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Russia / Strategy Media Update (333) – 12 October 2017

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Russia producing absurd claims about NATO troops in Baltics, while Georgia argues the Ilves case.

Russia is the largest recipient of Chinese foreign aid, getting almost as much as Pakistan and Angola together. Chikov predicting a new Iron Curtain, Gorby weighs in on Russia’s separatism problem, created by Putin. More on Russia’s descent into the abyss.

Belarus to prosecute Russian priest for pimping – COCW. Moldovan Putinist Dodon makes prima facie treasonous statements.

PACE sees Russia lambasted on multiple fronts.

Russia charges two Ukrainian border guards kidnapped from meeting with a border violation. Ukraine outs 300 Serbian mercenaries who fought with the Russian invasion force. Ukrainian UGV at AUSA makes Newsweek. Donbass fires continue, Mariupol urban terrorist detained, more on AUSA exhibits, major corruption scandal in Kyiv MoD, mass grave of OUN personnel murdered by Gestapo found – important as it contradicts Russian propaganda claiming OUN were all Nazis.

Iran deal decertification debate continues, Sally ISIS Jones killed in RPV strike, more on Kurds, Syria, Turkey and atrocities against Rohingya.

DPRK makes more threats. Western MSM are aiding and abetting the DPRK extortion game by feeding hysteria over the prospect of a war, which the DPRK would lose horribly, and thus are complicit in this mess. DPRK as a nuclear proliferator. Gady explores prospects for a post invasion insurgency in the DPRK. CNN report on seafood smugging into China, trial of clueless assassins continues. Kristof, a man of deep convictions, presents the DPRK perspective [COCW].

Czech Putinist Pres Zeman earns more COCWs. FDP in Germany promoting Russian agendas – its seems large swaths of German politics have been successfully corrupted with Russian money.

Excellent articles on space, BMD, hypersonics. Suicide drones and their first appearance 17 years ago in a B-grade SciFi movie – including a portable container launcher.

DPRK hacking is a major theme, as is the 30 GB hacking breach of an Australian ITAR contractor, it appears due to the complete absence of any Aust DoD cybersecurity auditing. Miscellaneous reports on cyber and propaganda.

Russian exploitation of US social media, and arrogant rejection of pleas to deal with the problem as far back as three  years ago are dominant US domestic themes.

Russia / Russophone Reports

Russia says U.S. military in Baltic contradicts Russia-NATO agreement: RIA

Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday that the U.S. military presence in the Baltic states contradicts the Russia-NATO agreement, RIA news agency quoted it as saying.

Georgian president calls for ‘unified strategy’ against Russia – To Inform is to Influence

Great initiative by Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili.  The biggest problem is the response by Russia.  Can the West withstand the propaganda onslaught sure to follow.  The West will be accused of ganging up on Russia. Of trying to unfairly stop Russia in its simple quest to just establish itself as a world power again.  Of trying…

Russia Is the Biggest Recipient of Chinese Foreign Aid | Foreign Policy

In the past two decades, as China’s resource-gobbling economy and its desire for influence has ballooned, so has the amount of foreign aid that China has distributed around the globe. Since the turn of the century, China has doled out nearly as much aid as the United States, even if it has kept that financing low-key and hard to track. But unlike in decades past, that’s not going to mainly developing countries in Asia or Africa, but to Russia. Between 2000 and 2014, Beijing provided Moscow with a total of $36.6 billion in loans, grants, and other agreements, according to a years-long study published today by the College of William and Mary’s AidData research lab. The next-highest recipient of Chinese foreign aid during that period was Pakistan, at $24.3 billion, followed by Angola at $16.6 billion. (North Korea, for all the talk of China propping up the regime, got a paltry $272.65 million — officially, at least.)

UAWire – More than a million people evacuated in Russia because of bomb threats

More than a million people from 170 Russian cities were evacuated after a wave of bomb threats, reported RIA Novosti, citing a source in …

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Putin will Restore Iron Curtain after Elections, Agora’s Chikov Says

Paul Goble Staunton, October 11 – Pavel Chikov, head of the Kazan-based Agora Human Rights Organization, says that after Vladimir Putin is re-elected, the Kremlin leader will neutralize the political and regional elites, pull out of the Council of Europe, restore the death penalty, and impose tight restrictions on anyone seeking to go abroad and the confiscation of their property. In short, he argues, Putin will restore the Iron Curtain. That will also involve, he says, a ban on foreign media, withdrawal from the European Court of Human Rights, and denunciation of numerous international treaties. In fact, he suggests, relations with some European countries may be so bad that missions will be closed ( With respect to Russia’s regions and republics, Chikov continues, Putin will oversee the seizure of control over all major enterprises and the “final neutralization of their political and national sovereignty.” He has already made a move in that direction in Daghestan and can be expected now to move against the leadership of Tatarstan. Putin, in the Agora head’s view, will also move to “cleanse” the religious space of the country via “mass criminal trials” and the expulsion from the country “of all backers of non-traditional religions, be they the Tabligs, Nursis, and Hizbis of Islam, the Jehovah’s Witnesses of Christianity, or the Krishnaites, AUM, and yoga of Buddhism, as well as the Scientologists.” Already next summer, Chikov says, Moscow will adopt “a package of new repressive laws and initiatives” and will impose a real, not symbolic jail sentence on Aleksey Navalny and other opposition figures. Entrepreneurs independent of the Kremlin will face more harassment and trumped up criminal charges. And Putin’s new term, the Agora activist continues, will also see the imposition of a Russian firewall on the Internet, the filtration of all content from abroad, and “the isolation of the Internet space of Russia.” The human rights activist’s prognosis is far bleaker than those offered by many others, but it is not inconsistent with the direction Putin has been moving in over the course of the last several years. All of the things he projects may not happen, but they are certainly on what might be called “Putin’s wish list.” As such, the Kremlin leader should be tracked especially closely now because what he will in fact do in 2018 is already being prepared by his Presidential Administration. Only vigilance and a willingness to stand up to and openly oppose him gives any hope for a freer and not more oppressive Russian future.

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Could a Urals Republic Become One of Russia’s Catalonias?

