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Zeman’s comment on Crimea in headlines

Czech Republic President Zeman caught a lot of flack for recent comments about Russia, I wrote, How To Make Everybody Angry – Czech President Zeman.

But I forgot to write about the Czechian people and include the government.

My best anonymous source in the Czech Republic says there is a huge split between those who relatively enjoyed Soviet rule and those who never experienced Soviet oppression.

My source recently wrote, only half jokingly, about the best way to make Zeman lose the next election.

I have an idea. I am not claiming that the idea is a good one, I am only claiming creativity:

Confining elderly folks in their basements with plentiful supply of cheap beer and home-made sausages during the election should prevent reoccurrence of this disaster. This shall be the responsibility of the youngest generation that has the right to vote. Czech politics desperately needs elimination of these old farts from the decision-making and legislative-creation and approval process. Enough was enough.

The new young fellas, Pirati, sound like a perfectly good choice.

I didn’t make this up.

From yet another communication:

These postcommunist mummies are pissing off more and more people every day, beyond the threshold of tolerability.

The elections (Parliamentary in October and Presidential in January) will be all about the numbers and the country’s demographics. The tragedy is that the young, post-bolshevik generation is relatively low in numbers and competent people for whom the EU is an opportunity rather than threat are a minority. So yes, these pro-Russian post-Soviet geronts can still win.

In other words, Zeman does not speak for the post-Soviet, younger generation.  His government opposes his every word, the government is pro-Western and he opposes everything they do.

Now he’s pissed off Ukraine AND Russia.

I like the beer and sausage plan.




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