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Sorry, Little Korea, “Mad Dog” Is Taken

Poor North Korea, they try so hard.

Apparently North Korea is trying to hobble President Trump with a new nickname, “Mad Dog”.  Unfortunately Secretary of Defense Mattis has been called “Mad Dog” for an awfully long time…

“Let’s behead mad dog Trump for the future of a peaceful and warless world and mankind!” one bizarre poster pleads, showing the body of a dog with Trump’s head, being decapitated by an axe.

Sorry, North Korea fail.  Mad Dog Mattis is just way too popular to give up his much deserved nickname.  He earned that one. I found references to “Mad Dog Mattis” as far back as 2006…

“Death to old lunatic Trump!” read another, which showed a North Korean soldier stomping on a head that appears to be Trump’s.

It’s almost pitiful, they fail so hard…

Sorry, North Korea.  I can see the tasking now, “Make this meme go viral”.  Fail.



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