Paul Goble Staunton, October 11 –Mikhail Gorbachev said this week there are “many Catalonias” within the Russian Federation (, and Russian commentator Arkady Babchenko said its peoples would be better off in ten countries rather than one ( This recognition of the power of regionalism and of the power of the narcissism of small differences among peoples that others assume are far more uniform and united is especially significant at a time when the Kremlin is doing what it can to crush the elites of the existing republics and regions. Indeed, they give new support for an argument the current author made in December 2016 on the AfterEmpire portal, “Regionalism is the nationalism of the next Russian Revolution,” because regions unlike republics, krays and oblasts will be formed from below rather than imposed from above ( Consequently, they may constitute a challenge to the Kremlin even at a time when it appears that Vladimir Putin has gelded or worse the leaders of the existing federal subjects, offering the population of various ethnic and religious backgrounds a way forward independent of the hyper-centralized Muscovite empire. Tracking such trends has been made easier by the editors of the After Empire portal ( and by those at the Free Ingria organization site ( as well as by regional outlets across the Russian Federation. But these have now been gained an important addition, a site devoted to the idea of a Urals Republic ( That site, which has just gone live ( does three important things: first, it builds on the ideas of Urals regionalism of the 1990s, second, it provides a focus for regionalists in the middle of Russia, and third, it links them with other regionalist groups elsewhere, reinforcing and empowering both. One of its first posts is entitled “Is Moscow Afraid of the Urals Republic,” an article which argues that the central government clearly is. It put one activist in a psychiatric prison for backing the idea, and in the last year alone, it has closed down 13 VKontakte groups that were promoting the idea ( Moscow is alarmed by the support the idea of a Urals Republic now has, support that is growing as the economic crisis gets worse, Moscow takes more and more from the people of the region and gives back less and less. Recently, it has deployed its propaganda machine against Urals activists on a regular basis. (On that, see In particular, the post says, Moscow is afraid that a new generation of leaders will emerge who will be prepared to go even further than Eduard Rossel did in the 1990s and that a movement will emerge calling for “the independence of the Urals” and that the center won’t be able to neutralize. It ends with a declaration of the ideas behind Urals separatism: “We People of the Urals are Free Peoples! When we are asked what do you Urals people want, we respond: the separation of the Urals from Russia. We want freedom, independence, and the construction of a just society. We want to decide for ourselves where we will go and what we will do.” “Our movement,” it continues, “is not yet so numerous … but it is gathering support.”

Window on Eurasia — New Series: Ethnic Russians in Tatarstan Against Learning Tatar But Other Non-Tatars There Quite Ready to Do So

Paul Goble Staunton, October 11 – Evidence collected by Russian speakers to suggest that no non-Tatar living in Tatarstan would want to learn the language of the titular nationality has in fact highlighted something else: Ethnic Russians there don’t want to learn a second language, but other non-Russians there are quite prepared to learn three. Commenting on the map of declarations of those opposed to having their children study in Tatar, Gulnar Gabdrakhmanova, an ethnographer at Kazan’s Institute of History, says that unlike the Russians, the other minorities in Tatarstan view the Tatar language as part of their daily life and aren’t against its study in the schools ( Many of these people, including other Turkic and Finno-Ugric nations, “have lived on this territory for centuries and have experience of inter-cultural relationships. For them, the Tatar language is not viewed as some kind of threat. They view it normally. Besides, among Mordvins, Maris, and Chuvash, there are a large number of people who know Tatar well.” Thus, surveys “show that they do not resist studying the language. For them, this is a normal part of their daily life. It is something entirely natural for them.” And thus, their attitudes are very different than those of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers who do view other languages like Tatar as threats that must be resisted. Gabdrakhmanova makes that argument in the course of an interview with Regina Khisamova of IdelReal, in which she compared the distribution of the 2800 calls by parents of Russian speakers to the distribution of various ethnic groups in the districts of the Republic of Tatarstan. “According to the 2010 census, Tatarstan is one of the most multi-national subjects of Russia,” she points out; and “the number of Tatars in the districts of the republic vary widely. In nine regions, the ethnic Russian population dominates;” in 10, the share of Tatars exceeds 80 percent. And in some other nationalities like the Chuvash predominate. Most of the places from which appeals not to study Tatar came from the eastern portion of the republic, she says, an area that has a primarily ethnic Russian population. Most of these people came here in Soviet times for rebuilding after the war and the construction of factories; they did not identify or integrate with the Tatars. These people, the ethnographer says, “did not have the experience of inter-ethnic interaction with the Tatars and with Tatar culture and languages.” And sociological surveys show that they typically display a lower assessment of inter-ethnic relations. Thus their attitudes about languages are not surprising. Elsewhere, where other non-Russian but non-Tatar people live, the pattern is different. They have been in this region for centuries, they have integrated with the Tatars, and they have no objection to studying the language of the titular nationality of the republic, even if it is their third language.

Officials From Russia’s Media Regulator Under House Arrest Amid Fraud Investigation

Officials from Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor, including its press secretary, were placed under house arrest earlier this month amid an investigation into possible fraud, a Moscow court spokesman said.

The spokesman for Russia’s federal censor is reportedly under criminal investigation — Meduza

Vadim Ampelonsky, the press secretary for Roskomnadzor, Russia’s federal censor, has been named in a fraud case, a source familiar with the situation told the website, which reported no further details about the investigation.

UAWire – Daughter of Putin’s university teacher suggests that Latvia should impose sanctions on her father

Former top manager of PhosAgro, Igor Sychev, and the daughter of the rector of the St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University, …

What’s with world leaders giving Vladimir Putin puppies as gifts? – The Washington Post

From appearances, it seems as though nothing wins over the Russian strongman like a dog.

Ambulance Called To Court During Trial Of Ex-Russian Regional Governor

The corruption trial of Nikita Belykh, the liberal former governor of Russia's Kirov region, was interrupted when an ambulance was called after the defendant felt ill. The Presyna distric…

It’s hard to be neutral about Putin | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

It’s hard to be neutral about Putin – At 65, Putin shows no signs of slowing down, which is a good news for India.

Anti-doping chief calls for Russia ban – To Inform is to Influence

The chief executive of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Agencies says Russia should be banned from next year’s Winter Olympics. Source:  AAP Russia should be banned from next year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the chief executive of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Agencies (iNADO) said in an interview published on Thursday. Canadian Joseph de Pencier told…

Medvedev Touts Russian Hopes Of Supplying Morocco With Liquefied Gas

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev discussed supplying liquefied Russian natural gas to Morocco on a visit to Rabat on October 11 during which he signed a string of energy, military, and othe…

Belarus Reports

Russian Historian Jailed In Belarus After Lecture On Anarchism

Activists say a court in Belarus has jailed a Russian professor for six days on a hooliganism charge after police barged into a lecture he was giving on the history of anarchism.

