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RT Fanning The Flames Using Palestinian Issue For Divisiveness

RT: ‘Boycott Israel’: Thousands march in Paris in pro-Palestinian rally. Protesters … In reality, it was only several hundred.

RT broadcast pro-Palestinian protests in Paris, saying:

Massive Pro-Palestinian protest held in Paris ahead of Netanyahu’s visit (Streamed live)
Courtesy: Ruptly

I’m not quite sure I’d call the several dozen, perhaps 100 people present as “massive”, but you get the point.

Video at:

This is yet another example of RT sowing divisiveness wherever possible.  If I were a betting man, I would say that the Russian Embassy in Paris is funding this demonstration.

The times of Israel said “Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators call to boycott Israel; PM scheduled to meet with Macron on Sunday; protests, too, in Rome, Istanbul”.  This is still not “massive”.

Not to be confused, but there are other protests in Paris at the same time about separate issues: Basque protesters in Paris demand ETA prisoner rights | News | DW | 09.12.2017

Just in case the link disappears from Facebook, here is the same, cross-posted on YouTube:

Other coverage of this event was minimal, but reflects a non-massive turnout: The Latest: Paris protest targets Netanyahu arrival | WTOP

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