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Another Russian Conspiracy Theory Being Pushed

A senior member of the Russian Foreign Ministry just pushed a link to a conspiracy theory, which is an unbelievable stretch of the imagination.

Hal Turner writes,

According to people living near Langley, a large Marine Corps arrived on Saturday at the headquarters of the CIA on the landing helicopter (airplane) Bell V-22 Osprey. The Marines were armed. I have not personally witnessed this, and can only rely on what the witnesses told me.

So, the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.

The MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit (pronounced “Mew”) is a small special fleet of the US Navy designed for air-to-ground operations. This is the target group (MAGTF) ​​in the United States Navy. Each MEU detachment is part of the expeditionary rapid reaction force. They are constantly deployed and ready for an immediate response to any crisis, whether it be a natural disaster or the performance of combat missions.

By the way, to show you the quality of journalist that is allowed to be published in Russian tabloids, Hal Turner’s bio from Wikipedia:

Harold Charles “Hal” Turner is an American white nationalist, Holocaust denier, and blogger from North Bergen, New Jersey. In August 2010, he was convicted for making threats against three federal judges with the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Armed Marines disembarked Osprey airplanes at the CIA headquarters, and this is the basis for the story that implies that President Trump was taking over CIA headquarters.  There was no mention of a possible training exercise.  There is no mention of a capabilities brief. They don’t mention numbers of deployed Ospreys, the numbers cited are only that for an entire MEU.

Take it for what you will, this is a certified conspiracy theory which the Russians are pushing.


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  1. Wow – anyone that believes that one is probably…not worth taking the time to complain about.

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