Russian Priest-Pimp Is To Be Tried In Belarus – Charter’97 :: News from Belarus – Belarusian News – Republic of Belarus – Minsk

The case against the priest detained in Vitsebsk came to court. The criminal case against a 39-year-old priest from Russia, who tried to take two Belarusians to Petersburg as “human slaves”, was submitted to the Belarusian court. “The criminal case against a 39-year-old citizen with no previous convictions under the Part 1 of the Article 14, the Part 2 of the Article 171 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (attempted organization and use of prostitution by others associated with export of persons from the state for the purpose of prostitution), was filed in the Chyhunachny district court of Vitsebsk,” – learned in the Vitsebsk regional court on Thursday. According to the law, the maximum penalty for this charge is ten years in prison. They noted that they will report the date of the court hearings later. We remind, that in early August, the investigative committee of Belarus reported on the detention of a priest from Russia in Vitsebsk on the suspicion of trying to take two Belarusians to St. Petersburg as a “human commodity” for prostitution. He failed to bring his intent to the end, since he was detained at the Vitsebsk bus station while boarding the bus heading to St. Petersburg. During the investigation of the criminal case, the IC found out that the Russian was involved in the recruitment of “human commodity” in Homel. So, at the beginning of this year he had Internet correspondence with girls from Belarus. Having received consent to prostitution of 25-year-old and 29-year-old women, the Russian sent his accomplice to Homel – a 19-year-old Tajik woman who was supposed to send the Belarusian women to the “place of employment” in Russia.

Belarusian With Grenade Detained In St. Petersburg Metro – Charter’97 :: News from Belarus – Belarusian News – Republic of Belarus – Minsk

The day before, law enforcement officers had to close one of the St. Petersburg metro stations and take the people out urgently.

Transnistria / Moldova Reports

UAWire – Russian President Putin and Moldovan President Dodon met in Sochi

On October 10th, Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with Moldovan President Igor Dodon while staying at his residence, Bocharov Ruchey, …

UAWire – Moldovan President Dodon promises Putin that he will not pass anti-Russian laws

Moldovan President Igor Dodon discussed his last meeting with Vladimir Putin on his Facebook page. According to Dodon, he promised the Russian …

EU Withholds Loan To Moldova Over Lack Of Justice Reforms

The European Union says it won&rsquo;t transfer a final tranche of loans worth 28 million euros ($33 million) to support the reforms of Moldova's justice system, as the authorities have no…

Moldova’s EU Financing on Hold: Justice and Rule of Law Endangered | EuBulletin.Com

EU States Agree On ‘Aspiration’ Declaration About Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova

BRUSSELS –&nbsp;EU ambassadors have agreed to recognize the European aspirations of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, according to a draft statement of next month&rsquo;s Eastern Partnership summit see…

Ukraine Reports

Ukraine’s Poroshenko: ‘Russia’s Main Goal is to Destroy Democracy’ – YouTube

Poroshenko’s speech at PACE (full text and video) – – Poroshenko’s speech at PACE (full text and video) –

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave his speech at the plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Poroshenko Urges PACE Not To Return To ‘Business As Usual’ With Russia

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has urged the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to keep pressure on Moscow over &ldquo;the Russian aggression in Ukraine,&rdquo; urging th…

PACE adopts resolution on Ukraine’s new education law | UNIAN

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted a resolution with recommendations to Ukraine on the law on education in terms of minority languages. News 12 October from UNIAN.

LIVE: Urgent debate on Ukraine in PACE –

The urgent debate on Ukraine’s law On education has been initiated by head of the Romanian delegation Titus Corlatean

Member of Estonian delegation in PACE finds Ukrainian education law unrealistic –

Member of Estonian delegation in PACE finds education law unrealistic

Star dedicated to slain Euromaidan protesters unveiled near Council of Europe -Euromaidan Press |

On 11 October, a star commemorating the Heroes of the Heaven’s Hundred, the Euromaidan activists killed during protests in 2013-2014, was unveiled on the alley of stars in Strasbourg near the Council of Europe. President Poroshenko was present at the unveiling. “This is a star to the heroes of the Revolution of Dignity, which paid for our right to build a country based on European standards. Opening today this star to the Heroes of the Heavens Hundred, we honor their contribution to Ukrainian history and the history of Europe,” Poroshenko said.

Russia indicted two Ukrainian border guards it kidnapped earlier

12.10.17 12:24 – Russia indicted two Ukrainian border guards it kidnapped earlier The two Ukrainian border guards that were kidnapped by Russia in early October in the Sumy region have been indicted of illegal crossing of the border. View news.

Ukraine’s Security Service: over 300 Serbs fought on “LNR” side in Donbas –

Since the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, over 300 citizens of Serbia fought on the side of the “LNR” militants, as Vasyl Hrytsak, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, said in a briefing. “Maybe some of you have already heard about the so-called “Ukrainian law” in Serbia. This law was promulgated in 2014, and it basically means that the citizens of Serbia who participated (in military activity) on Ukraine’s territory, have to be prosecuted, once the “hands” of Serbian justice get to them. As of today, we know that only on the territory of the “LNR”, over 300 citizens of Serbia fought in the Donbas conflict,” he said. Grytsak added that the information about these militants was sent to Serbia. According to him, most of the “Serbian” troops of the “LNR” are placed near occupied Alchevsk. “We have the surnames and addresses,” Hrytsak emphasized.

SBU warns of possible large-scale cyber attack – 12.10.2017 12:47 — Ukrinform News

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has warned of a new wave of a large-scale cyber attack on government agencies and private companies, reads a report posted on the SBU's website.&nbsp;

 Ukraine’s Security Agency warns of new scale cyber attack –

The main aim is to break the normal operation of informational systems which may destabilize the situation in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Donbas-reintegration bill branding Russia “aggressor state” passes first reading -Euromaidan Press |

Two bills passed in the Ukrainian parliament on October 6 are the legislative milestones for a tactical settlement of the Donbas conflict.

Russia-Backed Forces Could Face Armed Ground Robots in Ukraine Conflict in 2018 | Newsweek

As robotic warfare becomes increasingly normal, experts warn we still have much to learn about the overall implications of using this technology.

Ukroboronprom represented the new UGV Phantom-2 at the international defense exhibition AUSA-2017

SpetsTechnoExport – represented the new UGV Phantom-2 at the international defense exhibition AUSA-2017

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Militants launched 41 attacks on Ukrainian troops in Donbas in last day – 12.10.2017 09:25 — Ukrinform News

The situation in ATO area in eastern Ukraine has escalated. Russian-backed militants launched 41 attacks on positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in last day.&nbsp;

Donbas escalation: Ukraine reports 1 WIA amid 41 militant attacks in last day

Russia's hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 41 times in the past 24 hours, with one Ukrainian soldier reported as wounded in action (WIA), according to the press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters. News 12 October from UNIAN.

