with “a new level of pro-government PR and propaganda” can now be found in many public places.

“It turned out that some of the users, from whom popular publics and communities received an offer to publish campaign posts, had already left our world, soon the live users of the social network who either knew the deceased began to point out, or for some reason decided to study more closely the pages of” agitators “Now these pages began to disappear, some of them are marked as blocked due to suspicious activity,” the newspaper reports.

But in the screenshots that are already walking through the network, it is evident that on the same pages three or four years ago posthumous farewells were published with their owners and condolences to relatives and friends.



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