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And I’m Back

Dear Readers,

During the past week my computer has been acting like a colicky child. I store so much stuff on my computer and external storage that I had maxed everything out. My computer choked and refused to work on Saturday morning. On Sunday, Apple Support did their best to save my beloved iMac but I was forced to erase my hard drive and start from scratch.

One Terabyte of electronic copies of all sorts of articles and books about information warfare and information operations. Gone. *poof*.  Vanished.

Just last week I ran a duplicate file checking program and I found I had a ton of documents in two or three directories which were duplicates. I guess it’s better to work from scratch.  I have to say that or I might sniffle and cry…  *yeah*

I am left wondering how in the heck do I reload things like Microsoft Word for Mac?  I believe the key I received for purchasing it was two or three email accounts ago.  I’ve found the program absolutely essential to operating in the business world.  Open Office just doesn’t cut it, the Word formatting is just funky.

I’ve found Grammarly very useful but still a pain in the proverbial buttocks. It points out my grammatical and spelling errors but the notifications often interfere with something I am working on. The <expletive deleted> Grammarly button appears in Facebook right where the cursor should be.  Far too often, when moving the mouse around the screen, I move over a Grammarly error marker and the system will choke as it coughs up a furball, otherwise known as an error message.  As a result, I’m evaluating spell/grammar checkers to see if it’s worth the hassle.

It’s nice to have a brand new computer now.  It’s fast, it’s slick and clean, and I’m slowly but surely tweaking the settings to make it comfortable.

Bottom line at the bottom, where it belongs.  I’m back. …and to the trolls who respond with “Oh, were you gone?”  I have a delete button and I will use it.



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      1. Besides backing up PCs, I copied all of my DVDs and CDs to it so I can stream them over the home network and put all of that crap in storage.

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