Pro-Russian militants violated the ceasefire regime 41 times in the 24 hours while the Ukrainian militaries used the full range of the non-prohibited weapons 28 times –

Escalation of Donbas Conflict: 41 attacks, one Ukrainian soldier injured

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) prevented the terrorist actions in Mariupol that were planned by the subverters from the Donetsk People’s Republic –

SBU detained two DPR subverters who prepared explosion at Mariupol railway

Over 165,000 explosive devices disposed in Donbas since ATO start – 12.10.2017 10:35 — Ukrinform News

Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine, combat engineers of the Ukrainian army have disposed over 165,000 explosive devices and cleared over 3 thousand hectares of territory.

UAWire – Media: Russia increased import of coal from separatist-held territories of eastern Ukraine

In September, about 208,000 tons of coal, mined in the separatist-held territories of eastern Ukraine, were exported from Russia to Europe. …

After the International exhibition we will sign the contract of BTR-4 purchase, Minister of Defence

Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak announced it at the XIV International specialized exhibition ‘Arms and Security – 2017’ in Kyiv. “I like the last version of BTR-4. It has been changed a lot if we compare it with BTR we bought in 2014. It differs. All defects and remarks have been considered and eliminated. It is floatable, has better armour and mine protection; its control system is better and safer. About 100 amendments have been made since 2014,” Gen. Poltorak said. The Minister of Defence of Ukraine informed that the contract of such armored personnel carriers purchase would be signed after the exhibition. According to him, considering the financial resource, the Defence Ministry got in summer, the procedure of signing contracts and launching manufacturing Oplot tanks is being carried out.

Ukroboronprom demonstrates Ukrainian vehicles for the first time at the AUSA exhibition in Washington

The State Concern Ukroboronprom (UOP) for the first time represents developments of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex at the international exhibition of armament AUSA (Association of the US Army) in Washington. “The AUSA exhibition is one of the most influential world defense events, where the latest high-tech developments in military equipment and armament are represented. This year we are on equal terms with the world leaders, therefore UOP participation in this exhibition is a significant event for the whole of Ukraine,” stated UOP representatives. Ukroboronprom intends to demonstrate developments that have already proven their effectiveness in real combat operations. Participation in this exhibition will help Ukraine to strengthen its position as a reliable and prospective partner in the international arms market. The UOP booth represents the latest Ukrainian military equipment, most of which proved its effectiveness and security in combat operations – armored vehicles, mortars, tanks, rocket-artillery weapons and many other weapons used by the Ukrainian Army. Also, Ukroboronprom demonstrates the latest unmanned equipment, developed and manufactured in Ukraine, taking into account the experience of hybrid warfare.

[ed. Pictures were accidentally switched with a similar story, above]

Ukraine, Lithuania sign key memorandum in defence industry – 12.10.2017 10:28 — Ukrinform News

Ukrainian State Concern &ldquo;Ukroboronprom&rdquo; and the Lithuanian Defence and Security Industries Association (LDSIA) signed a key memorandum providing for the creation of favorable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation between the defence enterprises of both countries.

Ukrainian aviation plant, Rockwell Collins sign strategic cooperation agreement – 11.10.2017 10:48 — Ukrinform News

State Enterprise Plant 410 Civil Aviation and the leading American Rockwell Collins Company, specializing in manufacture and development of digital and electronic systems for aviation, as well as other avionics, signed a memorandum of cooperation.

How Ukrainian Army Rejection Failed to Stop Volunteer Defending His Homeland – YouTube

Sea Breeze-2017. Part 1 | Ukraine in Uniform – YouTube

“I will cut off hands of people who steal in the army,” – Poroshenko

12.10.17 14:16 – I will cut off hands of people who steal in the army, – Poroshenko Examining military dorms in Kyiv, the president of Ukraine said he will cut off hands of people who steal in the army. View news.

Deputy Defense Minister Pavloskyi detention: list of suspects and charges

12.10.17 10:30 – Deputy Defense Minister Pavloskyi detention: list of suspects and charges Six citizens have been or might be indicted under the case of large scale embezzlement related to fuel procurement by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. View news.

Deputy Minister of Defence detained on suspicion of misappropriating almost $5.7 million on purchasing petrol –

Suspects of embezzling almost $5.7 million on petrol for Ministry of Defence run away –

Worth a fortune: Why there are no cheap iPhones in Ukraine? –

Ukrainian prices for the first “grey” (illegal) iPhone 8 consignment are traditionally impressive – an average of $ 1,300 for the base model at the start of sales. Of course, the gray market at the start of sales is not an indicator;

Excavations in Ternopil Oblast reveal mass grave of OUN members executed by Gestapo -Euromaidan Press |

Employees of the memorial research association “Dolya” (Lviv Regional Council) and researchers of “Patriot” Historical Society, working in an archeological dig in Yahilnytsia, Chortkiv Raion, Ternopil Oblast, have discovered a mass grave of OUN* members and sympathizers (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) who were executed by the Gestapo on November 27, 1942.

UAWire – Russia preparing to install the second arch of the Kerch Bridge

In the Kerch Strait, shipping will be restricted during the installation of the second arch for the bridge to the Crimea. Shipping in the bridge …

Russia’s FSB Detains Six Crimean Tatars Accused Of Being Hizb ut-Tahrir Members

Activists in Russian-controlled Crimea say six Crimean Tatars have been detained on suspicion of extremism in what the activists and the Ukrainian government say is part of a discriminatory campaign targeting members of the Muslim group.

Russia / Iran / Syria / Iraq / OEF Reports

How the U.S. Lost the War in Syria to Russia and Iran

Syria’s war is almost over and experts say the U.S. has few options to counter what’s been a major victory for Russia, Iran and President Bashar al-Assad.

White House Briefs Congress on Iran Decertification Plan – NBC News

President Donald Trump’s top advisers informed lawmakers of his decision not to certify to Congress that Iran is complying with the landmark nuclear deal.

The Art of the ‘Worst’ Deal: Trump Blasts Iran Agreement – NBC News

President Donald Trump described the Iran nuclear deal as “one of the most incompetently drawn deals I’ve ever seen” in a television interview Wednesday night, hours after his top advisers briefed lawmakers on Capitol Hill about a decision to decertify the plan this week.

