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From my anonymous expert source:

Due to a ridiculously high workload pileup at work, resulting from multiple factors all completely out of my control, and critical deadlines to chase to meet, time spent after hours on compiling these media updates has to be diverted for at least 1-3 months. I may produce some mailouts on an ad hoc basis, but I do not have available after hours “spare” time until I clear this pileup to generate anything approaching regular daily updates.

The purpose of this mailout series was to provide some clarity in a complex political and strategic period after the Trump Administration started, where it was abundantly clear that the“New Axis of Evil” would be testing the US, and West at large, as much as it could.

The strategic picture is now much clearer in every respect compared to twelve months ago.

Russian meddling in the US has been exposed, and this will continue in coming months. Russian meddling in the EU is also becoming very visible. Russia’s various proxies in the EU are becoming exposed.

The Russian game plan around Zapad 2017 and various Donbass options were frustrated by collective effort of the US, NATO and a number of Eastern European nations. Russia’s role in Syria has been exposed completely, and it is likely their support for the DPRK will be exposed in coming months as analysts look closer.

The DPRK’s extortion game is now the subject of public debate, even if most of the MSM dummies do not understand it, or in fact wilfully ignore it in their endless quest to find more reasons to attack POTUS. China’s toxic relationship with the DPRK is better understood now globally.

Iran’s expeditionary warfare campaigns across the Middle East are now the subject of active debate, even if being ignored by many MSM dummies.

Ukraine’s internal situation has stabilised enormously, and since the invasion of Crimea, its military has been rebuilt into a very robust capability, although not yet strong enough to completely deter the Russians – that will require substantial military aid from the West and a lot more domestic funding to recapitalise a lot of worn out Soviet era assets. The Ukrainians have done an astounding job considering the catastrophic mess their military was in when the Russian invasion was launched – it is a pity their media and politicians (and most Western public commentators many of whom should know better) mostly do not appreciate how great a challenge this was.

Personally, I am very pleased to have been able to contribute some clarity in a messy strategic period, during which the MSM abjectly failed in their most important role of collecting and distributing accurate news, and far too many analysts and academic commentators put various ideological and political agendas ahead of accurate critical appraisals of a very complex/chaotic and complicated strategic and political situation.

The archived mailouts present an interesting picture of how poorly the MSM and much of the “analyst” community address their primary charter. An absolute disgrace.

I will send out a mailout later today as I have quite a few links accumulated since yesterday. Thereafter strictly ad hoc, time permitting, and if something really interesting or important appears.

It has been by any measure a most interesting year since the US election endgame.