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Who Is Overseeing Google, Twitter, And Facebook Internal Investigations?

In researching my last blog, I ran across this article, Does Google’s Size Make It a Regulatory Target?

Good article.  But buried down deep in the article it reveals Google’s search methodology for Russian political ad purchasing during the 2016 US election.

The company is addressing the issue from multiple angles, the person said, including asking engineers to examine spam-use on the platform and asking its advertising team to delve into ad purchases by RT, the Russian TV network.

RT?  Pardon me, Mr. Twitter executive who is obviously speaking anonymously, RT and the St. Petersburg Troll Farm are world’s apart.  Who is supervising your search?  Do they know the first thing about Russian Information Warfare?  If not, why not?

As a matter of fact, what is the Congressional committees seeking answers know about Russian Information Warfare?

I say this because I’ve spoke with the majority of people who are intimately familiar with Russian Information Warfare, and we don’t have a desk in their office. We haven’t been asked to speak with them. We haven’t been asked to write papers.

This is not to say that Congress is speaking out of turn, making mistakes, and not seeming to grasp the immensity of the problem.  But after staring at this problem for the past four years and for 25 years prior to that focusing on the field, it seems somebody is purposefully hindering real progress.  Real questions. Why?


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