Trump to force GOP reckoning on Iran | TheHill

Republicans in Congress will face a wrenching choice if President Trump follows through on decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump Iran deal plan could open nuclear ‘pandora’s box’ – CNNPolitics

President Donald Trump appears poised to “decertify” the Iran nuclear deal in an effort to initiate tougher and more wide-ranging restrictions on Tehran, but his plan — which hinges on Congress determining a path forward — is raising concerns of a potential backlash that could set the stage for another nuclear crisis.

On the eve of Trump delivering decision on Iran deal, Congress strategizes – The Washington Post

Republicans got a classified briefing on the administration’s plans, while Democrats got together with the nuclear deal’s architects, now out of power.

Isis ‘White Widow’ Sally Jones is killed by US drone strike | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

Sally Jones, one of the world’s most wanted female terrorists, has been killed in a US drone strike in Syria, it was revealed last night.The former punk rocker

British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones ‘killed by drone’ – BBC News

London-born Sally Anne-Jones, the widow of an IS fighter, was a recruiter for the group in Syria.

Peshmerga denies drone downing by Iraqi army in Mosul

Mosul ( The Kurdish Peshmerga has denied news over downing its drone by the Iraqi army in east of Mosul. “News circulated over……..

Peshmerga temporarily close roads to Mosul as tensions escalate

We are waiting orders from our superiors to open them

UAWire – Russia accuses US of possible breach of truce in southern Syria, Pentagon denies accusations

On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the Pentagon of a possible breach of the peace agreement in the southern de-escalation zone …

U.S. Still Seeking Explanation for Arrest of Staff in Turkey | The Epoch Times

Turkey, US to work on solution to visa row: Deputy PM

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag says representatives to come together in the forthcoming days and take steps accordingly – Anadolu Agency

There’s a massive humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps – The Washington Post

What nation could keep up with half a million desperate, incoming refugees?

Rohingya Recount Atrocities: ‘They Threw My Baby Into a Fire’ – The New York Times

The New York Times visited refugee camps where civilians described a campaign of slaughter and rape by Myanmar’s military.


North Korea LIVE: N Korea says Trump has ‘lit the wick of war’, threatens to ‘settle score with hail of fire’ –

The US flew B-1B bombers from Guam to the Korean Peninsula for joint exercises with the South Korean Air Force late Tuesday. Please stay tuned for live updates and other interesting developments.

North Korea: Trump has ‘lit the wick’ of war – CNNPolitics

US President Donald Trump has “lit the wick of war” against North Korea, a Russian state news agency quoted North Korea’s foreign minister as saying on Wednesday.

Asked to Explain ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Remark, Trump Talks North Korea | World News | US News

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Trump: Obama ‘should have taken care of’ North Korea | TheHill

President Trump on Wednesday placed blame on President Obama and others for not doing more to curb North Korea’s nuclear program, saying that the world has reached a point at which “something has to be done.”

Will North Korea sell its nuclear technology?

Kim Jong Un’s regime has already earned millions from the export of arms, missiles, drugs and endangered wildlife products.

Will North Korea sell its nuclear technology? –

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Franz-Stefan Gady | Would China and Russia Support a North Korean Insurgency? | The Diplomat

It likely depends on North Korea’s use of weapons of mass destruction in a conflict with the U.S. and South Korea. A U.S.-South Korean military victory over North Korea is not preordained. In fact, as a I argued yesterday (See: “Military Stalemate: How North Korea Could Win a War With the US”), a bloody military stalemate is just as likely as a costly victory over the Kim Jong-un regime. However, it goes without saying that we should continue to entertain the possibility that Republic of Korea (ROK) and U.S. forces succeed in defeating the conventional forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Yet, what happens the day after the Second Korean War? For one thing, it seems clear that North Koreans will not greet U.S. and ROK forces as liberators. As John Reid wrote for The Diplomat in May: It would be a grave error to assume that North Koreans will simply be overwhelmed with joy at having food, iPhones, and K-pop. Much like in post-war Iraq, the vacuum created by the loss of an authoritarian regime cannot simply be filled with platitudes of freedom and liberty. Indeed, there is a real possibility that a violent collapse of the Kim Jong-un regime could lead to an insurgency in a post-DPRK North Korea. We tend to forget that the North Korean state has been built up around a “guerilla myth,”as Bruce Cumings notes. A 2017 study by the U.S.-Korea Institute (USKI) at SAIS finds that a collapse of the North Korean state could “open the door to potential civil war inside the DPRK as well as resistance to an intervention seeking to reunify the Korean peninsula.” Consequently, “politicians and military planners alike must take seriously the possibility of insurgency in any state following rapid and violent governmental change.” A number of factors could make North Korea ripe for an insurgency. First, there likely would be a large stockpile of unsecured weapons available to insurgents. Of course, this would depend on the duration of the conventional military campaign and the scale and scope of destruction. Nevertheless, various sources have indicated that the DPRK is actively preparing for an insurgency in the event of an invasion and would therefore likely have taken care to store stockpiles of weapons for conducting insurgency operations not to be used for conventional warfare. The USKI study notes that securing these weapons would prove difficult and would require at least 50,000 soldiers: “In a plausibly worst-case scenario, such as the violent collapse of the regime, it would likely be impossible to secure many of these stockpiles, as looting of stockpiles would happen too quickly. As a result, any insurgency in the North would likely be well-armed.” Second, over 8 million North Koreans have undergone some form of military training in their lifetime. DPRK military reserve forces alone consist of close to 7.5 million or roughly 30 percent of the entire population of the country. The reserve force consists of reserve military training units, Worker-Peasant Red Guards, the Red Youth Guard, and paramilitary units. (Some of these units only have access to obsolete weapons or indeed are unarmed).

North Korean crabs in China show challenge facing Trump – Oct. 11, 2017

President Trump has repeatedly complained that China isn’t doing enough to squeeze Kim Jong Un’s regime. CNN went to the North Korean border to see why.

How to Succeed in Business in North Korea | Foreign Policy

International sanctions can’t compete against the ingenuity of North Korean entrepreneurs.

World War 3: New Zealand firm admits supplying parts to North Korea | World | News |

NEW ZEALAND aircraft manufacturer Pacific Aerospace Ltd has plead guilty in a New Zealand court to indirectly exporting aircraft parts to North Korea, according to Fairfax Media.

China calls on the US to calm its threats against North Korea

China is repeatedly calling for calm on the Korean Peninsula as tensions remain high ahead of a pivotal Chinese Communist Party meeting.

