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Russian TV Says Earth Is Flat

In a widely poo-poo’d report for even Russia, REN TV showed a film that claims the earth is flat. It was even noted during the recent Russian Emmy TV awards. 

REN TV (Russian: РЕН ТВ) is one of the largest private federal TV channels in Russia and, as is the case in much of Russian television, it is based on sensational, often outlandish claims and titles. 

This whole film was especially egregious.  The standards in television in Russia appear to be as high as a slug’s trail and just as slimy.

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REN showed the film that the Earth is flat. He even criticized the “Tsargrad”!

05:41, 26 September 2017

The television channel Tsargrad, which positions itself as an Orthodox media outlet, released critical material about the REN channel. On the last September 25, the release of Igor Prokopenko’s broadcast “The Most Shocking Hypothesis”, dedicated to the theory of flat Earth, was shown.

“Tsargrad” wrote in the title that “the television channels went crazy in pursuit of the sensation,” and also brought the opinion of several users of social networks that ridiculed the film REN. The very picture in the material is called “defiantly implausible”.

In Prokopenko’s film it is told that the Earth is really flat, shooting from space – painted, and video with the ISS crew moving in weightlessness – computer graphics.

The REN story also cites the argument of one of the proponents of the flat-earth theory, who argues that if the planet were spherical, the pilots of the aircraft would have to “correct” the course every few minutes by tilting the bow of the ship forward.

In the spring of 2017, another supporter of this theory decided to check whether the plane actually leans. He took with him to the building level flight and 23 minutes followed his testimony. During this time the plane never bent forward – which, in the opinion of the experimenter, proved the planar shape of the planet.



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