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Georgian president calls for ‘unified strategy’ against Russia

Great initiative by Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili. 

The biggest problem is the response by Russia.  Can the West withstand the propaganda onslaught sure to follow.  The West will be accused of ganging up on Russia. Of trying to unfairly stop Russia in its simple quest to just establish itself as a world power again.  Of trying to restrict Russia’s progress.  (Blah, blah, blah,)

A more meaningful problem set is gathering the world leaders who want to participate in this counter-Russian strategy and not have Russia infiltrate, not have Russia interfere, and not have Russia take the information offensive and attack with words.  …or take away another part of Georgia, who has already lost Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Russia. 

On the positive side, without most of the West, including Georgia and other CIS countries, linking arms and stepping out in a unified front, we will tend to talk over each other, message counter to one another, and trip each other up by accidental.  Simultaneously, if the group were to present a unified message to the UN, Russia can complain, but it would be an on-the-record documentation that the world is fed up with Russia and its antics. Of course, the liberal press will say the group is taking another step closer to war, but if the group does not, will the West ever be able to practically defend itself or withstand Russia’s threats? 

We know that Russia is taking steps in multiple domains, actions short of any thresholds indicating warlike actions. Little green men are no longer acceptable, but infiltrating SOF into another country and activating and using partisan groups against their own country is more difficult to prove.  When caught, they “resigned from the Army”.  This is shortly followed by “prove it”.  No, the time for Russian games is over.  The world needs a unified strategic response.

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By Jamila Babayeva

Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili has called on international partners to work out a ‘unified strategy’ against Russia.

Such a strategy is needed in order to respond to Russia’s aggressive and provocative policy in the region, including Georgia, Margvelashvili said addressing a conference on defense and security issues in Batumi on Thursday, APA’s Georgia office reported.

“Let’s develop a unified strategy that will help respond to Russia’s policy towards its neighbors. The division of the world into areas of priority interests poses a threat not only to Russia’s neighbors, but to the entire world,” the Georgian leader stressed.

Margvelashvili said the process of Georgia’s integration into Europe and NATO continues.

“In parallel, we are continuing democratic processes. Although Georgia faces challenges, our country, as a responsible player on the international arena, takes an active part in international missions aimed at ensuring stability and security in the world,” he added.



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