North Korean special forces are training to invade South Korea with paragliders | Business Insider

North Korean special forces have been training…

Defense stocks soar on the spectre of war with North Korea

Since July 3, when North Korea fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile, defense and aerospace stocks have soared.

How Canada Is Coping With North Korea

How Canada Is Coping With North Korea

North Korea has £250,000 in unpaid congestion charges | Daily Mail Online

North Korean diplomats owe more than £250,000 in congestion charges and £4,500 in parking fines, Boris Johnson has disclosed. Foreign diplomats have racked up £100million in total.

Four other suspects in killing of North Korean Kim Jong Nam named in court

Four suspects charged with two women accused of killing the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader were identified for the first time in a Malaysian court on Thursday.

Nicholas Kristof | Listen to ‘The Daily’: Inside North Korea – The New York Times

The U.S. sees North Korea as a hostile nation that is dangerously deluded and ready for war. But how does North Korea see the U.S.?

Nicholas Kristof | Trump’s Scary Strategy on North Korea – The New York Times

A war with Pyongyang could kill one million on the first day.

Foreign Policy Reports

Letter from three countries against Nord Stream-2 to be signed soon – Speaker Parubiy – 12.10.2017 14:18 — Ukrinform News

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy has said that a joint letter to the European Commission from Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania against the Nord Stream-2 project will soon be signed.

Zeman’s comment on Crimea in headlines – To Inform is to Influence

Czech Republic President Zeman caught a lot of flack for recent comments about Russia, I wrote, How To Make Everybody Angry – Czech President Zeman. But I forgot to write about the Czechian people and include the government. My best anonymous source in the Czech Republic says there is a huge split between those who…

Penitence of Czechs: Zeman is irresponsible president who does not decide anything – 112 International

Czech government is responsible for foreign policy, and the president represents the state at the international level, however, unlike other politicians, he irresponsibly performs his functions

G7 group should invite Putin to next summit – German FDP leader

The leader of Germany’s pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), a possible partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s next government, has called for Russia to be invited to the next summit of the Group of Seven (G7) industrialised countries.

The Final Comeback of Boris Johnson? | The National Interest

Johnson’s publishing of a 4000-word shadow manifesto over the weekend has Britain buzzing that the foreign secretary could finally challenge Prime Minister Theresa May.

Spain gives Catalan leader 8 days to drop independence

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday gave the Catalan government eight days to drop an independence bid, failing which he would suspend Catalonia’s political autonomy and rule the region directly.

Strategy / History / Capability Publications

Fighting in the Uncommons – Modern War Institute

What you can’t see can kill you. This has always been true in warfare, from infections to IEDs, but the problem has become particularly pressing with the modern era’s space, missile, and high-altitude threats. Fresh thinking is needed; the past will not be a useful guide for what’s ahead. Around the time GPS-guided Americans crossed the berm into Iraq in 2003, Barry Posen called attention to what he called the “foundation” of American military strength: “command of the commons.” Posen defined this as the “areas that belong to no one state and that provide access to much of the globe,” including the sea, air, space and cyberspace. And, due to American dominance in these commons, Posen predicted “U.S. hegemony will be around for some time.” That dominance didn’t last. As I’ve written before, all of America’s principal adversaries have developed and now use distant, standoff fires as a “tactical stiff-arm” to hold our “global power projection at bay so they can achieve regional objectives.” Think intercontinental trench warfare. Harvard’s Stephen Rosen sees much the same picture, arguing that because prospective force projectors can be disrupted “at unlimited distances,” we’ve got to think hard and think new about this challenge. But first we’ve got to define the problem. Describe it. Do better at understanding the challenge. Because while Posen was masterful in describing the broad map and the general aspects of the commons’ multiple domains, his essay lumped them together. But not all commons are alike. Technology has changed them. For example, cyber is now as common as it gets. Cheap, commercial, civilian-run, cyber is ubiquitous. Same goes for commercial air- and sea-faring traffic; nearly every country has airports, most have seaports—these engines of global commerce are widely dispersed. Of course, less common, but still fairly regular, most countries with military forces have some sort of air and sea force.

Adding Shots on Target: Wargaming Beyond the Game

What will the future wars look like? Fiction offers a range of answers — some contradictory. Is the priority urban security as depicted in the dystopian sc

Russian Lawmaker: We Would Use Nukes if US or NATO Enters Crimea – Defense One

The Western alliance’s troop buildup in Eastern Europe has Moscow spooked.

Raytheon: Accelerate One Missile Defense, But Not At Cost Of Another | Defense content from Aviation Week

The Holy Grail of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has long been the Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV), which would allow one interceptor to tackle several incoming nuclear warheads hurtling toward the U.S. The realization of this technology could make today’s interceptors look rather primitive and wasteful, since operators must currently fire two or three multimillion-dollar Ground-Based Interceptors (GBI) at each warhead they detect to maximize the chances of success. The fleet of interceptors located at Fort Greely, Alaska, and Vandenberg AFB, California, might take on 20 incoming warheads at most when armed with the single-target Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV). But what happens if each incoming missile carries multiple warheads, plus decoys and other penetration aids? That is where MOKV would excel.

Anatomy Of U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Key Systems | Missile Defense content from Aviation Week

The Ground-Based Interceptor is the central flight component of Boeing’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense system and is topped by an Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle.

DARPA Picks Aerojet Rocketdyne to Build Hypersonic Jet Engine

The turbine-based combined cycle engine will combine elements of a turbojet for low speeds and a dual-mode ramjet and scramjet from supersonic and hypersonic flight.

Operation Opera – The Raid on the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor | – Defence Aviation

Suicide drone provides lethal punch for special operations forces

Mistral’s Uvision drones are light, man packable, and come armed with a warhead, giving U.S. special operations forces added lethality in areas where support by conventional forces may be limited or non-existent.

Israeli Suicide-Drone Maker Accused Of Live Demo Targeting Armenian Troops | Zero Hedge

An Israeli defense contractor is facing allegations that it live tested a high tech suicide drone against Armenian troops in an active battle zone.

Israel Exports Loitering Anti-Missile Drone

Xchange (2000) trailer – YouTube

XChange (film) – Wikipedia

IW/IO/Cyber Reports

North Korea Allegedly Used Antivirus Software to Steal Defense Secrets – WSJ

A breach of South Korea’s military database in which suspected North Korean hackers pilfered defense secrets originated in compromised third-party cybersecurity software and was made possible by an unintended connection to the internet, according to people familiar with the attack.

Why the world should worry about cyber war with North Korea – CNN

US President Donald Trump’s war of words with Kim Jong Un’s regime has been focused on the latter’s nuclear capabilities. But what about its cyber ones?

