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Russia’s Covets America’s Alaska

For at least the past ten years I have read Russian demands for the return of Alaska.

I could never understand their logic.

Today, Igor Panarin posted a link on Facebook to a story, Does Russia Have A Chance For The Return Of Alaska?

In it there is one coherent paragraph,

The transfer of 1 million 519 thousand square meters. kilometers of Russian lands were registered on March 30, 1867, although the country’s population, including the colonists of Russian America, learned about this only two months after the transaction. Under the contract of assignment of rights, the US government pledged to pay the Russian Empire $ 7.2 million in gold. But for some unknown reason, the whole amount was transferred to the personal account of the Russian envoy Stekel. In London, the baron with large losses because of commission to the bank cashed out money and bought gold for them. Precious metal was loaded into the holds of the barge “Orkney”, after which the ship went to St. Petersburg. However, gold did not get to Russia. On the ship there was a sabotage, an explosion occurred, after which the ship sank to the bottom of the Baltic Sea for several minutes.

Bottom line, the Russian Envoy, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, received the money and shipped it to Russia. Along the way the barge sunk. Russia, however, claims it did not receive the money.

Bottom line, Russia covets Alaska.  Sorry, Russia, that is one of the Ten Commandments that thou shalt not break: Thou shalt not covet.


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