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Russia wired money to foreign ministries to ‘finance election campaign of 2016’: Report

What was an intelligence report has now been disclosed. 

Unless the money sent to the US was intended for a celebration party for the winning candidate (s), this certainly looks like money intended for influencing the election. 

$30,000?  Perhaps that is a lot of money in Russia, but in the US that might rent a few trolls for a few weeks… buy a few Facebook ads…  wait a second…

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by Todd Shepherd | 

The FBI and other federal agencies looking into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections are investigating dozens of wire transfers by Russia to their foreign embassies around the globe, many of which were earmarked “to finance election campaign of 2016.”

A report by Buzzfeed, which broke the news of the transfers, said it’s unclear how any of that money was spent.

More than 60 of these transfers with a similar memo line also went out to countries such as Afghanistan and Nigeria in August and September of 2016 and totaled over $380,000.

Citibank discovered the $30,000 transfer to the Russian foreign ministry in the U.S. with the curious memo line and launched a review of other transfers by the ministry. “Compliance officers in Citibank’s Global Intelligence Unit flagged them as suspicious, noting that it was unable to determine the financial, business, or legal purpose of the transactions,” the report also noted.

The FBI first became aware of the transactions in September 2016.