Experts: North Korea Targeted U.S. Electric Power Companies – NBC News

A report prepared for private clients by the cybersecurity firm FireEye found North Korea tried to breach U.S. electric companies using spearphishing emails.

North Korean hackers target US electric companies with malware emails

The hackers used a spear phishing attack, which involves sending emails containing malicious links.

North Korea Used Email Malware in Attempted U.S. Cyber Attack – NBC News

In attempted cyber attack, North Korea used email containing malware to try to break into the U.S. power grid, according to exclusive documents obtained by NBC.

North Korea’s hacking abilities ‘beyond imagination,’ defector says – ABC News

A former North Korea cyber expert says hacking South Korea “a piece of cake.”

Time for the ninth MH17 disinformation round – Disinformation Review – 12 October 2017 – To Inform is to Influence

New #DisinfoReview from the EU East StratCom Task Force View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward 12 October 2017 *TRENDS OF THE WEEK* Time for the ninth MH17 disinformation round In the pro-Kremlin disinformation news cycle, timing is everything.  Every occasion can be used to amplify and strengthen the false message. This week’s…

Romania denies license renewal to Russian TV channel over propaganda

The Romanian authorities have turned down the request for license renewal by Russian RTR TV channel citing threats of propaganda, RFI reported. Latest UNIAN news from 12 October.

The online bots behind Vladimir Putin’s birthday wishes – BBC News

When Russian President Vladimir Putin turned 65 on 7 October, he was not short of online well-wishers. But how many were real?

Greek Court Agrees To Send Cybercrime Suspect Sought By U.S. To Russia

A panel of judges in Greece on October 11 accepted Russia's request for the extradition of a Russian cybercrime suspect also being sought by the United States for allegedly masterminding a $…

Kaspersky’s Alleged Russia Ties Highlight the Risks of Antivirus | WIRED

Reports that Russia used Kaspersky antivirus to probe US targets highlight the inherent risks of software that millions rely on for protection.

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying – WSJ

The Russian government used a popular antivirus software to secretly search computers around the world for classified U.S. government documents and top-secret information, according to current and former U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

Israel tipped off the NSA: Russia-based Kaspersky somehow has your hacking tools – LA Times

In 2015, Israeli government hackers saw something suspicious in the computers of Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab: hacking tools that could only have come from the National Security Agency. Israel notified the NSA, where officials began a hunt for the breach, according to people …

‘Putin Burger’ Waitresses Fired in New York City

Two employees have been fired from a New York City restaurant after they created and filmed a “Putin burger” in celebration of the Russian president’s birthday. The video agency Ruptly, owned by the Kremlin-backed news outlet RT, on Oct. 7 ran a story about Lucy’s Cantina Royale in Manhattan, featuring a 1,952-gram burger in honor of Vladimir Putin’s birth year. Perhaps the gram measurement in a country where ounces are used was the first tip-off that the celebration was staged. When Russian journalist Alexei Kovalev contacted the restaurant, representative Sean Ryan said his establishment “had never in any form celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Putin.” Ryan said that the waitress had “lied about a school film project,” and was suspended pending investigation. Russian independent channel Dozhd TV confirmed on Wednesday that the employees broadcast by RT offering the burger — Darya Pauto, a bartender, and Tamara Ilizarova, a waitress — had been dismissed.

Cyber Command stands up planning cells at combatant commands – To Inform is to Influence

By: Mark Pomerleau Cyber Command has stood up forward-deployed planning cells within the combatant command staffs to help better coordinate offensive and defensive cyber effects. The entities, called Cyber Operations-Integrated Planning Elements, or CO-IPE, are weeks-old. They will do all the planning for Department of Defense Information Network operations, defensive cyber operations, internal defensive measures and…

Here’s how the Army’s electronic warfare program differs from years past

The Army’s approach to multifunction in its electronic warfare program of record is a departure from years past.

Secret F-35, P-8, C-130 data stolen in Australian defence contractor hack | ZDNet

Around 30 gigabytes of ITAR-restricted aerospace and commercial data was exfiltrated by an unknown malicious actor during the months-long ‘Alf’s Mystery Happy Fun Time’ attack.

ACSC Threat Report highlights deplorable ignorance | ZDNet

The minister releases a significant cyber report, with news that a defence contractor was breached. That raises many questions, but the media failed to follow up. Australia, you’ve got a problem.

Blaming government for defence contractor’s lax cybersecurity ‘a stretch’: Pyne | ZDNet

Data on key defence projects was stolen from a small Australian defence contractor. Minister Christopher Pyne says the government isn’t responsible for vendor cybersecurity. But who is?

ACSC Threat Report [PDF]

Joint Strike Fighter Plans Stolen in Australia Cyber Attack | World News | US News

By Tom Westbrook SYDNEY (Reuters) – A hacker stole non-classified information about Australia’s Joint Strike Fighter program and other military hardware last year after breaching the network of a defense contractor, the defense industry minister said on Thursday. About 30 gigabytes of data was stolen in the cyber attack, including details of the Joint Strike Fighter warplane and P-8 Poseidon surveillance plane, according to a presentation on the hack by a government official. “Fortunately the data that has been taken is commercial data, not military data … it’s not classified information,” Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne told Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio. “I don’t know who did it.”

Hacker codenamed ‘Alf’ from Home and Away stole secret data on Joint Strike Fighter jets and surveillance planes – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Federal Government says it’s not to blame after a mystery hacker given the alias of an Australian soap opera character steals sensitive information about top-secret warplanes and navy ships from a Defence subcontractor.

Australia jet and navy data stolen in ‘extensive’ hack – BBC News

Sensitive information about fighter jets and naval vessels was stolen, authorities say.

US Domestic Policy Reports

Trump’s loose talk on nuclear weapons suddenly becomes very real – The Washington Post

NBC reports he called for a tenfold increase in nukes.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “Fake @NBCNews made up a story that I wanted a “tenfold” increase in our U.S. nuclear arsenal. Pure fiction, made up to demean. NBC = CNN!”

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”

Newt Gingrich: Vengeance: A warning about a dangerous world | Fox News

We are living in an incredibly dangerous world. In fact, this may be the most dangerous period since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Russia protests to U.S. ‘shameful’ theft of consulate flags

Russia protested to the United States on Wednesday after it said Russian flags were stolen from its consulate in San Francisco, a charge that Washington immediately disputed.

