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Russian Razzie Awards – Top 10 Pro-Russian Individuals and Organizations


The following individuals have done the most to deny the truth about Russia and project a uniquely positive image about Russia to the world. This is usually accomplished with lies, whataboutisms, deception, and deceit, all packaged up in a nice, neat coordinated propaganda message.  If you want it bad, they’ll give it bad, they never disappoint. RT’s feeble attempt at the same: Russophobia: RT rates the top 10 Kremlin critics & their hilarious hate campaigns.  Seriously?  Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner for one highly effective video?

  1. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. I’ve written about him before, How did Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a protege of Reagan, become ‘Putin’s favorite congressman’? and Democratic challenger hits Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Russia, Bottom line, Congressman Rohrabacher may be a US Congressman, but he is a reliable pro-Russian speaker. He poses a vexing problem for Democrats in Congress: Dems want Rohrabacher pulled from leadership of panel overseeing Russia.
  2. Stephen F. Cohen. In the New Republic, Meet Vladimir Putin’s American Apologist. Here, Meet Stephen F. Cohen, Vladimir Putin’s Best Friend in the American Media.  Dr. Cohen probably promotes Russia best, better than the best Russians themselves.  His arguments are lucid, reasoned, and sound.  He never spouts off like Putin, saying “We have nukes”, or with “Prove it”.
  3. Graham Phillips. A “Brit” journalist who has been deported from the Baltics and from Ukraine, Graham gives a Russian perspective to Crimea and Donbass. I put the quotes around “Brit” because it is unclear how he might be welcomed if he ever returns to the UK. He now lives in Donbas and Crimea, Ukraine.
  4. Julian Assange.  The world famous Wikileaks owner famously divulged emails stolen from the US Intelligence Community, the US Department of State, and members of Hillary Clinton’s staff. He does not leak documents harmful to Russia, that might be bad for his health.
  5. Igor Panarin.  The author of the current Russian Information Warfare system and the proposed next version. Igor received a medal from President Putin as a result of the Russian takeover of Crimea. Dr. Panarin works in the Russian Foreign Ministry but for a brief period displayed “Russian Presidential Administration” on his Facebook page.
  6. Alexandr Dugin. The author of the original Russian troll handbook as well as much of the philosophy of Russian propaganda.
  7. Margarita Simonyan. Margarita Simonovna Simonyan is the editor-in-chief of both the English-language, television news network RT and the state-owned international news agency Rossiya Segodnya. Margarita took the old international arm of RIA Novosti and Voice of Russia and turned it into Sputnik News and established bureaus around the world, after getting a huge chunk of money. At 25 she headed up the world’s arguably largest propaganda network.
  8. Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov/Kiselev, heads the official Russian government-owned international news agency Rossiya Segodnya. He is also the deputy director of the Russian state TV holding company VGTRK.  Dmitry adores pink ties and pink shirts, but he is strangely and obsessively homophobic. He always manages to twist the living heck out of any situation and make the West look like bad guys.
  9. Alex Jones. This mild mannered…  okay, I’ll stop.  This consummate showman always appears to be on the edge of a heart attack, worked up, sweating bullets, and if you don’t listen to his every word the world is going to explode around you. According to him, only he knows the truth. He has admitted that much of the stuff that he spews he doesn’t believe, but sensationalism sells, and he’s absolutely full of it.
  10. Russian Govvies.
    1. Vladimir Putin. The Russian President is a master of the Russian spin. Russia is never guilty, never breaks the rules, and is always the victim of Western aggression. How he always does this without laughing in our face remains a mystery. The fact, for instance, that the Russian government has some of the best hackers in the world, but Vlad, baby, will look you right in the eyes as he stabs you in the heart, tells you that you provoked him, so it’s your fault, and they’re only patriotic hackers.
    2. Dmitri Peskov. The Russian President’s spokesperson is not quite as good as his boss, Vladimir Putin, and he even sometimes cracks a smile, but he is learning from the master.
    3. Sergei Lavrov. The Russian Foreign Minister always looks like there is a Russian bear hiding just beneath the surface, waiting to spring. He obviously knows how to bait someone into giving the wrong answer and then gleefully rips off their head.
    4. Vladislav Surkov. Supposedly he is overall in charge of supervising the Russian propaganda program run by the FSB.  His email was tapped into but nothing sheds any light on that special duty.


The following is a list of organizations who propagandize for a living, pushing the United Russia party line, lies, and general crap.  When the mainstream media picks up their stories, I worry about their bias and their judgement.

  1. RT
  2. Sputnik News
  3. Russian Troll Farm in St. Petersburg, Russia
  4. Global Research
  5. Russia Insider
  6. Russian Blog Sites:, LiveJournal
  7.  Even though Infowars is not Russian or even pro-Russian, they are reliable at picking up Russian alternative theories and running with them.  It’s usually sensational, bizarre, or too good to be true. Alex Jones publicly admitted that he doesn’t believe half the crap they broadcast, it’s all about ratings.
  8. Russian Proxy Sites: ConsortiumnewsOpEdNewsVeteransnewsnowVeteransTodayYourNewsWireWashingtonsblogWorld Socialist Web Site
  9. Russian TV: Rossiya 1Russia 24
  10. VKontakte.  This is a treasure trove of information for the West. I don’t include it because VKontakte or their users push out Russian propaganda, but because it provides an wonderful for open source intelligence for every OSINT analyst in the world. VKontakte provides an endless stream of pictures, statements, and personal information. It seems Russian soldiers may be required to post pictures with geolocation turned on and visible landmarks in the background. Thanks for the assist, guys.

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