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Putin Complains Russian Media Face Unacceptable Pressure Abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a press conference in Ankara, Turkey, September 28, 2017. REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Russia complains when it is allowed to broadcast from inside another country, but does not allow others to broadcast in Russia. 

Putin gave no specifics.

Perhaps Russia and Putin are feeling pressure as a result of ‘not playing nicely with others’? Is the petulant child, the playground bully, crying?

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 / 6:21 AM / A DAY AGO

Putin complains Russian media abroad face unacceptable pressure

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin told a meeting of Russia’s Security Council on Friday that Russian media outlets working abroad were facing growing and unacceptable pressure, Dmitry Peskov, his spokesman, said.

“It was stressed that such pressure on Russian media is unacceptable,” Peskov told a conference call with reporters. He did not name the countries where the Kremlin was concerned Russian media were coming under pressure.

Earlier this week, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Washington of putting unwarranted pressure on the U.S operations of Kremlin-backed media outlet RT, and warned that Moscow could take tit-for-tat measures.

Russia’s communications regulator accused U.S. TV channel CNN International of violating Russian media law earlier on Friday and said it had summoned the broadcaster’s representatives in connection with the matter.

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