Russia Protests Over ‘Stolen’ Flags At Former U.S. Consulate, Prompting U.S. Denial

Russia lashed out at the United States on October 11, lodging a protest and claiming that Russian flags were stolen from its vacated consulate in San Francisco, a charge immediately disputed by the …

Moscow will send another 155 US diplomats home – To Inform is to Influence

Posted one hour ago by my favorite Russia MFA official.  Let the Russians play their numbers game and then commiserate about the crappy visa processing time.  The commentary in this article is especially humorous. </end editorial> (Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser) Source: The tension between Russia and America is reaching a new level…

Trump: ‘Russia was an excuse used by Democrats when they lost’ | TheHill

President Trump said in a new interview that Russia’s meddling in the United States election was an excuse from “Democrats when they lost.”

The making of a Russian disinformation campaign: What it takes – To Inform is to Influence

Excellent article.  This is a Russian intelligence activity sowing chaos and anarchy throughout the West.  Exploit the cracks in our society. Keep driving wedges into the cracks and fuel on the fires.   Now we have a precedent, we have a history, we have motive, we have means, and ways.  Soon we will have faces and…

How Russia’s Propaganda Campaign Exploited America’s Prejudices – To Inform is to Influence

I beg to differ with the author’s primary statement, otherwise, great article! Reporters and analysts have long suspected and, over the past several weeks, confirmed that Russian cyberactors were running propaganda campaigns under the noses of three major tech companies—Facebook, Twitter and Google—during the 2016 elections. All during the elections I was pointing out Russian involvement in the elections, but my statements fell on deaf ears. I sounded like a broken record, “the important thing is the Russians are interference with our election.” Their response was… “we need a story, we need it now and we don’t care about the Russians.” Like Obama when debating Mitt Romney, Romney, who calls Russia our “No. 1 geopolitical foe,” doesn’t seem to realize it’s the 21st century.“ Yes, SINCE the election loss by the Democrats, there has been increased interest in Russia, but only after it was revealed that Russian trolls bought Facebook ads did the logjam break. Until then, it was “prove it”. </end editorial>

Russia blocked pro-Ukrainian activists on Facebook during Crimea invasion – media – To Inform is to Influence

During the annexation of Crimea, Russia exploited the rules of Facebook to remove pro-Ukrainian comments and gain an advantage in the information space, according to MSNBC referring to the publication by The Daily Beast. According to MSNBC, Russian special services searched for the postings of pro-Ukrainian activists in the social network and reported them to Facebook admins as inappropriate, claiming that they contained pornography or other prohibited content. Such flagging was a systemic work and complaints were sent hundreds of times, which led to the blocking of the accounts. ” Russian information warfare operators were using a surprisingly effective technique on Facebook to clear Ukrainian voices off of social media, so the Russians wouldn`t have any competition for the information space while it was invading that neighboring country,” the report says, adding that the case is a “good reminder of how Russia fights using information warfare, alongside real world tangible tactics like blowing up ammunition depots and invading and seizing neighboring territory.” The report also says that the Ukrainian president, realizing the scope of the problem, has supported the activists and raised the issue with Facebook asking its executives to consider creating an office in Ukraine to deal with the problem of Russian operatives taking Ukrainian voices off of social media. However, “Facebook laughed off that request.” Former aide to the Secretary of State on strategic digital technology Moira Whelan confirmed the report on Twitter: “This is 100% accurate. Many of us inside of the State Department tried to help our colleagues in Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere. Facebook was simply unresponsive.”

Who Is Overseeing Google, Twitter, And Facebook Internal Investigations? – To Inform is to Influence

In researching my last blog, I ran across this article, Does Google’s Size Make It a Regulatory Target? Good article.  But buried down deep in the article it reveals Google’s search methodology for Russian political ad purchasing during the 2016 US election. The company is addressing the issue from multiple angles, the person said, including asking…

Russia Leading Google And Facebook Ad Disinformation, Sowing Confusion – To Inform is to Influence

I read a Moscow Times story, Russia Investigation Update: More Nasty Name-Calling, Ads and Emails, that was giving a fairly good explanation of the Facebook and Google ad situation, and then I reached these two  tiny paragraphs. Google discovered Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads aimed to spread disinformation during the 2016 U.S. election…

What we know about Russia’s use of American Facebook, Twitter, and Google to sway the election.

It’s not easy to regulate the most powerful companies in the world.

House Intelligence Committee will release Facebook’s Russia ads – POLITICO

The House’s top Russia investigator revealed the intended release after a closed-door meeting with the Facebook COO.

U.S. House Members To Release Facebook Ads Allegedly Bought By Russian Operatives

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee said they will publicly release thousands of Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russian operatives during last year'…

House intel committee to release Russia-linked Facebook ads – CNNPolitics

The House intelligence committee will release copies of the election-related Facebook ads that were purchased by Russian-linked accounts, the committee leaders said Wednesday.

RT is promoting these ads about the election and the CIA in New York and DC. – To Inform is to Influence

RT is promoting these ads about the election and the CIA in New York and DC. Apologies, RT, but your snarky doesn’t work. Russia Fail.

Russia Probe Now Investigating Cambridge Analytica, Trump’s ‘Psychographic’ Data Gurus

They were once Steve Bannon’s favorite analytics shop. Now investigators want to know if the Kremlin had a thing for Cambridge Analytica, too.

Top U.S. Senators Criticize White House For Delay On Russian Sanctions

WASHINGTON –&nbsp;Two leading U.S. senators have accused President Donald Trump&rsquo;s administration of dragging its feet on enforcing a new sanctions law on Russia, saying the White House ha…

Trump and Trudeau discuss Bombardier-Boeing row – BBC News

Canada’s PM says he “disagrees vehemently” with a US tax ruling that threatens Belfast jobs.

Trudeau heads to Mexico after blunt talk about alternatives to NAFTA – Politics – CBC News

Justin Trudeau’s visit to Mexico City today may include some uncomfortable moments, coming the day after a visit to Washington that included much discussion about the possibility of a new free trade deal without Mexico.

Here’s What Concerns the General in Charge of Recruiting America’s Future Army – Defense One

President Trump’s Army is trying to grow by 80,000 soldiers, something that hasn’t happened this century without lowering the bar for entry.

Report: Massive morale problems aboard US Navy ship – CNNPolitics

Morale aboard a US warship operating in the Pacific reached such a low ebb that one sailor described serving aboard the ship as being akin to being on “a floating prison,” according to surveys obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

US Navy crew monitoring North Korea says ship is a ‘floating prison’ | New York Post

There is a serious morale problem on one of the US Navy’s missile cruisers charged with keeping North Korea at bay, according to a new report. Crew aboard the…


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