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Who Attacks, Shares, and Supports Morgan Freeman Video

As soon as the Morgan Freeman video was published, I began seeing articles attacking, sharing (neutral), or supporting Morgan Freeman’s “We are at War with Russia” immediately.

Says Rob Reiner, “Yes,” the filmmaker smirked. “We definitely got under their skin, no question about it. When you see the thousands of bots and trolls come out after you, you know you’ve done something right.” ‘We definitely got under their skin’: Rob Reiner revels in freaking out the Kremlin with his Russia investigation

There are few opportunities to clearly observe which resources attack or defend Russia or present the issue as fair and unbiased.  This is one of the few and it’s a tizzy.

There are also US domestic issues at play. I’ve seen the video attacked as being a liberal effort, as too conservative, and as Russophobic in US media.

Russia even started a #StopMorganLie meme, which was almost immediately exposed as such.

Here are but a few:

Attacking – Pro-Russian

Neutral – Fair and Objective

Supporting – Anti-Russian

Bottom line, this will be news for a few days and then it will blow over. In the meantime, the false outrage will continue. It’s already begun dying down…